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Bathroom colour schemes and ideas

By Gianna Huesch

Updated: January 4th, 2024

Transform the look and personality of your bathroom space with colour! We explore the latest bathroom colors

Thinking of renovating your bathroom and moving away from standard whites? Let’s get you some inspo for your bathroom remodel with our ideas for bathroom color schemes to make you swoon.

Coastal blues

Water colours in a bathroom? Groundbreaking. But seriously, the colours of the sea continue to play a strong role in bathroom design. Aim for a layered, coastal-inspired palette, incorporating other beachy colours like sand, seaweed or pale driftwood browns as well.

If you want to incorporate a blue into your bathroom colour scheme, you’re not at all limited to “Classic Blue”! Other highly saturated blues like dark navy or stone blue work really well in bathrooms. Pair them with marble or white, and add warm metal tones in fixtures and accessories.

1. Blue subway tiles

White grout is a classic with coloured subway tile, creating a lot of lovely order and clean lines. Mix it with intricately patterned blue Moroccan tile on the floor and hang some Turkish towels nearby—simple yet striking.

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Source: Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

2. Pale blue and terrazzo

Mixing black accents with pale blue subway tile stops the pastel colour from looking too youthful. And the texture provided by soft pale grey terrazzo adds lovely depth.

3. Large format blue tiles

According to those in the know, large format tiles have taken off as people explore their options beyond subway or mosaic style designs. The large square shape of the tiles can be repeated in the shapes of the vanity drawers and the basket below. Once again, a pastel sky blue shade can be matured with black and timber accents and contemporary features like a freestanding sink.

4. Sky blue

Evokes the spirit of summer with a powdery sky blue feature wall or peacock blue mermaid tile. Then add a black basin mixer for visual punch.

5. Indigo blue

This sophisticated grey-blue storm colour pairs really well with dark timber and white pops of contrast. The result has a classic aesthetic but you can give it a modern spin thanks to the freestanding sink, herringbone tile and statement wall sconces.

Source: Photo by Laurence Katz on Unsplash

6. Navy and faded charcoal

This mid–grey is a match made in heaven with navy tile. Greys like this are typically complementary to all skin tones so are perfect to use near mirrors in the bathroom. A darker charcoal faucet can add a touch of modern flair.

7. Blue mosaic tiles in the shower

Look for a sophisticated and moody ocean blue with a shimmer of metallic to bring your shower to life.

8. Dark hexagon tile

A soft charcoal grey hexagonal tile adds texture to a modern bathroom.

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The use of gold metallic decor creates a sense of everday opulence and luxury. Look for a gold tone with a greenish element and a chameleon-like hue-shifting effect.

9. Metallic mosaic tile

Although the use of mosaic tile goes back thousands of years, modern technologies have enabled manufacturers to create all kinds of jewel stone and precious metal effects in an economical and sustainable way. Add iridescent reflective gold mosaic tiles to your bathroom for a touch of majesty—no mining necessary.

10. Concrete and gold

Gold-toned metals warm up a contemporary concrete bathroom that could otherwise lapse into resembling Cell Block H. After all, no matter how much you love cement, no one wants their bathroom to look like the local public amenities. So if you’re going for the bold, contemporary effect of polished concrete, make sure you inject some warm, luxe elements like gold tapware.

Source: Photo by Laurence Katz on Unsplash

11. Gold feature backsplash

How about a floor-to-ceiling metallic gold bathtub backsplash? Bathing by candlelight becomes a mesmerising experience with the shimmer of gold metal.

12. Charcoal and gold

Have a statement charcoal bathtub? Accent it beautifully with gold tapware and a little gold table.

13. Gold herringbone tile

Sophisticated and classy, gold herringbone tile creates instant five-star hotel vibes.

Top tip: for a perfect tiling job, maybe avoid the DIY and hire a local tiling expert instead.

14. Subtle gold-toned touches

Even if you want to stick to predominantly white for your bathroom, it’s important not to choose a blinding white. Decorators often choose warm whites with no yellow undertones for walls, saving the high gloss super-whites for doors and trims. And if you’re going for mainly white, enhance it with warm metals in the taps or the shower niche border.

Source: Photo by Laurence Katz on Unsplash

Lush forest green

Greens are expressive and calming colours that offer a direct connection to nature.

Source: Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

15. Green basin

You don’t have to go all out and paint your whole bathroom green. Introduce a touch of forest with a gorgeous new sink. It looks especially stunning paired with a timber vanity.

With a timber vanity, always make sure you keep waterproofing needs in mind—you can hire an expert in bathroom waterproofing if you need help.

16. Sea-green herringbone tile

Sea green is such a soothing colour for bathrooms. And herringbone tile is a great way to highlight tiles with tonal variation. This creates even more texture and visual interest.

17. Grass-green tile

The modern bathroom sometimes looks formulaic: black framed round mirror, statement light, twin concrete sinks, floating timber vanity, textured tile. But even bathrooms boasting this style can appear completely unique and original through the clever use of colour. For example, a gorgeous grass green tile contrasted with baby pink sinks and plenty of grey.

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Source: Photo by 43 Clicks North on Unsplash

18. Cloudy green suede

Rather than paint the walls a solid block colour, choose an unusual wall painting technique to add dynamic texture and depth to a plain coloured wall. Consider techniques like sponging or Strié, the French name for the streaking technique that creates a linen-look effect. Or, consider a colour wash.

19. Mint subway tile

An ever-popular modern bathroom look, classic rectangular subway tile isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.  And mint is the perfect serene shade of green, especially with the black accents in the shower and tapware.

