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35+ Blue bathroom ideas – light blue bathrooms, blue and white bathrooms

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Enjoy peace and calm in a beautiful blue bathroom.

The blue and white interior design is a colour combination that never goes out of fashion, merely changes its style. But with the Hamptons style a current staple it makes a space look trendy, nautical and reminiscent of the ocean – all of the things we love.

Blue is widely known as the colour of calm and relaxation and there are so many different shades and combinations with different colours such as teal, aqua, pastel blue and navy. So to find the right blue, let’s take a look at these blue bathroom ideas for your home.

1. Mermaid ombre tiles

When I think of blue, I think of the ocean. And when I think of the ocean, I think fish, dolphins and, in a fantastical sense, mermaids. These scale-like tiles are reminiscent of fish scales or a mermaids tail and I love the intention of bringing the ocean inside and to your bath and shower.

Blue bathroom
Source: Fire Clay Tile

2. Creative mosaics

Another way you can use blue tiles to deliver a pop of colour into a space is through the bathroom flooring. While this bathroom is mostly white, the feature is the floor, which I think is extremely clever as they are square tiles but inspired by mosaics. And the white details in the design are balanced with the white bathtub, tiled walls, windows, towel and white decor.

Blue bathroom
Source: Halcyon House

3. Navy cabinetry

Another great way to bring blue into your bathroom is through using a bold colour in your cabinetry which creates a statement. This could be DIY project with a few coats of navy and adding some new hardware with the gold handles. Then to complete the look a new bathroom rug which has a subtle hint of blue.

Navy blue vanity
Source: The Life Styled Co

4. Blue paint and tile combination

Instead of completing the wall with just paint or all tiles (which is expensive), this bathroom uses both. In turn, this creates interest and maximises the space by including a splashback section that protects the walls and is easy to clean and wipe down.

When you have an awkward space, such as an attic, introducing a feature wall helps to detract from the awkwardness and more towards the colour and feeling it creates for you.

Blue and white bathroom
Source: Houzz

5. Tiled bathtub

I love the way the fish scale tiles have been used in this bathroom to elongate the room by continuing down the wall and over the bathtub. It’s genius!

Varying colours of navy, aqua and light blue are beautifully executed and look like they were made for this bathroom. They allow you to use a variety of complementary colours such as purple in the towels and green with the plant.

Blue tiled bathroom
Source: Rock My Style

6. Lobster love

This is a super quirky and cute way to inject some blue beach vibes into your bathroom while having a little fun with your design. The wallpaper is made up of white lobsters with a navy background that is sure to wow your guests with its nautical theme and innovative execution. But if you love wallpaper, please do yourself a favour by looking at these fantastic bathroom wallpaper ideas.

Dark blue bathroom
Source: A Pop of Pretty

7. Blue front, white top

This muted navy cabinet is the perfect choice for this neutral bathroom. The beige paint walls, white and grey speckled tiles, silver metallic finishes, white accents and the light-blue vase go exceptionally well together. Plus, the dark blue cabinet brings the entire bathroom together.

Blue vanity
Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

8. A Feminine Touch

I know, floral wallpaper could totally just remind you of your grandmother’s house. But if it’s executed well, like this feminine wallpaper, it can be really stunning.

Instead of small and multiple floral patterns, try going for larger flowers in a limited colour palette to bring some blue and white into your bathroom. If the wallpaper is paired with newer and more modern details, such as a mirror and sink with clean lines, this will contrast perfectly with the florals.

Floral print
Source: Studio McGee

9. Herringbone hues

This bathroom’s colour palette is dark wood, white and blue. While the addition of blue is subtle, it’s effective with the herringbone design of the tiles. Altogether, it pairs the bath and shower recess together nicely with the vanity. As the light shines on the tiling, the wall becomes a feature with a 3D effect that reveals texture.

Dark blue tiles
Source: Rock My Style

10. Fit for royalty

If you have a large space to work with, painting the ceilings and walls the same colour gives a cave-like effect that makes your bathroom feel like your very own oasis. And this regal bathroom is definitely fit for royalty! It has a large chandelier, ornate mirror and marble bathtub that seems to disappear into its own arched section.

