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40 Wonderful white bathroom ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 5th, 2020

Design a bright, character-filled space that will always be in style.

There’s no denying that white homes bring so much peace and calm to your space. It’s extremely well known that incorporating white in your bathrooms instantly makes it appear larger than it really is, making it a great bathroom renovation trick before listing for sale. Plus, it’s a classic choice that will always be in fashion. And for those of you who don’t like a completely white bathroom, you can always add other textures and details to bring character and colour to your space.

To save you hunting around the internet for ideas, we’ve done the research for you… So, what are you waiting for? Check out these 40 white bathrooms for some inspiration!

1. Modern boho white bathroom

What a beautiful, breezy bathroom. I love the woven details which can be seen in the rattan chair and runner rug. The white tiling, walls and ceiling go beautifully with the white bathtub that is heightened by a platform in the corner. I also love the long white curtain that not only provides privacy in the bathroom but creates movement and interest when the wind blows through.

White bathroom
Source: Homes To Love

2. Modern coastal white bathroom

I could just imagine this bathroom sitting pretty in a coastal cottage by the sea. The shiny white tiles on the walls are the perfect option for a splashback finish, and they’d be really easy to clean. Plus, the light grey bath goes perfectly with the white features of the bathroom as well as the grey details on the towel and silver fixtures!

White bathroom
Source: Three Birds Renovations

3. Bohemian meets vintage

This sweet bathroom is the epitome of bohemian meets vintage. The bohemian touches like the dark window covers, timber stool and brick look tiles are a welcomed combination with the brass details of the shower heads and taps as well as the claw feet of the tub. And who doesn’t love a big beautiful window with lots of natural light coming in? Want tiles like these? See what a bathroom tiler can do for you!

White bathroom
Source: The Rhapsody

4. A seated shower room

How luxurious is this all-white seated shower room? The walls are tiled with a plain white finish whilst the floors of the shower area are tiled with white and black spotted tiles to add a bit of interest to the area. I also love the soft Moroccan style rug that acts as a bath mat to dry damp feet as soon as you leave the shower.

White bathroom
Source: Decor MM

5. Warm additions

If an all-white bathroom isn’t really your thing, adding some other finishes such as wood will bring warmth and colour into your space. I love this wood finish cabinetry that’s perfectly paired with the round mirror wooden frame, gold fixtures and vintage rug. And the white finishes have also been carried out to be a bit more interesting through using different shaped tiles on the walls and floors.

White bathroom
Source: Bre Purposed

Want a unique vanity in your space? Contact a cabinet maker to find out your options.

6. His and hers

This bathroom would be the perfect choice for a couple. You could have your loved one nearby but not too close… personal space is good, isn’t it? It would also be handy to have your own storage space as well! Although I feel like maybe some of my products would *accidentally* fill up the other cupboard too…

White bathroom
Source: Danielle Wycough

7. Crisp, clean powder room

The barn door is such a welcoming touch to this crisp, clean powder room. I love the interesting pattern that has been used in the wallpaper on the walls which go well behind the round mirror frame. The cupboard doors on the cabinetry are also a perfect match with the barn doors which tie the two elements together nicely.

White bathroom
Source: Three Birds Renovations

The barn doors remind me of these beautiful farmhouse bathroom ideas.

8. Elegant charm

Oh, how luxurious is this elegant bathroom? It has so much charm with the white and cream finishes along with the other thoughtful touches like the chandelier, gold details and cushioned chair. I can just imagine taking a bath in this beautiful bathroom whilst overlooking the rolling hills of the countryside. How spectacular!

Elegant bathroom
Source: Vallone Design

9. Beautiful simplicity

This bathroom is simple and minimal, yet strikingly beautiful. The large white bathtub looks so inviting nestled between the sheer white curtains. I love the black freestanding tap that looks so elegant and matches well with the side table and black marbled vase. Plus, the addition of monochromatic fixtures adds interest to this contemporary bathroom!

White bathroom
Source: Alpine Hotels

10. Backlit quartz

Without direct access to a window, a space can look and feel a little dull but this backlit quartz really brightens up the space and brings some much needed light into the area. A fixture such as this would work really well if it had different dimmer options as you could do your makeup on a brighter setting and dim it down in the evening for a more relaxing atmosphere.

White bathroom
Source: Luxe Magazine

11. A place to soak

This beautiful big white bathtub really stands out as the centrepiece in this pristine white Hamptons bathroom. The french style windows and blinds give plenty of options for a full or part view of the fabulous ocean visage. With all white floors and walls, the contrast of the dark wooden towel rack ladder and the wooden tree trunk stool give this bathroom a real lift.

White bathroom
Source: Tami Wassong Interiors

12. Small white bathroom

When working with a small space for a bathroom, using mostly white will always make it look bigger. The white vanity has maximised the storage area with the large drawers. And the square mirror reflects the rest of the bathroom without bringing attention to the toilet.

White bathroom
Source: Estee Designs

13. Seamlessly white

White on white on white is cleverly broken up by a slight grey streak through the bathroom floor tiling. The gorgeous white bathtub strikes me as the main feature in this bathroom as it contrasts nicely with the black tap fittings and cute wooden stool.