20. Emerald hexagonal tiles

With a statement tile, it’s all about the colour and texture. Hexagons satisfy our need for a pattern, while the tonal variations of shimmering tile create depth and texture.

Warm, natural beige

The versatility of neutrals like beige means they will really always be popular. Warm beige is also an important part of the Australian coastal decor style, amongst many beautiful Australian nature colours.

21. Natural palettes

Choose warm neutrals (like beige, tan, chamois or pale oak) and add natural stone like marble, allowing the neutrals to pick up the marble vein. Mix in pale timbers, greenery in natural planters, and organic fibres in your accessories. And keep it all simple and uncluttered for the ultimate in serenity.

Source: Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

22. Grey and natural

Light grey is a lovely crisp neutral that goes well with natural tones. It also pairs really well with marble and other bathroom stones. Consider pale grey flagstone pavers mixed with clean white subway tiles, a pale grey clawfoot tub, and a few bursts of natural colour in the accessories.

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23. Nature colours

Experts recommend starting with your stone and letting that inform your colour palette. Another tip is to source your natural stone from a local area. Modernise a bathroom featuring gorgeous natural stone with tiny hexagon floor tiles.

Source: Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Earthy pink

Shades of pinkish terracottas and pastel roses in matte or satin finishes continue to be popular.

24. Earthy pink walls

If you are thinking of changing the paint in your bathroom, you can always DIY, but for a truly professional job, you can’t go past hiring a specialist local bathroom painter.

Source: Photo by Curology on Unsplash

25. Pink, grey and coloured marble

A soft shade of aubergine makes a statement in subway tile, especially when paired with a concrete sink, brass tapware and a gorgeous coloured marble vanity topper.

26. Peach, dove grey and sage

A bathroom background in soft pastels might take in a mix of warm paint colour with cool-toned tiles.

Source: Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

27. Pink tile floor

Gorgeous pink tiling can provide a whole lot of texture to a basic, flat white bathroom.

Source: Photo by Curology on Unsplash

28. Pink panelling

Dusky pink tones in the textured panelling can make a feature wall a focal point.

29. Mosaic pink mirror tile

There’s nothing like a bit of shimmer and sparkle to make going to the loo a little more interesting, is there?

20. Lavender square subway tiles

Colours like amethyst, violet, lilac and lavender are stunning for a bathroom. Choose a soft, gentle shade of purple like mauve and mix it with plenty of white for a romantic, clean aesthetic. To modernise the colour scheme, choose square subway tile, which has been gradually gaining in popularity over its rectangular cousin.

Source: Photo by Katja-Anna Krug on Unsplash

Mellow yellows

Some of the yellow bathrooms I came across would probably cross over into the category of warm beiges and other naturals: think sun-drenched ochre, honey, dandelion, straw and flaxen hues. Others were more traditional, bright canary yellows, typically mixed with plenty of white. Although the yellow bathroom isn’t currently trending, it’s a perennial favourite and perfect for creating your bathroom happy place.

21. Yellow ochre and black accents

Love yellow? Why not tile your shower in a vibrant shade instead of plain white. Add black fixtures and the black shower frame for definition and drama.

22. Yellow Moroccan tile

Our love affair with Moroccan patterned tiles just grows by the year. Add mustard-coloured encaustic tiles to an overall white bathroom with mustard-coloured encaustic tiles for a gorgeous and unique look.

23. Yellow and white

Going for a bright sunny yellow bathroom? Mix in bright white accents, plenty of timber and natural materials, and a statement-making tiled floor.

24. Yellow and terrazzo

Can you imagine a pink ceiling working with sunshine yellow subway tiles? It sounds crazy but an intenselysaturated yellow perfectly complements shades of sweet pink.

Unusual bathroom color combinations

And now for something a little different. Mix up your favourite colours for a truly unique bathroom look!

25. Sunshine and lilac

Rustic yet modern, a concrete sink really sings when paired with gold-toned tapware and a dreamy, pale lilac-grey ridged tile.

26. Candy apple

“Pink and green should never be seen, without something in between” goes the saying. So if you’re keen on a clashing colour combo of pink and green, add a touch of gold in the palette. Think forest herringbone subway tile together with a marble-topped vanity, pale pink walls and a pink ceramic sink, then add warm gold fixtures. The result is a playful yet Old School glam aesthetic.

27. Teal and coral

A teal green and coral pink bathroom color scheme is quirky yet calming, and pops of white keep it modern.

28. Seaweed, salmon and black

A muted pastel green and baby pink bathroom may not be to everyone’s taste, but it does successfully evoke tranquillity and it’s unusual enough to make a statement based on colour alone.

29. Burnt ochre with classic blue

Once again the classic modern style – round mirror, statement light, black accent, interesting freestanding sink and unusual tile – is lifted out of the ordinary using an original colour scheme. Consider a pale terracotta sink, a touch of classic blue under the vanity tying in with the blue paint in the doorway, and a soft, calm shade of apricot in a large format tile.

30. Enchantment under the sea

I’ll finish up with my personal favourite of the day. I adore the shade of Aegean blue and the rippling effect caused by textured tiles—using a bathroom with ocean hued tiles would make me feel like a mermaid! The blue looks stunning combined with white subway tile. Mixing metals (chrome in the lighting, gold tones in the mirror, tapware and accessories) can add even more visual excitement.

Source: Photo by Lazy_camera_girl on Unsplash

So, there’s my spin on how bathrooms are confidently embracing the newest bathroom color schemes. Which is your favourite? Make sure you let me know in the comments!

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