How much does it cost to hire a skip bin?

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$260 - $1,960







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Is your waste taking up space? Instead of heaving your haul to the tip or begging the bin man to take your overstuffed bags, it might be time to consider a more robust rubbish-removal option: a skip. 


Skip bins can streamline your waste process and provide you with a simple solution - containing your rubbish until it’s carried away for you. But how much does it cost to hire a skip bin? The good news is that they come in a range of sizes and prices. So, whether you’ve got rubble and rubbish from a renovation or extra garden greens to get rid of, there’s a skip bin to suit your situation. 


For most residential uses, the average skip hire cost is around $350 to $500. Small skip bin hire costs can start at $260 to $280, whereas larger skip bins may cost around $800 to $1960. Feeling a little confused? Read on for the full scoop on skip bin hire costs in Australia.

What factors affect the cost of a skip bin?


Size is the biggest factor when it comes to price. Mini skip bin hire costs will be drastically different to a 12-cubic metre skip bin hire cost and vice versa. The first thing you’ll need to work out is how much waste you need to remove. The more you have, the more expensive it will be for the waste company to sort and dispose of the waste. Traditionally, this is done through recycling, incineration or landfill.  



If your skip needs to stand or encroach on public lands – such as a road, path or grassy verge – you may need a permit. In most areas, skip bin hire companies are responsible for these permits, but for some, you’ll need to get the permit yourself. 


As with any rental service, the longer you need the skip, the higher your costs. Most skip bin hire companies insist on a minimum hire period. But if you only need it for a day, it pays to shop around and get quotes from various skip bin hire service providers. It also helps to buy in bulk, so how about trying for a discount per week for longer hires?


Location, location, location! Skip bin hire costs around $50 per cubic metre in Queensland, the lowest in Australia. On the other hand, the average price to hire a skip bin in New South Wales is $89 per cubic metre, which is the most expensive.  

What are the different types of skip?

Understanding your skip will help you sort your spending. The main differences between types come down to size and how the skip gets transported. 

Mini-skip bin

If you’re doing a spring clean or sorting the garage, a mini-skip bin could be the perfect size for you. Up to four yards long, this skip size is for smaller amounts of waste, around 40 bin bags (or eight to 12 wheelie bins) worth. 

Standard skip bin

Average skip sizes can be between six yards to 18 yards, which will suit if you need to get rid of up to about 195 bin bags of waste. This might work better for a small renovation or if some larger items won’t fit in a mini skip.

Roll-on/Roll-off skip bin

You might have seen roll-on/roll-off skips on construction sites. Unlike the ordinary skip, these are more like truck attachments that carry a large amount of waste in one go (220+ bin bags worth). Very useful on industrial sites or commercial projects, they aren’t traditionally seen in home-waste settings. 

Lockable skip bin

Got waste that’s worth a few bob? Get a lockable skip. Designed like a standard skip, these units can keep your surplus secure and stop others from using your space! Since waste removal is expensive, some people have been known to sneak their unwanted or restricted waste into an open skip. If you’re worried about this, a lockable skip is a good option.


Ready to remove your rubbish? Get a quick, easy quote or search for mini skip bin hire costs near you on Airtasker.

Skip hire price list

Hiring a skip doesn’t need to be a hassle. All costs come down to the size and duration of your hire. Most companies describe their skips in yards, but because skips are three-dimensional, they mean cubic metres.

Skip bin size

Average cost per day


$260 to $345 


$390 to $465 


$430 to $515 


$560 to $675 


$635 to $760 


$705 to $845 


$940 to $1130


$1350 to $1620 


$1275 to $1530


$1580 to $1900 


$1635 to $1960 


Hopefully, this will provide you with a better idea of what size you need.

Things to keep in mind when hiring a skip bin

Not all waste is equal. When setting up your skip bin, watch out for the weight limited, restricted items, and unlimited timelines.

Don’t go over the weight limit

It’s not just size that matters. Be aware of your weight limits, or you might get hit with a surprise fee when the waste is taken away. Not every skip bin can be filled to the top, so check weight limits with the company when you get a quote. If you don’t know the exact weight, you can let them know the kinds of materials you’ll be disposing of.

Watch out for restricted items

Make sure you aren’t disposing of any restricted items. Commonly banned items include:

  • Electrical equipment

  • Whitegoods

  • Fridges and freezers

  • Computers

  • TVs

  • Paint cans

  • Tyres

  • Batteries


Each skip bin hire company has its policy, so make sure you check what these are before you agree to hire.

Unlimited skip bin hire time might end up costing more

Unlimited skip bin time might seem like a good deal, but it can get dicey. If you sign up for an unlimited special, try to think about how long you’ll need the skip bin. If you can plan ahead, it might end up being much cheaper to pay for this time.

How to save on skip bin hire costs

Skip bin hire can make waste removal quicker and easier. To make it even more affordable, you can try the following tips:

  • Know the size you need – don’t get a larger skip bin than necessary. You might not even need one and could save using different types of waste management.

  • Avoid restricted items – stay clear on what you can and can’t put in the skip bin, or you may find yourself paying penalty fees.

  • Get a few quotes – find a skip bin hire provider who meets your needs. Maybe you only need a skip for a day, or you need it for a month. Don’t be afraid to shop around and get a great deal.


Need to remove some rubble? Have building rubbish scattered away? From scrap metal to soil removal, Taskers will sort your skip bin needs. Airtasker makes it easy to specify your budget and delivery and collection dates. That way, you can compare offers and find the best deal for you.

Skip bin hire FAQs

Does skip bin hire include disposal?

Skip bin hire generally includes the cost of disposal. Usually, the skip bin hire will take your waste to be recycled, incinerated, or to the tip. You can ask where your items will go at the time you book your skip bin.

How much does it cost to remove rubbish?

Rubbish removal on Airtasker can cost anywhere from $40 for a basic mattress removal to over $500+ for multiple heavy items. Get a quote today!

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