How much does it cost to hang a door?

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$120 - $1,900







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Hanging a door is the kind of job that needs time and concentration but is not that complicated. Whether you DIY or hire a tradesman for a new door lies on which is more cost-effective. But how much does it cost to hang a door?

Door hanging costs can range from $124 to $1985 per door. Some luxurious options can cost up to thousands of dollars. This estimated cost includes fitting the door from start to finish. It also has hinges, hanging, installing door handles, and testing if it works perfectly.

Save yourself from tradespeople who charge exorbitant prices to hang a door. Read on to know the average costs to hang a door and how you can hire a Tasker to get the job done!

Door hanging price guide

Door hanging cost per material

Can’t decide what to use for your door? This door hanging cost guide can give you an idea of the cost of the type of material you’ll use for your project.

Material / door type


Timber (Standard-sized, hollow core)

  • $124 to $204 for a prime-coated hardboard for paint finish

  • $128 to $194 for a sliced pacific maple veneer

  • $163 to $178 for waterproof plywood for paint finish

Timber (Standard-sized, solid core)

  • $176 to $269 for a prime-coated hardboard for paint finish

  • $186 to $286 for a sliced pacific maple veneer

  • $229 to $282 for a waterproof plywood for paint finish

Timber (4-panel doors)

$321 to $429 sliced Pacific maple, of stile and rail construction with veneered fielded panels.

Timber (Single panel glazed doors)

$272 to $470

Timber (2-panel glazed doors)

$310 to $486

Metal (glazed entry aluminium sliding doors)

  • $600 to $685 - 2100 x 1800mm wide with one 900mm wide sliding panel 

  • $780 to $911 - 2100 x 2400mm wide with one 1200mm wide sliding panel

  • $1,090 to $1,375 - 2100 x 3600mm wide with one 1200mm wide sliding panel 

Metal (ribbed roller doors)

  • $1,480 to $1,550 for a 2400 x 2515mm wide door 

  • $1,685 to $1,770 for a 2400 x 3000mm wide door

  • $1,885 to $1,985 for a 3000 x 3000mm wide door

Security doors (anodised aluminium)

About $370 to $385 for anodised aluminium security doors (2040 x 840mm) 


Door hanging cost per type

Whether you’re planning to hang new custom doors or bi-fold doors, this table can provide you with a quick reference on door hanging prices per type.

Door type





  • Large doors with double thickness

  • Good for extra security

  • Lasts longer, low maintenance

  • Pricey at installation

  • Installation requires precision and skill

$1000 per panel

French Doors

Full-view windows, multiple window panes from top to bottom

Can be expensive

$500 per timber door


$1000 to $1400 per aluminum door

Entry Doors with Sidelights

  • With vertical pieces of glass on the sides of the entry door

  • Adds more natural light to your home


Starts at $1299

Double Doors

  • Great focal point, aesthetically pleasing

  • Complements homes with spacious interior access halls

More expensive, needs a big opening

From $1000 to $10,000

Flush Doors

  • Smoother in design, less intricate, cost less

  • Straightforward, affordable to install

  • Available in a variety of designs and colours

  • Everlasting finish, low maintenance

Not as thick as bi-fold doors, so best as an interior door

$124 to $282

Panel Doors

  • Made from either pressed hardboard or wood, and is designed and customised according to buyer’s preferences

  • Cheap to buy in bulk

Can take longer to install, especially for doors with glass panels


$124 to $486


Additional material costs

Door hanging costs not only involve the labour but also the materials for the project. Here’s a quick rundown of the costs for the materials you might use.

Material / item



$1.5 and up each


$2 per pair


$11 to $195 per pair


$30 (knobset) to $350 (for digital)

Pet flap / Dog door

$70 to $90 excluding installation


Door hanging labour costs per hour

It’s important to be aware of how much handymen or tradespeople charge for the labour. Use this guide to know how much door hanging labour costs per hour.

Labor based on location



$76 to $107


$85 to $89


$82 to $88


$79 to $87


$68 to $75

What factors affect the cost of hanging a door?

New white door

Several factors determine the cost to hang a door, including the type of door you want to hang, the tools needed, and if there is a need to remove the old door.

Type of door

Choosing a door type usually depends on your preferences, interior design, and budget. The type of door you want to install will significantly impact the overall price. Doors range between $124 to $1985. More bespoke ones can go even more expensive.

Availability of tools

If you prefer to DIY, you may need to check if you have the necessary tools, including clamps, a circular saw, an electric or hand planer, wood chisels, and flat bits. If you have none, you may need to make a separate purchase for these.

Old door removal

You may be able to dispose of an internal door for free if you are replacing just one. However, if you have several doors to dispose of, you may need to hire a tradesperson and pay for the labour.

Planning to hang a new front door? Get inspiration with these fabulous front door ideas!


Should I DIY or hire a professional?

Hiring a professional ensures a smooth, expert finish. DIY can also cost you more time, as one weekend may not be enough if you have many doors to install. Plus, you may need power tools such as a planer and a circular saw.Man installing white doorSome structural changes may need to be done to reposition a door, like removing suitable walls and filling the existing doorway. In this case, ensure that no wiring and electrical outlets are running through the new door position.

Door hanging quotes from Taskers

Door hanging costs around $90 to $220, depending on the type of plaster, the current condition, the size of your plaster, and other factors. For a more accurate quotation, you may talk to a Tasker and provide the details of your door hanging requirements. You may even ask your Tasker to repair your existing doors or fit a new door frame while you're at it!

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On average, installation per door will take six to eight hours. However, this depends on the size of the door (exterior doors tend to be bigger, take more time), the number of doors, and the type of door.

A door frame is used for external doors, while a door lining is used for internal doors.

Periodical cleaning and maintenance help prevent future issues. If damages arise, you may need to have them fixed immediately. To reinstall a hinge, you will need to spend around £35 to £78. To repaint an interior door, set aside £50 to £200, depending on the kind of paint. To varnish a door, prepare around £200 to £300 per door, but some tradesmen charge per hour. You may also need to gloss skirting boards and door frames to prevent moisture from seeping in, and this costs £50 to £500, depending on the door material and if it’s an interior or exterior door.

The size of a standard door is highly variable, which makes each door suit various spaces and functions. Standard ones have a height of six feet and eight inches.

It’s not always necessary. The requirement will depend on your residential property as some properties such as flats require having it installed. You can contact your local government website for fire safety regulations to be sure.

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