Dark blue bathroom
Source: Elle Decor

11. Blue and white tiling

This bathroom is cleverly designed the way the blue and white tiling from the main area of the bathroom, where the vanity and sink is, continues into the shower room. The same tiles have also been used on the walls in each section of the bathroom as well. This creates a beautiful cohesiveness and makes the bathroom feel as if it is bigger and never-ending.

Blue and white tiled bathroom
Source: Halcyon House

12. Hexagonal florals

A brilliant way to spice up your tiling and make it look a little different to what you’ve seen before, is to change up the pattern. Instead of just making the tiling white or navy to match the other colours, the designer has created a hexagonal floral pattern within the tiling that offsets the bold and blocked out colours that are evident in this bathroom.

Blue bathroom
Source: Fire Clay Tile

13. Shower feature wall

A feature wall really elevates any room of a house and a feature wall in a bathroom is no exception. By adding a feature wall in the shower and teaming it with a clear shower screen, this truly sets the bathroom apart. The herringbone pattern of the tiles is a great choice to also be able to include some texture and pattern in your bathroom design.

Light blue bathroom
Source: Rock My Style

14. Statement wallpaper

A statement wallpaper can be super whimsical, inviting and can bring a bathroom together. This wallpaper is quirky and looks as if it is right out of a fairytale. With the right decor and bathroom fixtures, a statement wallpaper becomes something memorable.

Turquoise wallpaper
Source: Elle Decor

15. Regal blue

This shiny, glazed tile trend looks magnificent when done well. Due to the shiny and reflected nature of the tile, this reminds me of being in a pool or being underwater as it almost gives a ‘wet look’. The regal blue tiling in conjunction with the simple bathroom elements really makes an elegant impression.

Shiny blue tiles
Source: Domino

16. Textural contrast

When using the same or similar colour, mixing and matching textures, shapes and patterns is the best way to go to ensure contrast. The designers of this bathroom have effectively used a 2D brick look tile for the bottom half of the wall with a contrasting textured effect up the top which is then paired beautifully with an art piece featuring the same navy tone.

Patterned walls
Source: Fire Clay Tile

17. Tile design variation

Using tile in a bathroom is definitely something that we have seen done many times, but what about varying the design of your tiles? Here we see a sleek and shiny blue tile which has been used for the walls and a beautiful blue and white floral pattern which has been created using hexagon tiles for the floor. Varying your tile design can create interest and provides something a little different than your usual plain tile.

Blue tiled shower
Source: Mercury Mosaics

18. Clever detail

I love the way the tiles are arranged in this backsplash. Instead of just placing them straight across or up and down, they are arranged in a herringbone pattern that is appealing to the eye. And the shade of baby blue is such a classic colour that will stay in fashion for years to come.

Light blue tiles
Source: Rock My Style

19. Dreamy mosaic

How dreamy is this mosaic instalment?! I really love how the bathroom is so minimal and literally doesn’t have any colour at all with the whites and beiges so your eye goes straight to the main feature of the bathroom; the glorious colours of light blue, navy, teal and green of the spectacular mosaic.

Mermaid tiles
Source: Style Curator

20. Kids bathroom

What a sweet way to entice your little darlings into the bathroom more often. I love the element of the light blue shower curtain with moons on it which coincides with the cute little print saying ‘I love you to the moon and back’. While these features are temporary, the navy cabinetry offers a permanent fixture that compliments the other design choices in the room.

Kids bathroom
Source: At Home in Love

21. Lots of details

I love the contrast of the white simple tiling and blue bold, statement tiling, they’re the perfect example of opposites attracting. The way the decor has been utilised is also so clever with the blue-and-white-patterned-material on the mini lampshades, which offset the starkness of the white wall.

Bright blue tiles
Source: Halcyon House

22. Oversize tiles

It is no secret that tiles come in varying sizes and I love the way these hexagonal tiles have been used in this bathroom as a feature. The navy tiles teamed together with the white grout is a beautiful and effective way to bring blue and white into your bathroom.