White bathroom
Source: Gathering Walls

14. Vintage rug runner

A gorgeous floor rug adds colour and a homely feel to this gorgeous white bathroom. The rug colour is picked up in the Turkish towels and towel rack, the stunning light chandelier, the cute wooden stool and the gold fittings on the drawers and tap fittings. The gorgeous alcove housing the bathtub looks out to a beautiful garden through fabulous french windows.

White bathroom
Source: Murphy Real Estate Group

15. Gold details

A splash of gold to an all white bathroom gives it a very posh and classy look. I love the gold tiles in the shower area and the hanging pendant lights over the basin area. The addition of a wooden stool in the shower gives a perfect spot to sit to shave your legs or towel dry your kiddies. This bathroom is a real statement with its gold and white.

White bathroom
Source: Ann Sacks

16. Monochromatic mood

This white bathroom is in quite a narrow long space however is well planned and functional. The heated towel rail gives plenty of towel and clothing hanging space whilst the monochrome mood in the extra touches takes this white bathroom to another level. But if you fancy a bit darker, here are some other beautiful black and white bathrooms.

White bathroom
Source: Styled By Lu

17. Bright and basic

A white basic theme in a small space can make all the difference to the overall appearance of the bathroom. The smaller tiles on the floor and larger on the walls in the shower space contrasts together really well. The beige shower curtain ties in well with the gold shower hose and tap whilst the yucca plant brings a little bit of nature indoors.

White bathroom
Source: Saltwood Cottage

Looking for some greenery for your space, add some bathroom plants into the mix.

18. Floor to ceiling window

An oval white bathtub overlooking a lush green garden through a floor to ceiling window is fresh, light and appealing, The wood of the stool blends with the tree trunks in the garden bringing the outside into this gorgeous roomy and airy bathroom. The freestanding round side table is perfect in the corner and doesn’t detract from the clear view through the large window. The vanity is generous in drawers with plenty of space to put things away and to keep the space tidy.

Source: Luxe Magazine

19. Modern farmhouse touches

What gorgeous ornate feet on the white bathtub in this bathroom! They match the tiled flooring well and tie in with the frame around the mirror. The chandelier over the bathtub is simple and classy. The white of the walls, vanity and window frames give this bathroom a light lift whilst the pink flowers in the white vase bring a pop of colour into the bathroom.

White bathroom
Source: House of Murphy

20. Architectural detail

The sleek classy look of this bathroom gives the feeling of calm and pristine cleanliness. The swivel shaped stool is a standout feature next to the fabulous freestanding bathtub and hand-held shower head. A touch of greenery in the room brings out a sprig of nature and outdoor freshness.

White bathroom
Source: Hans Grohe

21. Shower room retreat

This fabulous shower room within a bathroom has glass clear doors to separate the bathing area from the dry area of the room. The bath in the tiled area is recessed in its own little cubby cove. And what looks like the dry vanity area becomes a large shower room with both a rain shower head and a hand-held shower. So the choice to bathe is yours, and it also gives plenty of room to get the kids and dog in there too!

White bathroom
Source: Buttercup Design

22. Futuristic whites

The curves in this very futuristic bathroom blend well with each other on a sleek rectangular bench. The oval bench top basin floats onto the vanity benchtop and compliments the perfectly round mirror. The clear cloche and glass containers look great on the benchtop in this fresh white bathroom vanity.

White bathroom
Source: Cera Trading

23. Bright, white and clean

I love this shower recess with the option of the fixed shower head or the handheld one. The bench seat in the shower makes this bathroom really well catered for in a limited space whilst the clear shower screen gives the room overall flow and airiness. All white with a flecked tiled shower floor certainly makes this bathroom look bright, white and clean.

White bathroom
Source: SKD Studios

24. Hotel vibes

There’s nothing better than staying in a five-star hotel and having your bathroom spotlessly cleaned to sparkling every day. To use freshly laundered white towels every day is sheer luxury and something that rarely happens at home. Dual basins always make sharing a bathroom so much easier and practical. A vase of something green always adds that extra special touch. Looking to pretty up your space? Check out these bathroom decor ideas.

White bathroom
Source: Newport Brass

25. Angular roofing

Tucking an extra bathroom into the attic makes good sense in a space that could be otherwise wasted. Keeping it all white keeps it light and airy as does the skylight window that lets in loads of natural light. The gorgeous round bathtub is the standout feature and the icy blue in the tiled floor gives another dimension to this room.

White bathroom
Source: Macie Jewska Design

26. Tile variations

Don’t be afraid to use different tiles to create division between different areas. The tiles in the shower recess are a white brick-like formation whilst the floor tiles are small squares with grey tones. Even the copper shower head, taps in the shower and above the freestanding rectangular bathtub contrast again with the rest of the room. The rules here have been bent a little, but the effect is still pleasing to the eye!

