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Stunning marble bathroom ideas for your home

By Gianna Huesch

Updated: May 4th, 2020

People all over the world have loved marble bathrooms for thousands of years--and you can see why.

Marble has been making a powerful statement in architecture and interiors ever since the dawn of civilisation—there’s simply no denying the everlasting beauty of this natural stone.

These days quarried in about 32 countries, the market for marble is mainly dominated by Italy, China, India and Spain. You’ll often hear the names Calacatta, Carrara, Travertine and Arabescata used, but there are really hundreds of stunning marbles to choose from, in a kaleidoscope of colours. Being an organic, natural material, no two pieces of marble are the same, and this uniqueness forms part of its allure.

More experimental uses of the stone are appearing in 2020, and people are exploring applications beyond the traditional. Playing with texture, colour and imperfection are all still strong trends.

You can make marble the hero by swathing your space with it (if you can afford it that is!) but marble will also steal the show if you simply invest in a smaller element like a marble feature tile or a stunning marble basin.

Below, I’ve gathered over 35 bathrooms which will have you wanting to bring the precious stone into your home self-care sanctuary.

1. Marble bathroom floor

You’d be right for thinking marble should be on walls or vanity, but what about the floor… Here is a gorgeous example of how amazing marble can look on a bathroom floor.

Source: Domino

2. Fifty shades of marble

Actually there are hundreds! While well-known white marbles like Carrara or Statuary or even black marbles like Nero Marquina are often desired for bathrooms, fitting so well into an all-white bathroom and monochrome and dark bathroom aesthetics, there are plenty of darker marbles to be found, such as this grey-scale marble. Here, large format tiles adorn the shower, with the gold showerhead and tapware adding warmth and even more opulence.

grey scale marble
Source: Est Living

3. Pink outside the square

There’s a huge variety of marble colours to choose from, including a wide range of pinks, from hot pinks to dusty pale roses. Pink creates a soft, elegant ambience and is symbolic of happiness and positivity, and it’s an increasingly popular choice in bathrooms.

Often quarried in Spain and Portugal, the most common pinks include Rosa Portugues (the pinkest), or more neutral shades like Rosa Zarci, Rosa Levante and Rosa Aurora, which I think may be the one used in this gorgeous coastal-style bathroom. But, correct me if I’m wrong please!

australian coastal with pink marble
Source: Instagram

Love this bespoke vanity? Find a bathroom cabinet maker to help you copy this style.

4. Sophisticated wine tones

How about this stunning little powder room? Add lots of dramatic flair with a creamy coloured sink with deep purplish veins. I’m not sure what this marble really is (only a genuine marble expert will be able to distinguish between some of the more similar kinds), but in my opinion it could be Turkish Milas Lilac or Calacatta Viola.

Either way, it pairs wonderfully with the muted navy wall panelling and the gold hardware. Love this beautiful navy bathroom wall? Have an expert bathroom painter achieve the look for you.

cream and wine vein
Source: Eye Swoon

5. Enchanting mermaid tiles

Have we had enough of mermaid tile yet? I don’t think so! Ever so pretty here in marble to complement the beautiful marble wash basin. This minimalist bathroom boasts the simplicity, clean lines and soft neutral colour palette that infuses the quintessential Scandi-style bathroom. But while it’s beautifully pared back, the incorporation of marble also adds a touch of extravagance that lifts it out of the ordinary.

marble basin
Source: Zephyr & Stone

Need help laying a stunning wall of mermaid tile? Find an expert bathroom tiler.

6. Cool stone, warm metals

Here’s another example of a traditional marble aesthetic—a white and grey tiled shower paired with warm-toned hardware. Using warm-toned tapware such as brass, gold or champagne is a great idea when incorporating marble, as the warmth of the metal counteracts the inherent coolness of the stone. The hardware also stands out much more against the marble, compared with silver finishes.

marble brass and gold
Source: Curated Interior

Installing a new shower? Find the right shower head installation expert to help–and don’t forget the ceiling fan installation as well.

7. True blue

Blue is a colour that has been shown to have a profound impact on us both psychologically and physiologically—inspiring calm serenity and even lowering our blood pressure! A blue bathroom design will create a soothing environment that evokes the ocean, and marble achieves this even more so with its dramatic waves and seascape swirls.