Blue tiles
Source: Domino

23. Baby blue bathroom

If a more subtle and soft look is what you’re after, try using a lighter and more ‘baby’ shade of blue. Baby blue has been used on the cabinetry and an even lighter blue paint has been used on the walls. This gives the bathroom a really calming and relaxing feel.

Bathroom vanity
Source: Houzz

24. Quirky patterns

Quirky mix and match pattern play can be a really great method of bringing your bathroom to life in a unique way. The muted blue patterned wallpaper is almost clashing with the light blue patterned lamp shade. But it seems to work together so well due to the light blue block colour of the cabinetry.

Patterned bathroom
Source: Halcyon House

25. Light blue feature wall

Here’s another feature wall that adds the perfect amount of blue into a bathroom. The large mirror makes the space seem bigger and more open whilst the stand-alone bathtub offers an area of seclusion and calm next to the beautiful light blue herringbone tiled wall.

Light blue feature wall
Source: Style Curator

26. Blue all ‘round

Even though blue is used so much in this bathroom, it still works beautifully together with the heavily patterned wallpaper. It teams nicely with the light blue block colour in the cabinetry and around the mirror. Plus, the white detailing in the towels, flooring and benchtop are a perfect match for the white accents in the wallpaper.

Blue bathroom
Source: Sandra Cross Interiors

27. Urban style

You can achieve an urban style bathroom by using dark wood, black fixtures and clean edges. These colours work really well in this bathroom with the muted blue feature wall! The rounded mirror and sink make the bathroom feel welcoming and comfortable whereas the straight edges of the cabinet, wall and screen door give the bathroom that urban edge.

Dark bathroom
Source: Planete Deco

28. Neutral tones

You don’t necessarily have to always go big and bold to achieve the blue and white trend. By simply using neutral tones, you can ensure your bathroom always looks timeless. Plus, the blue chosen for the tiling in this bathroom is the perfect example of a neutral-toned blue. And the white and natural wooden aspects of the cabinetry and stool complement these the subtle blue.

Neutral bathroom
Source: Homes to Love

29. Blue enhancements

Not only is there another glorious tiled feature wall to take note of in this bathroom, but the other design details are also just as notable. Check out that amazing blown blue glass basin and the hints of blue in the oversized vase, canvas painting and decor!

Blue bathroom
Source: Deagles Design

30. Checkmate

You’ll be calling ‘checkmate!’ with this bathroom design. The checkerboard wall is all kinds of quirky and beautiful. And it’s cleverly paired with a plain blue floor and towels as well as the minimal basin area, simple round mirror and basic lamp.

Checkered bathroom
Source: Elle Decoration

31. Subtle blue

With a subtle coating of blue on the walls this brings a fresh pop of colour to your bathroom. The blue is paired back with a wooden A-frame style fixture that has white sinks and a mirror which allows for storage.

Blue bathroom
Source: Planete Decor

32. Japanese ink painting vibes

This Japanese inspired ink painting mural is giving me all the most relaxing vibes of a zen garden on a perfect Spring day. I love the dark metallic finishes that are extremely minimalistic and zero fuss so that all eyes are on the beautiful image. I can already imagine stepping into this shower room and feeling so calm and grounded like I’m in a forest!

Japanese wall art
Source: Wall and Deco

33. Basic blue

Going back to basics and simply adding a blue splashback behind your vanity will do the trick! A stunning marble basin, large round mirror, black metal details and a plant offsets the deep blue and brings life and greenery into the space.

Blue feature wall
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

34. Blue basin

This cobalt blue floating basin seriously looks like a work of art and is giving me Pop Art/Andy Warhol vibes with the bold statement. The mirror same shade of blue subtly frames the mirror, which successfully brings this space together in perfectly harmony!

Blue vanity
Source: Elle Decoration

35. Stepping into the ocean

When I think of blue and white, I imagine the sea and all things nautical and you can definitely get that sense when stepping into this shower. To tie the two spaces together, the designer showcases a feature floor with the light blue planks that work perfectly in the overall design story.

Blue bathroom
Source: House Beautiful

So, if you’re wanting to undertake a major bathroom renovation or are just in the market to add a splash of paint, there are many different ways you can implement hues of blue in your space. How will you be using blue to make your bathroom feel like the ocean side abode of your dreams?


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