How much does a car wash cost?

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$20 - $125







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How much are car washes?

Basic automatic car washes typically range from $5 to $20, while full-service car washes with hand detailing can range from $20 to $50 or more. Premium services like waxing or interior cleaning may cost extra. Prices may vary, so it's best to check with your local car wash for accurate pricing.

Navigating the multitude of car wash services and packages can be quite the challenge, given the sheer variety on offer. Thankfully, Airtasker has got your back! Refer to our comprehensive guide to gain clarity on car wash costs and set an ideal budget to make your journey a smooth one.

Type of service

Estimated cost

Hand car wash

$20 to $30

Full-service car wash

$50 to $125

Mobile car wash

$20 to $60

Self-service car wash

$7 to $20

Machine car wash

$10 to $30

Gas station car wash

$5 to $15

Unlimited membership

$20 to $60 per month


10% to 15% of total cost

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Factors affecting car wash costs

Numerous things affect nearby car wash prices. We’ve outlined the key things to consider before booking a service:

Car size

You need more resources to wash big cars. Often, washing bigger cars is more expensive than washing smaller cars, resulting in higher final costs.

Car condition

If dirt, droppings, stains, and other debris have accumulated in your car, you might have to spend more money. If your last car wash was a very long time ago, ask someone to inspect it to ensure safety while you’re on the road.

Wash type

The cheapest option is a gas station car wash for $5, followed by a self-service car wash for $7. If you plan to get car wash services regularly and save money, it's more economical to purchase an unlimited pass, which costs $20 per month.


Depending on your location, car wash costs can increase. Big cities often charge more due to the higher demand for car washing and cost of living.

Additional services

When booking a car wash service, you can avail of other benefits to make the most of your visit. Some specialists offer tire cleaning, engine cleaning, interior vacuuming, and paint protection. The latter starts at $350, while engine cleaning starts at $30. 

If you want a more comprehensive cleaning service, a full-detail car wash costs around $150 to $320. Some specialists offer bundles and packages to help customers save money.

Different types of car wash services and estimated costs

Hand car wash

This costs $20 to $30, depending on the size of your car. Hand car wash prices are usually high due to the particular care and attention to detail it requires. It involves manually soaping, rinsing, and drying the car. Although it takes more time than automatic methods, its specialists perform it safely and gently.

Machine car wash

This is the cheapest and quickest option, starting at $10. Still, some car owners prefer traditional methods due to the risk of machine scratches, water spots, and paint damage.

Full-service car wash

If you want thorough car cleaning, a car detail service is a good idea. It includes cleaning windows, tires, mirrors, carpets and upholstery. These additional steps will make your car look brand-new and increase its service life. A mini-detail service costs $37 to $45, while a full-detail one costs $155 to $325.

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Mobile car wash

If you don’t have the luxury of time in your hands, the most convenient option is a mobile car wash. You can save time and gas and enjoy a clean and shiny car wherever you are. However, the added convenience has a premium. A mobile car wash costs around $20 to $60 but can go up to $100 to $175 for more comprehensive services.

Unlimited car wash membership

This benefits people who use their cars daily. It costs $20 to $60 per month and already covers washing, polishing, and drying. Some clubs also include extras, such as protectants, undercarriage rinsing, and wheel cleaning. Still, check the terms of your agreement before signing anything, as some unlimited memberships have a maximum number of washes per month.

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The benefits of booking a car wash service

A DIY project can help you save money, but working with a professional has significant benefits:

  • It gives you more quality time with your loved ones.
  • It helps bring back the aesthetic appeal of your car without the stress and hassle of typical methods.
  • It increases the life and value of your vehicle.
  • It prevents damage resulting from inappropriate products or tools.

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It includes car rinsing, soaping, and drying, as well as tire polishing and glass cleaning. Other specialists offer interior vacuuming and shampooing. Consult a specialist to find the perfect service for your car.

The best one will suit your current needs. If you're always in a hurry, a mobile car wash will benefit you more. If you have some time and want to revamp the look of your car, a full-detail service is good.

It depends on how often you use your car, where you live, and the current season. The ideal schedule is once every two weeks because it prevents dirt and debris buildup.

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