I absolutely love this pale blue marble vanity paired with the gorgeous Zellige tile. This marble might be one of the South European blue marbles–what do you think?

pale blue vanity
Source: Pinterest

8. Dramatic walls

Marble walls really have that wow factor and will transform the simplest space. Here, black marble with white veining in the shower contrasts starkly with the white marble/black veined feature wall, all unified by the marble mosaic flooring. The space needs little more embellishment than a simple golden stool to complement the hardware.

dramatic walls
Source: Next Luxury

9. Dreamy greens

Another stunning option for coloured marbles is one of the mesmerising green marbles on the market, with India being a leading supplier. Green marble differs a bit from other marble in that it has less calcite content and more of the mineral called serpentine, which gives it its brilliant colours. It comes a wide variety of shades, from pale seagreens to intense emeralds, and pairs beautifully with gold toned hardware. How amazing does this modern green bathroom look?

dark green marble
Source: Pinterest

10. Marble love

You can’t go wrong with a bathroom that just unabashedly celebrates marble. Here’s a classic white-with-soft-grey-veins Statuary marble look. It’s quite a small apartment bathroom but looks spacious thanks to the brightness of all the stone and white paint. And the vanities somehow seem to have plenty of storage and counter space. The translucent ceiling light and white ceiling recede well, allowing the attention to be drawn to the luminous marble and the artwork.

statuary marble
Source: Architectural Digest

11. Sophisticated and glamorous

This 1950s Californian hotel is said to be representative of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Shiny black marble countertops and walnut cabinets go with industrial-luxe brass steampunk hardware, rainfall showerhead and exposed bulb pendant lights. A frameless shower screen helps the space feel more spacious than it really is.

black marble countertop with walnut vanity midcentury vibes

12. Onyx

A gorgeous alternative to marble is onyx. Onyx is in fact considered a sister stone to marble, due to having the same mineral content. Here, a pink onyx floating sink, together with matching backsplash, looks striking paired with wall-mounted brass tapware, while a round mirror with neon light adds fun and personality. All you need is a bunch of pink flowers. How divine.

pink onyx
Source: Hunker

13. White, gold and girly

Here is another example of a bathroom favouring a classic white marble and warm metal aesthetic and a romantic, happy feel. I like the touch of colour by the addition of plants and there’s plenty of storage space there for even more greenery. I also like the floor tile continuing up to the marble wainscoting, with the half coat of white paint really adding to the brightness of the space…and saving $$$.

white marble and gold
Source: Lust Living

14. Mix marble tile with subway tile

This bathroom emulates a Victorian design aesthetic by running floor tile hallway up the wall and adding feature tile above it. The Statuary marble tile provides a traditional flavour while the vertically-stacked handmade dove grey subway tile adds a contemporary feel, as does the champagne wall-mounted tapware.

The rest of the space is minimalist, clean and inviting. Have a bathroom featuring generous amounts of tile? Make sure it looks pristine by having a professional clean your tiles cleaned—find out how much it grout cleaning costs.

mix marble and tileSource: Style Curator

15. Go with the faux

A more economical option than real marble is marble-effect porcelain or ceramic tile. It’s also much more environmentally-friendly than real marble, as it doesn’t involve quarrying the land. These days, with the advent of digital technology, makers are better able to recreate the characteristic texture and ‘veining’ of real marble, so no-one needs to know you’ve gone faux.

Here, large format wall tile looks the goods in a contemporary bathroom, with weathered brass tapware adding a luxe touch. Love tiles? Here are loads more bathroom tile ideas for inspo.

large format marble wall tile
Source: Homes To Love

16. Deep, dark and mysterious

If you’ve decided to go for a dark and moody bathroom aesthetic, then one of the black marbles would be perfect as a statement, focal point. When you have dark walls with dark accessories and fixtures, adding black marble as a material is a good way to bring some lightness and texture back in through the veins.

dark marble perfect for dark bathrooms
Source: Domino

17. Scraps to frame a sink

Keen on the look of marble but not so much on the high-end price tag? Marble scrap-yards can be sourced for discarded offcuts of marble that you can use to DIY a backsplash and add loads of character to a plain space. Other savvy home decorators utilise marble remnants to top bathroom cabinets, shelves or vanities for that luxe, refined flavour without breaking the budget.