White bathroom
Source: Trammel Construction

27. Black and white

Black and white is classic and never goes out of style. The black trimmings in this white bathroom make the features really stand out. The flooring, although more grey and white, gives an interesting pattern to the room. Clever cabinetry separates the dual basins and gives plenty of cupboard space for all your essentials.

Looking to spruce up your existing cabinets? Talk to a cabinet maker.

White bathroom
Source: A House We Built

28. Herringbone feature

The herringbone feature wall provides a lovely backdrop to the oval white bathtub. The taps are functional, simple and don’t detract from the fabulous light fitting which gives more interest and character to this bathroom.

White bathroom
Source: Far From Loveless

29. Marble walls and floors

The marble matching floors and walls in this predominantly white bathroom even continues through the reflection in the mirrors. The floating basin looks like a miniature of the fabulous bathtub whilst the silver brassware really sets off both the basin and the bathtub. The splash of orange around the window frame is quite unexpected, surprising and adds a quirky touch.

White bathroom
Source: Bizarth Lifestyle

30. Wet area

The raised tiled area for the bathtub is a serene space to escape and enjoy the gorgeous garden outside view whilst sitting in an inviting bubble bath with a refreshing glass of bubbles in hand. The beautiful polished wooden floorboards are a stunning contrast to the stark whiteness of the rest of the bathroom. And the vanity is neat and very functional and the round mirror adds a creative touch to a stunning bathroom.

White bathroom
Source: Emma Delon

31. Stylish monochrome

This monochromatic bathroom is a stylish solution for a smaller space. The brick look tiled wall has been finished off with black grout which gives it that fantastic monochromatic look. I love how the black details are then carried through to the other details in the space like the black frame around the mirror and artwork, detail on the bath table and the claw feet on the white bath.

White bathroom
Source: The Little Pink Nest

32. Clawfoot tub

Here is another amazing bath with opulent claw feet. I love the vintage details of this bathroom that compliment the tub such as the gold freestanding tap fixture and gold framed side table with candy-like jars holding bath salts as decor. I also love the elegant vintage rug that has been used to add some pattern into the space.

White bathroom
Source: Paige Lav Designs

33. Pampas perfection

Pampas is very on-trend right now, so adding it to your decor will immediately lift any space from plain to chic! The brown tones in the pampas go well with the warm tones in the marble tiling and gold fixtures. I also love how a large mirror has been used that goes across the majority of the wall which helps to make this space feel bigger than it is.

White bathroom
Source: Jana Talcia

34. White cabinetry

White cabinetry is always a good idea – especially if you already have white walls and other decor items to compliment them. The cupboards and drawers of this cabinetry is white, while the tabletop is a wooden finish. This works well as having a white tabletop may look dirty quickly and the wood look also gives the space a dividing texture between all the white elements.

White bathroom
Source: Society of Summer

35. All the essentials

This bathroom is all the white with all the essentials in tow. This would be the type of bathroom that would suit most homes as it has everything you need. The black fixtures as can be seen in the faucets and towel racks bring depth and definition to the very white bathroom. Also, I just love the hexagonal tiling in the shower and bath area that has flecks of grey and white in it.

White bathroom
Source: Dream City

36. Bath with a view

This bathtub looks oh so serene sitting next to that wide mirror. I can just imagine relaxing in this tub after a long day whilst looking over that magnificent view of spruce trees and a lake in the background. I love the angular shape of this bathtub that gives it an interesting look as it definitely doesn’t look like just a regular tub.

White bathroom
Source: Amanda Evans Interiors

37. Thoughtful touches

How cute is this little white bathroom corner with so many thoughtful touches? We see so many rectangular and square mirrors, so adding a round mirror to your bathroom will automatically give it a freshen up. I especially love the little vase of tulips which add joy and colour to this space.

White bathroom
Source: Eden Build

38. Arched mirror

Here is another mirror that we don’t see very often; an arched mirror! Arches are very in fashion at the moment and whenever I see one I am very drawn to them. I love how an off white tile has been used in the top half of this space which matches up with a white wood look tile. These features go well with the white cabinetry and sink area. Speak to a cabinet maker if you’re needing a custom cabinet to fit in a tight space like this!

White bathroom
Source: The Stables

39. All things white and wonderful

How luxuriously stunning is this classic bathroom? The clawed foot bath is so opulent and inviting sitting in the middle of the bathroom between the double cabinetry. Also, the golden lighting pendant is an elegant touch that matches the overall mood of the bathroom.

White bathroom
Source: The Fox Group

40. Exposed beams

What better way to finish off these white bathrooms than this one! I just adore those exposed beams that are a welcomed feature of this bright space. The wooden stool has been matched perfectly to the beams whilst the white bathtub is freestanding with just the right amount of space between the window to make room for the sheer white curtains. I would be very happy spending an afternoon or three in this bathtub!

White bathroom
Source: Alyssa Rosenheck

So there we have it – 40 fabulously clean and crisp white bathrooms ideas! I especially love the bathrooms with the large windows that let lots of light in… and I can’t forget those amazing clawfoot tubs! Which bathroom was your favourite? Comment down below and tell me which styles you’re going to incorporate into your space!


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