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Your garage is where your tools, cars, and knick-knacks cohabit in organised chaos. You need a functional, lockable, durable garage door to keep this space safe. If yours shows signs of wear and tear or you're in the market to install a garage door, you're probably wondering how much a garage door costs.

Typically, you can expect to pay between $600 to $4,650 for a garage door, including installation costs. Meanwhile, high-end and custom-built garage doors can cost up to $10,000.

Price list for garage door installation

When installing or replacing a garage door, you need to know what type of door you're getting. Here's the average cost of garage door installation: 

Garage door type

Average cost, including installation

Single roller door


Double roller door


Single sectional door


Double sectional door


Single tilt door


Double tilt door


Panel lift door


a handyman installing a garage door

What types of garage doors can Taskers install?

You can find a variety of garage doors out there, and your door's size, style, shape and system will influence your new garage door cost. Each type has advantages; your choice will depend on your garage space and budget.

Roller garage doors 

These are one of the most popular ones, which come in single and double options. They have a steel exterior and roll straight into the roof space, ready to roll out again when needed. They take up very little space when rolled up and don't make much noise.

Tilt garage doors

These were the trend before roller garage doors became popular. These doors are made of a single piece of material. They open using a pivoting hinge, going up and then over the hinge into their open position, where they sit parallel to the inside roof of the garage. This was the default design for many older garages and might be cheaper to install.

Sectional garage doors

These cost more than roller or tilt garage doors. They're made of multiple panels, or 'sections,' joined with hinges. As the door opens, the sections fold up along the tracks. When open, they rest flat along the garage roof (unlike roller doors), so they take up minimal space. 

You can find remote-control type double sectional doors and have a custom-built style to fit your garage if you have the extra budget. The small clearance makes them excellent for garages with limited space. 

What factors affect the cost of new garage door installation?

There's more to garage door costs than you think. Below are some variables that influence garage door prices.

1. Your location

Garage door costs depend on where your home is located in the city or state. The average national garage door price starts at $1,000, including the door, labour, materials, and installation. 

2. Garage size and shape

Size matters, at least in this case. When choosing a garage door replacement, the cost will depend on what you need for your garage or driveway. For instance, having a sectional door on the roof would be tricky if your space on the roof is limited. 

Once you know your needs, you can start looking around for help. If you have a broken garage door, it might be more practical to hire a garage door repair specialist rather than replace the door entirely. 


3. Number of doors

If you have two garage doors and are considering replacing or installing them, it will require more materials and time to install. 

4. Labour

Labour also influences garage door installation costs. Since the time it takes to install depends on the garage size and garage door type, some specialists charge per hour. Here is the average labour cost for garage door installation.


Average labour cost per hour









a handyman installing an automatic garage door

5. Installation type

There are two types of installation for garage doors: manual and automatic. Manual installation means the door is opened and closed by hand, while automatic installation entails using a motor to open and close the door. 

Manual garage door installation can be cheaper, as it's a simple installation job. For automatic installation, you might need to hire a more qualified tradie who knows automatic installation to perform the job. 

6. Aesthetics and style 

We all want a home that is stylish and appealing. So consider your style preference and needs when looking for the right garage door type for you. For instance, are you more into aluminium, wood composite, or timber when it comes to the material? 

Find the right balance between style and function so that you don't just choose a garage door that looks good but also one that works how you want it. 


7. Materials

Steel, aluminium, and timber are the common materials used in garage doors. Steel is lighter and, thus, cheaper. But aluminium and wood can last longer than steel - a more economical choice in the long run. Your garage door type and material can affect installation costs, as some types and materials require more time and special tools. 

Post a task for garage door installation

Garage doors alone can be costly, so be sure to shop around for the best price. If you're looking for a professional to help you with garage door installation, post a task for the job. Apart from sharing your location, garage size, and budget, ask about these things when requesting a garage door cost estimate:

  • Do they need pictures or videos to assess the issue properly?

  • Does the quoted price include labour?

  • Does the installation come with a warranty?

Once everything is in order, post a task and connect with skilled garage door installers to help you update your space. 

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Whether to repair or replace the door will depend on the underlying issue. If repair costs are more than $300 and can rate close to installing a replacement, it might be time to look into that.

If you're a skilled or adept handyman, you might be able to pull this one off yourself. But instead of risking injury, it’s better to ask an expert to do the difficult job for you. 

If you’re wondering how to stop rain coming under a garage door, a repair specialist can help. Leaks through your garage door can cause many problems, including property damage, mould, and extra wear and tear on your floors. It’s best to have a professional tackle the problem.

Typical battery life for garage door sensors is three to five years using CR2032 batteries. You’ll know the sensors are running out of life if the lights are no longer lighting up or blinking.

Note if you notice weird sounds or something doesn't quite line up. It also helps to ensure the tracks on either side are debris-free and clean. Tighten any loose hardware, examine all the roller brackets and bolts, and tighten or replace if needed. Also, lubricate moving parts and check cables for damage. 

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