scraps to frame a sink
Source: Remodelista

18. Dreaming…of a marble tub

Feel like Debbie Harry while soaking in a marble bathtub in this 1960s flavoured bathroom. Think only happy thoughts while looking at your baby pink ceramic tiles and resting your vodka on your candy pink side table.

marble tub
Source: Homes To Love

19. Mesmerising mosaics

The flickering colours of hexagonal marble mosaic tiles are just as hypnotising as herringbone and other geometric tile patterns. The stone is also naturally cool and relaxing and makes a stunning textured background to the modern black taps, round mirror and baby pink freestanding concrete sink.

marble mosaic tile
Source: Pinterest

20. Basins that aren’t basic

For a dropdead gorgeous sink, how about this Italian designed marble drop wash basin? Modern and elegant, it’s made of one of the most valuable marbles in the world called Bianco Lasa/Covelano “Machia Vechia”, quarried from the Italian Alps. This marble is considered so special because it has such a uniform crystalline grain with a strong chromatic contrast in its veining, giving it a refined, absolutely classic marble look. The traditional material is put to use in a contemporary design with this striking floor-mounted tap. Minimalist but so lavish at the same time.

marble sink
Source: Wallpaper

21. There’s just something about marble

Also becoming popular is to lay Carrara mosaic tile in unique patterns. I’m not sure who really has ceilings this high, but it is definitely beautiful tile!

marble geo tile
Source: Mandarin Stone

22. Inlaid marble

Inlaid marble is created by a painstaking process of fitting together a puzzle of hand-cut and/or engraved tiny marble shapes into pretty patterns. Here, a 1960s op-art aesthetic has been achieved with a pink, black and white marble combo. Bold pink marbles like this are typically chosen for their fun, happy vibes, with the hue working really well with other neutral-coloured marbles.

This one is actually a children’s bathroom, but it could also work as a dramatic powder room where you can afford to go a bit wilder than in your master bath. Loving the authentic 1960s wall sconces here, and the beautiful pink-topped dark timber vanity.

bold inlaid marble
Source: Architectural Digest

23. Warm it up

A classic alternative to white and grey marbles is golden-toned marble like Calacatta Amber. While traditional Carrara and Statuary marbles tend to have a cold feeling that requires warming up through the addition of elements like timber, Calacatta Amber provides its own heat. This kind of marble tends to have a milky-white background with fine, intricate golden veining and is often chosen for traditional bathrooms. Here, the marble tiles have been laid in a modern herringbone pattern.

Calacatta amber honed marble
Source: Pinterest

24. All the trimmings

Two kinds of marble are used here to stunning effect. The Carrara marble penny mosaic tile provides a classically chic backdrop to the modern mirror, sink, light and black tapware, while the wood veneer cabinet is topped with a striking slab of Arabescato marble. Arabescato marble is one of the most luxurious marbles on the market, prized for its stark monochromatic veining. I love how the Arabescato has also been used to trim the doorway to tie it all together.

arabescato marble with doorway trim
Source: Homes To Love

25. The strange lightness of stone

Having entire walls of marble isn’t for everyone. Some prefer simply a stunning statement marble vanity or a marble countertop on a timber vanity. Here, an elegant minimalist en-suite features a breath-taking, timeless Carrara marble vanity and backsplash. Although the material is heavy, white Carrara marble always feels so light and bright.

dainty white marble vanity
Source: Madeleine Blanchfield

26. Peaceful patterns

Carrara marble tiles will always look stunning in a bathroom, especially when laid in neat geometric patterns like herringbone or chevron. Here, cool tones in the grey and white flecked tiles and countertop contrast beautifully with the warm tones of the floating timber vanity and the pendant light. The soft lines of the tiles together with the rounded forms create a relaxed, minimalist, contemporary aesthetic. Love this stylish pendant lamp? Check out heaps more bathroom lighting ideas.

marble counter herringbone tiles
Source: Perini Tiles

27. Marble on tap

Add a subtle tinge of luxury to a minimalist or industrial bathroom with honed Carrara marble disc taps like these by Wood Melbourne. The taps come on single or double backplates, with backplates either made of timber, marble or brass (either aged, sealed or raw). Described as “a pleasure to turn” because of the tactile nature of the natural materials, they look gorgeous with similarly minimalist gooseneck brass faucets. The makers note their taps must be installed by a plumber to ensure perfection—find a plumber, or you might like to check out typical plumbing costs and mixer installation costs first.

