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From clothing repair to fabric crafts, here are excellent sewing side hustles!

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Does sewing at home for money sound like the ideal side hustle? Sewing services are an excellent way to earn extra cash, given the flexibility and demand for sewing services.

You can make money sewing from any skill level as long you have great ideas for services and sewn products. And there are lots of easy sewing projects you can start with. 

Here are some ideas on how to make money from sewing.

Tips for your sewing small business

It's possible to make a decent income sewing at home, given enough skills, supplies, and time. You just have to know which sewing skills people commonly outsource. Browse popular sewing services in your location. 

Once you've identified what sewing services to offer, gather the necessary tools and materials, such as: 

  • A sewing machine
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Thread
  • Cutting mat
  • Seam gauge (a ruler with a special slider to mark a visual reference point and measure fabric)
  • Patterns
  • Tracing paper and tracing wheel
  • Accessories (zippers, buttons)

Home-based sewing ideas to make money

There are a lot of sewn items that sell well. You can choose from countless easy sewing projects to sell as you start your home sewing business. Here are some common sewing services you can consider.  

1. Clothing repair services

Clothing restoration. Repairing hole in clothing with crochet

You can start small by fixing clothes when you have time in the evenings or on weekends. This is a simple service but one of the most common. Offering repairs to ripped garments, lost buttons, and other basics will help people avoid throwing out clothes. Restoring their beloved items will save them money while you earn extra income.

2. Alteration services

Clothing alteration side hustle. Sewing bottom of denim pants

Another popular service is altering clothes. Not all clothes we buy fit perfectly, and that's why people are willing to pay sewers like you to make some tweaks to their garments. Plus, people's bodies constantly change — be it from pregnancy, weight loss, or weight gain. Therefore, there will always be a need for clothing alteration services. 

3. Custom designs

Dressmaker decorating an outfit on mannequin

If you have an eye for creativity, you can create a range of original designs and make them to order. You can also sell sewing patterns and passively profit off them or sew to order different garments like Halloween costumes or wedding dresses

In some cases, clients may provide you with their fabric of choice. If not, you must consider the time and extra costs to buy the materials when giving a quote. Embroidery services are also great for customers looking for unique gifts or personalized items. 

4. Home décor

Closeup hands. Tailor sewing lace curtains

You don't just have to sew clothes. Home decorators are always looking to spruce up cushions, curtains, and other home accessories. Cushion covers are easy to make and are overpriced in shops. Consider offering quilts from old sports shirts and finding unique fabrics and trims to set yours apart. 

5. Fabric crafts

Sewing pink polka dot fabric on machine

Aside from these ideas, you can make scrunchies, dolls, zipper pouches, baby clothes, and dog bandanas. This way, you can have a niche and be above everyone else. You can even make some fabric face masks to sell! 

How to get sewing jobs 

Sewing is a good source of income, whether you're looking for a side hustle or starting a small sewing business. And thanks to online platforms, you can sew from home and easily connect with customers.

Here are different ways you can get sewing jobs: 

  • Referrals - Reliable sewers usually get referred by satisfied customers. 
  • Local markets and online stores - You can sell on consignment in local markets, join craft fairs, and create an online store. Some also expand their portfolio on other mediums like blogs and social media. 
  • Marketplace platforms - Promoting your services on marketplaces like Airtasker is a convenient option. Such platforms can help sewers like you connect with customers and get sewing jobs. 

Find sewing jobs on Airtasker. 

Regardless of what services you want to offer, people will always be glad and appreciative of your talent. At the same time, you get to enjoy making money doing what you love. Find all sorts of sewing jobs at Airtasker and start your small business journey now!

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