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Long before you hand your car or truck keys to a mobile mechanic, you should take the time to ensure you are getting the best service possible, as well as a mechanic able to handle your specific type of vehicle and even the make and model. While this mobile mechanic price guide will go over the finer points of the cost of mobile mechanic services, it will also offer critical questions (and answers) relating to the process. It might be great to have a mobile mechanic come out to you and do the work, but it is only authentically great if you get a fair price and excellent service.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at how to find the right mechanic for the job!

Do I need a mobile mechanic?

Clearly, the first thing to consider when exploring the costs for a mechanic, and particularly a mobile mechanic, is whether you need them to come to you. After all, most car and truck owners typically bring their vehicle to an auto repair shop or a dealership specialising in a single brand or make of car/truck.


There are times, however, when a mobile mechanic is essential or desirable:

·  Your vehicle is disabled (due to an accident, broken down, or it has simply been sitting in the garage for an extended period and no longer runs) and you prefer the repairs to be done “on the spot”;

·  You want to save yourself the time and hassle of bringing the car to a repair shop or dealership and decide the cost of a mobile mechanic is worth the convenience;

·  The cost of hauling/towing the vehicle is prohibitive when compared to a mobile mechanic;

·  You are considering the purchase of a vehicle and want an expert to help you determine if there are problems or repairs that can affect the price


There may be other reasons you prefer to work with a mobile mechanic. In all instances, it is an excellent way to save time you would have spent driving to and from a repair provider, as well as sparing you any anxiety about driving a vehicle that you fear might break down or experience some troubles along the way.


If these scenarios sound familiar, this mobile mechanic price guide can help you weigh the pros and cons of the cost of a mobile mechanic versus the other factors that might see you opt to bring the vehicle to a garage instead. We’ll also help you determine how to compare one provider from another and ensure you are getting a good deal on any sort of mobile vehicle repair.


What does a mobile mechanic do?

So, first things first. If you want to figure out if the cost of a mobile mechanic service is a good deal for your needs, you must know just what a mobile mechanic can (or cannot) do for a client. The definition of a mobile mechanic is “someone who provides vehicle repairs anywhere the vehicle owner requires”. A basic list of services would typically include:


·  Repairs to all major systems, including engine, brakes, transmission (clutch and controls), electrical, cooling, exhaust, suspension, driveshafts, steering, body, and air conditioning, among others

·  Diagnostic inspections (with the option for quotes or bookings of repair)

·  Pre-purchasing inspections

·  Regular servicing (i.e. oil changes, filter changes, and so on)


Keep in mind that there may be some limitations on what a mobile mechanic can do based on many different factors. Some of these factors can affect the cost of mobile mechanic services.

How much a mobile mechanic charge per hour in Australia?

There are no fixed rates that a mobile mechanic must charge and no “industry” standards for per hour fees for mobile mechanics in Australia. However, there is a somewhat common range based on several issues (which we address below). That range is $30 to $100+.


Further breakdown of costs?

The average hourly rate of a mobile mechanic varies based on many factors:


·  Experience and skill

·  Reputation

·  Certifications and licensing

·  Length of time in business


Though you will read that the cost of a mobile mechanic is usually less than a traditional mechanic working in a garage or repair shop, that is not always true. For instance, not all mobile mechanics are self-employed, and the cost of employment is then calculated into the hourly rate, bumping it a bit higher. Fairwork Australia has set the RS&R for employed professionals at the following rates:


Hourly full-time rate

Hourly public holiday rates

Average of Levels 1 - 5

$18.93-$24.11 (Weekend rates vary from $28.40 to $48.22)

$47.33 - $60.28


Do these rates apply to you, and what you anticipate the cost of a mobile mechanic to be? No, because you are hiring the mechanic as a contractor who arrives at your premises and works for a few hours. This may be a “one-off” or an ongoing exchange on a regular basis, but it is neither full- nor part-time employment. And because of this, the cost of a mobile mechanic may be higher to allow them to meet expenses that include:


·  A realistic hourly wage

·  Taxes and superannuation

·  Insurances

·  Travel expenses

·  Supplies, equipment and material


Often, that means they will ask anywhere from double even to triple the average award rates mentioned above. In other words, and as already noted, the average hourly repair rate is $30-$100 for a mechanic. Try to keep this in mind as you budget out a repair for your vehicle, and try to be realistic when calculating the total number of hours (including travel time) that a mobile repair may require – and then multiply it according to the average ($60 per hour) to gauge the most realistic cost of a mobile mechanic.

