How much does a Furniture removalist cost?

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It need not matter whether it is one couch you need moving or a whole house of furniture - furniture removal can be a real drag. It’s worth considering then whether you should hire someone to help with the task. However, choosing a furniture removalist is not always as simple as it sounds. It’s worth considering a few basic questions before you get someone to help - once you’ve done that, you should be able to book in a removalist with confidence.

Do I need a furniture removalist?

The choice, of course, is yours. But there can be many occasions in which it will be a good idea to hire a furniture removalist. Some of the common situations in which you might want to consider hiring a furniture removalist include:

  • When there is a large item to move and you don’t have a vehicle capable of doing the job

  • When bulky or heavy items are too difficult to move on your own or with a couple of friends

  • If you need to move some furniture somewhere that’s out of your way

  • If your time would be better spent doing something else

  • If you have multiple items of furniture that need moving to a range of places

  • When there are sensitive or fragile items of furniture - such as a piano, or an antique piece - that you’re not confident in doing yourself 

On the other hand, there are occasions in which you might be happy to forego the services of a furniture removalist and simply do the job yourself. You might want to consider this option if:

  • You only need to move one or a handful of pieces of furniture

  • The furniture that needs moving is of particular sentimental or economic value, and you can’t bring yourself to let someone else do the job

  • You’ve mates who are keen to help out

  • There’s a vehicle you have access to that’s well suited for the task

What are the types of items removalists usually move?

If it belongs in a house - or even in a garage or garden - chances are you’ll be able to find someone to help move it. One of the benefits of hiring a furniture removalist is that they’re likely to have previously worked with the types of items you need help with. Moving small pieces of furniture or homewares can be just as intimidating and time-consuming as moving hefty items. Don’t be scared! You can get someone to help pack and organise the most fiddly items. 

Other tasks furniture removalists perform 

Removalist work is about more than transporting furniture from place A to place B. There’s a whole host of other tasks that you can ask a furniture removalist to work on, including: 

  • Dismantling furniture that is more easily transported when broken into component parts

  • Packing up smaller items of furniture, such as pillows, into boxes

  • Wrapping items of furniture individually so as to prevent damage during transportation and loading and unloading

  • Placing furniture where you want it in your new location

  • Working with you to find the most convenient or appropriate spots for furniture once it has been moved

  • Re-assembling furniture after removal 

Are there items I should not ask a furniture removalist to work on? 

Not really. 

If it’s capable of transportation, someone should be able to move it. But if you have particularly precious or fragile items, it might be worth considering whether the removalist you’re engaging has experience with that sort of work. For instance, would you trust moving your prized fish tank to someone who had not before moved that sort of thing? Or the family heirloom chest of drawers? 

Are there questions I should ask of my removalist? 

The first question you should ask your removalist is about their level of experience. Have they moved your sort of items before? If so, how many times? In some instances, it won’t matter so much. A bed, for the most part, is just a bed. But there will be times when you want a bit of reassurance that they’ve handled furniture similar to yours before.

Another question you should, of course, ask your removalist - preferably well before you engage them - is about their method of charging. The majority of removalists will charge by hourly, or half-hourly, increments. But others will charge on the basis for a fixed price for a job. If you only need one or two items of furniture to be moved, there’s a decent likelihood your removalist will charge on a fixed-price basis. From the perspective of a consumer, both methods of charging have positives and negatives. The potential benefit of hiring a furniture removalist on a fixed-price basis is that you can confidently know how much you’ll have to pay. The potential disadvantage is that you might end up overpaying if the job takes them only a small amount of time.

A third question to ask your removalist is how many people they’ll send to do the task. If you’re hiring a removalist on an hourly basis, it might end up cheaper for you to spend more money on a removalist who will come with a second or third helper. 

What is the cost of moving different types of furniture? 

The particular item of furniture you need moving, as well as the distance you need the furniture moved, are likely to determine how much you’re furniture removalist will cost. We’ve had a look at the typical prices charged on a range of common furniture removal tasks, to give you some sense of how the market looks. 

Removalist service

Price Guide

Removalist service

Price Guide

Furniture removal


Piano removal


Bed removal


Packing & unpacking


Appliance removal


Mattress removal


Fragile item removal


Treadmill removal


Pool table removal


Heavy lifting 


Estimated costs of furniture removalists

Furniture removalists typically charge about $90-$100 an hour, but the range of prices can extend beyond that. Removalists working solo and on small jobs can charge as low as $60 an hour. But furniture removalists working with teams and on larger removalist work can charge beyond $150 an hour. Sometimes, hiring people more experienced operators working in larger teams can work out cheaper in the end. 

Some example furniture removalist listings from Airtasker 

If you’re unclear what you should write in your furniture removalist task listing, have a look at how some others’ have described their tasks: 

FAQs about removalist prices

What does a furniture removalist cost per hour?

Furniture removalists will on average charge around $40-$80 per hour per person, but there is a wide range of prices around that. Some of the variables that factor into the average charged by different removalists include the number of people that will do the job, and the place you need the items removed to. If you need the items to be moved to a tip, for instance, you may have to pay a dumping fee.

What should a removalist do to protect my furniture?

Experienced furniture removalists will take definite measures to ensure your items don’t get damaged in the move. Usually, that will mean wrapping furniture in blankets, and strapping pieces into place in a truck or van. But more elaborate protection measures are sometimes appropriate - for instance, the use of cushier padding or bubble wrap for particularly sensitive or fragile pieces of furniture.

What’s a fair price for a removalist?

A fair price for a removalist is the price you’ll be happy to pay, and the removalist will be happy to receive. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that what appears to be the cheapest price on first inspection will not always amount to the most cost-effective engagement. For instance, if you need items of furniture moved that are of sentimental value, it might be worth paying more to ensure you’re more comfortable with the removalist.

What is the average cost of moving different items of furniture?

As is understandable, heavy and more complicated items of furniture cost more to move. Hiring someone to move a chair or even a small couch can cost as little as $20, particularly if that person is taking the furniture home with them. But moving a small baby grand piano, say, is likely to cost between $200 and $300.

Does it cost extra to have the furniture removalist pack items?

The time spent by a furniture removalist in packing items will usually be charged at the same rate as time spent moving items of furniture. But one thing to consider is whether the furniture removalist will supply their own packing gear, whether they will charge for it, or whether you should supply your own. The cost of buying new boxes can quickly escalate.

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