How much do snowploughing services cost?

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One of the things people look forward to in the winter is snow. It can be the most beautiful time of the year because walking through a winter wonderland is fun. However, snow can sometimes be problematic, especially if it piles up and leads to accidents.

Luckily, you can counter that with a snowplough. This vehicle gets rid of snow via a large shovel located at the forefront. The average cost of professional snow removal is $120-$450. This might not include the type of device and the length of service.

The Internet has several calculators of snowploughing costs per mile. This simple price guide will help you make the best choice for your home.

a man in a red jacket ploughing snow
Types of snowploughs and their costs

Here’s a list of snowploughs and their respective costs.

  • Forklift. Like a forklift for construction work,z this snowplough uses a fork-like structure to scoop up and remove the snow. Also known as a fixed blade forklift, it points toward the left side of the road, driveway, or pavement. 
  • ATV. Using an ATV mechanism (similar to the vehicle), this type of snowplough has a broad blade that shovels snow towards the front. Professionals control the motion of the blade.
  • 4x4. This vehicle has a blade attached to a four-wheel vehicle (usually a pickup truck) that shovels snow upfront. 
  • Ride-on Mower. This snowplough uses the same mechanism as a lawnmower, except it “mows” snow instead of grass.
  • Loader Bucket. This snowplough uses a bucket instead of a blade to pick up the snow.
  • Tractor. Much like how a tractor works, the snow is scooped up for collection and removed from the surface. 









Ride-on mower


Loader bucket




Remember that the prices above are merely ballpark figures. It’s best to consult snow removal companies to be sure.

Why should you plough snow and not shovel it?

If you own a small property or single-person flat, shovelling the snow out of your path is easy. But shovelling snow will take ages if you have a bigger place to deal with. Damp areas have potential hazards. With that in mind, here’s why you should ask a snow removal contractor to do the job for you. 


Snow looks fun to dive into, much like the pile of red and yellow leaves you see in the fall. But cleaning up can be a mess, especially during September and October. This is when the snow stops falling, leaving you with wet soil. You can try shovelling the snow, but it can be difficult.


You could add shovelling snow to your workout routine! But not when you have little to no time. Luckily, hiring someone might do the trick. On top of that, professionals cut the working time in half, giving you the freedom to accomplish other things on your to-do list.


Do you know that many snow-related accidents occur every year? During a blizzard, shovelling snow will not only prove tiring; you might get into an accident along the way. Ploughing snow is the perfect way to avoid trips to the hospital.

Cost efficiency

If you plan to shovel snow yourself, you might spend more than you expect. Should you invest in snowploughing professionals, they can get the job done in half the time and cost!

a man using rock salt to melt snow 

Post a task for snowploughing

When filling out the request form, include:

  • Your schedule and budget
  • The size of your place
  • The services you want
  • Your location

Be as detailed as possible. That way, you have a better chance of finding the right person for the job. Moreover, you might want to do the following:

  • Check the nearest snowplough specialist in your area. Doing so helps you decrease the cost of transportation. 
  • Choose a convenient date. This is crucial. Make sure you can focus on the task. It will be wise to reschedule your other responsibilities. So if ever you need to go somewhere for last-minute purchases, you can do it swiftly. Speak with your Tasker and agree on a date that works for both of you. 
  • Ready your home. Make sure it has ample space for Taskers to move around. Preparing the tools necessary for the process is ideal.  
  • Purchase materials. You can meet your Tasker beforehand if you need to buy some tools before the project day.

Overall, winter doesn’t have to make your life at home complicated. It’s impossible to stop the snow from falling, but you can prevent it from accumulating too much and risking your safety.

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Snowploughing refers to the process of removing snow using a blade or bucket. The process involves digging through surfaces to remove clumps one by one. On the other hand, snowblowing uses air to remove the snow.

A single driveway can take around 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. But again, the amount of snow and the speed of Taskers lengthen or shorten the procedure.

Experts recommend using an entire blade for every two inches of snow. But your Tasker can also determine if this applies to the amount of snow in the area.

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