Issues that can affect the cost of mobile mechanic services

Depending upon several factors, a mobile mechanic may be unable to accomplish all the work required in a single visit. For example, some of the issues to be aware of as you look at the cost of any mobile mechanic include:


·  The location (a vehicle alongside a roadway may be unsafe or ineligible for extensive repairs)

·  The parts required (though most mobile mechanics are well-equipped with parts and the tools needed to effect repairs, they cannot carry everything for every vehicle and may have to order a part or use specialised tools)

·  The time frame for the repair (almost all mobile mechanics offer emergency services, but late night and early morning hours,  as well as holidays, may not always be available, or they may come at a premium cost)

·  The repair needed is well out of the ordinary (such as a bit of bodywork on an older or antique vehicle, or a bespoke or custom part is required)


For the most part, a mobile mechanic will help you determine if the repairs needed are possible at the vehicle’s current location (or offer a diagnostic visit to help determine the matter). If not, you may be required to hire a tow vehicle or pay for multiple visits to accomplish the repairs.

Cost of mobile mechanic services for typical tasks 

As we have already learned, the cost of any mobile mechanic services depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the age of the car, the location, time of day and the type (and extent) of work required. We’ve reviewed recent prices for mobile mechanic services to give you approximate price guides for each.

Mobile mechanic service

Price guide

Vehicle Inspection (Pink Slip)


Battery replacement


Brake pad replacement


Timing belt/chain replacement


Diagnostic inspection


Alternator belt replacement


Clutch replacement


Starter motor replacement


Oil change


Water pump replacement




Keep in mind that these prices are only for a select sample of recent repairs and that there are additional factors that can affect the cost of a mobile mechanic.


What further factors affect the cost of a mobile mechanic?

As you can see from our price guides above, the cost of different services can sometimes vary by hundreds. Why is it that we cannot give you a fixed or firmer mobile mechanic price guide? Consider these additional factors:


·       The average cost of a mobile mechanic is based on the length of time a repair demands, with average “per hour” pricing for labour around $30 to $120+.

·       None of the prices above reflect fees for parts and materials.

·       The length of time your service provider may have to commute can affect the cost of a mobile mechanic, too.

·       The urgency of the work is also a factor, i.e. emergency versus scheduled appointment changes pricing.

·       Even the day of the week may affect the cost, with weekend and holiday repairs often more expensive than a weekday repair.

·       The specificity of the repair will also boost the cost, with specialised repairs always costing more.

Creating your first mobile mechanic project

Ready to hire a mobile mechanic? If so, just take a moment to write out the work needed. Post it as a listing and then wait for the many offers to arrive. Review and compare the offers, and consider client feedback, experience and other factors before choosing. Never go strictly on price. Select your provider, and they’ll come right to your location and do the repair, diagnosis or other tasks.


Here’s a list of issues we recommend you note in any listing:


·  Time frame required (emergency, longer amount of time available, etc.) and amount of time you anticipate the project to require

·  Budget (the amount you have for the project)

·  Your location and if you anticipate any issues or challenges posed by the location

·  The type of repair and any thoughts you have on issues or challenges

·  The materials and parts you will provide (and ask for a quote on them if you want to compare your options)

·  If you require a warranty on labour (and materials if you don’t supply them)


The more details you offer, the easier it is for your mobile mechanic to provide an accurate and competitive offer. Keep in mind that most will also use your listing as a guideline for when they arrive to do the work – so accuracy and honesty are key!


Example mobile mechanic repair from Airtasker task listings

Need some inspiration to help you create your listing? Here are some examples of tasks our members have posted (and completed).

Clutch replacement in Sydney

Oil change including filter in Carlingford NSW

Auto car inspection in New Farm QLD

Car battery change in East Perth WA




FAQs about mobile mechanic tasks

How much does a mobile mechanic cost?

A standard hourly rate for mobile mechanics in Australia is anywhere from $30-$100/hour or more. It varies widely based on a long list of possible factors, including everything from skill and expertise to the vehicle’s location and the complexity of the project.

Does it cost more to get repairs at a standard “brick and mortar” garage?

It depends, but you will find that most mobile mechanic fees end up being more per hour than a standard garage. However, the convenience of service when and where you need it, along with having the full attention of a dedicated service provider, is often an adequate counterbalance to the higher hourly wage.

Do you save money by purchasing your parts and materials?

Yes, you purchase parts or materials without any mark-up fee, which can easily translate to savings. Still, your regularl mobile mechanic may also offer you parts and materials at a lower rate than a regular garage. It is best to always ask for a quote with parts and one without parts.

Can a mobile mechanic offer a warranty on parts and labour?

They can and should, and as it is something you would get from a regular garage, you’ll want a warranty in writing. Just be sure you make a note of it as you build your task listing.

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