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Are you yearning to get your home or office organised but find it too difficult to do it by yourself? Or maybe you want to do it but can’t find an efficient way to systematically sort your things? The good news is that some organisers can help tidy up your space. But how much does a home organiser cost?

Professional organiser price list


Estimated cost

New South Wales

$80 to $180 per hour


$70 to 180 per hour


$70 to $150 per hour

South Australia

$68 to $175 per hour

Western Australia

$80 to $192 per hour


$150 to $500 per hour

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How much does a professional organiser charge per hour? The average cost of a home organiser is $75 to $169 per hour, depending on several factors.

Professionals need a minimum of three hours to accomplish a home organisation project. Tasks that take more than three hours are usually offered in a package with a discounted hourly rate. 

What factors affect professional organiser costs?

An organiser’s job goes beyond cleaning. They can help you develop a system for putting things where they belong. The cost of professional organising services depends on these factors:

Project scope

How big or small is the project? Projects can range from simple decluttering to home styling and design. This determines how long a task will take, how many people are needed to accomplish it, and what kind of expertise you will need. While organisers generally complete a wide range of projects, others have specific areas of expertise. 

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Tasker experience 

Industry experience will affect the cost of hiring a professional organiser. Organisers longer in the industry might charge more but get a satisfactory job done in less time. Years of experience help build their credibility. 

Your location

Your location will also affect the prices of professional organisers, depending on how near or far you are from them. Base pricing also depends on the cost of living in your state and the availability of organisers in the area. If there are many of them, you might have to pay less. 

Average cost of professional organisers based on specialty


Estimated cost

Home organisation and decluttering

$75 to $169 per hour

Computer/digital organisation

$20 to $60 per hour

Bookkeeping and financial management

$80 to $100 per hour

Document filing

$65 to $150 per hour

a cabinet of organised files

A common misconception about professional organising is that it mostly involves home organisation. While home decluttering is a well-known specialty of organisers, it doesn’t necessarily end there. Here are other tasks they can take on: 

Computer/digital organisation

Sorting your digital files is an important facet of professional organising. A professional organiser can help you develop a logical and fairly easy way to name and arrange your files and folders so that they’re easily located by every user who might need them.

Bookkeeping and financial management

If you have a small business, hiring a bookkeeper will help you ensure that your VAT or tax liability is accurately assessed. Doing so will not only save time but also let you assess your business performance. 

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Document filing

Administrative tasks are a pain, but they are essential. Some professionals also take on projects on paperwork and document filing. They can develop a strategic way to file your documents and keep them in an orderly manner.  

Things to do before hiring a professional organiser

Have a clear vision

It’s good to have a clear vision of what the outcome of the project will be. This will help you ask the right questions when looking for a professional organiser and set manageable expectations for the project. 

Assess their experience and specialty. 

You have to consider the experience and specialty of the professional organiser vis-a-vis what project you have in mind. It helps to ask yourself the following questions: What projects have they worked on? Does their experience match your needs? Then, look for reviews and testimonials of their service to help you gauge how good they are at their job.

Schedule a consultation 

Having a consultation before the actual start of the project can help you make an informed decision. You can also ask them to visit your place. Take note that this might have an additional charge, though!

Additional costs when hiring a professional organiser

Organisers offer services that might add to the overall cost of the project: 

an organised home office

Interior decorating

Say you’ve got your home organised already, but it’s missing a bit of style. Professional organisers can decorate the space. They charge extra for interior decoration, as this requires another set of skills. Some organisers can do this themselves, while others will need to bring in a new expert. 

Custom fixtures 

Some professionals might suggest you add storage solutions like custom closets. These can help you better organise your items and add more space to your home. However, it will cost extra to set up custom fixtures, depending on the material used and the amount of work done for the installation. 

Home staging

If you’re planning to sell your house, organisers not only help you pack your stuff but also make sure that your house is pleasantly staged to maximise its sale potential. They can help you design your house so that it appeals to your target market.

Feng shui

Finally, organisers can make sure that your house is auspicious. Some offer feng shui consultations to balance the energies present in your home. However, this is a very niche service, and you don't have to consider it if you have different beliefs. 

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To put it simply, you should hire a professional organiser when you find your home too cluttered that you have missing items. However, hiring a professional organiser can be beneficial in different ways. Maybe you’re moving in or moving out, or perhaps you just want to maximise productivity in your house.

Professional organisers don’t have a licence. However, there are several courses to hone their skills. IOPO, or the Institute of Professional Organisers, provides accreditation to its members using a very rigorous process.

The short answer is yes, it is worth the cost in the long run. Why? Hiring a professional organiser will make decluttering your home become less stressful. It saves you time and energy, and they can share some tips on how to manage your storage space efficiently.

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