marble disc taps
Source: Wood Melbourne

28. The colour purple

It’s easy to see why this bathroom won design awards last year. It features a vanity made of gorgeous purple Cipollino Ondulato Rosso marble, quarried in Northern Italy since antiquity. Streaked, swirled and highly ornamental, the marble is given the name “Cipollino”, meaning little onion in Italian, due to its patterns resembling the layers of an onion. The violet wall tile here cleverly enhances the purple colouring in the stone, and I also love these snail-like wall sconces and the architectural mirror.

purple Cipollino marble
Source: Est Living

29. Up close and purple

Here’s a closer look at the purple Cipollino sink above.  You can see how well the patinaed brass tapware picks up some of the warmer tones in the marble, and why this particular marble is said to resemble onion layers. I don’t think I’d tire of gazing at this stone every day!

Cipollino detail
Source: Est Living

30. Modern love

This spectacular Modernist bathroom in a Bondi home features a statement-making Calacatta Viola marble vanity. This vivid marble is extracted from the Carrara quarries in Tuscany and is prized for its flowing burgundy veins and pink patches against a timeless creamy white background. Here it works so well as a classic contrast to the contemporary elements—the edgy razor mirror, the witty hand-towel holder. Minimalist tapware and pendant light complete the modern look.

calacatta viola vanity
Source: Homes To Love

31. Haute stuff

When you think about it, marble and Chanel are a match made in heaven—both iconically representing timeless but modern beauty and classic, luxurious chic. So it’s no surprise to learn that the late Karl Lagerfeld, erstwhile creative director of the fashion house, had started venturing into furniture design with a series of sculptural monochrome pieces made from marble, including mirrors, tables and fountains.

The pieces were carved from rare Arabescato Fantastico (white marble with dark grey veining) and black Nero Marquina (which features white veining in paintbrush-like strokes). A bathroom featuring a marble mirror like this would be stunning–Coco would approve. For more monochrome bathrooms, also check out our article on black and white bathrooms.

marble mirror
Source: Dezeen

32. Beautiful beauty boxes

Add sophistication and class to your en-suite with marble accessories such as marble beauty boxes, vanity trays, brush holders and cosmetic containers. A marble makeup station is the perfect way to corral and showcase your favourite products on your vanity. You can go all out and buy real marble accessories, or choose faux marble ones made from acrylic that closely resemble Carrara marble which is both easy on the eye and the wallet.

marble accessories
Source: Ombia Ombia

33. Mini marbles

Introduce just a touch of marble to your bathroom for instant glamour and chic. These Milanese-designed black or white marble magnifying mirrors are described as borrowing from a 1950s aesthetic of clean lines and precious materials. An elegant update of an everyday functional object that will add sophistication to a plain space.

marble mirror
Source: Wallpaper

34. The sky’s the limit

A full feature wall of marble isn’t within everyone’s budget, but luckily these days you can get wallpaper that emulates it pretty well. This is basically the adults’ version of sticking little fluorescent stars all over your kids’ bedroom ceiling. Keep the rest of the décor minimal for the full ‘bathing under the stars’ experience. Interested in bathroom wallpaper? Check out our recent article for more bathroom wallpaper ideas.

fake it with marble wallpaper
Source: Pinterest

35. Altrock

Terrazzo is the popular composite man-made material made of marble chips set in concrete or resin– is still going very strong in bathroom design. But now there are even more eco-friendly versions emerging, including London designer Robin Grasby’s “Altrock”, made of 87 percent recycled materials including marble flour (the leftover powder that the marble industry discards as unusable).

Grasby creates bespoke products, glittering and pigmented in custom colours, with the “artistically sustainable” material showing up in avant-garde bathrooms in London, Milan and New York. What do you think of it?

Source: Instagram

As you can see there are so many options when it comes to using marble in your bathroom—you certainly aren’t limited to white Carrara walls, as gorgeous as they are! If you’re searching for more bathroom décor ideas, why not take a look at our articles on general bathroom design ideas, bathroom trends, master bathroom ideas and get some ideas on creative bathroom storage as well. And when you’re ready to press go, hit up an expert bathroom renovator to get the magic happening!

Meanwhile, let me know—which of these marble bathroom ideas is your favourite? Do you love the purple and blue toned marbles as much as I do?



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