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With time, tiles become dull and stained which cannot be easily cleaned. Professional tile cleaning can restore your tiles and make them look like new.
You may be curious about how much tile cleaning costs in your local area. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the prices so you can be sure that you are getting a good deal. But first, it's important to ask yourself if you need a professional tile cleaner.

Do I need to hire a tile cleaner?

You may spend hours trying to get dirt and muck out of your tiles without satisfactory results, or you can save the back-breaking work for a professional tile and stain cleaner. Here are four reasons why you should consider hiring one:

1.    A professional can complete a tricky job more quickly than you since he or she will have the right cleaning agents and tools.
2.    The area you want to clean is too big for one person to do alone.
3.    The stains on your tiles cannot be cleaned no matter how hard you try. 
4.    There is a lot of grout in the tiles which you cannot clean by yourself.

There are a few other reasons for hiring a tile cleaner but generally hiring a professional can help finish the job quickly with minimum effort on your end.

Stained and Damaged Tiles

Even with regular mopping tiles can become discoloured over time. If you have a big family with children and pets, your floors will always have high traffic. The tiles in your flooring can easily get loose and get filled with grout. The grout stains not only look displeasing, but they are also breeding grounds for bacteria.

You may have noticed an unpleasant odour in your home but could never figure out its source. The grout in tiles traps bacteria which starts to release foul odour in the air. Unless you clean all the grout from the tiles, it will keep coming back. You may have tried using different cleaning agents to get rid of the stains and grout from your tiles but achieved unsatisfactory results. Or you may have thought about using stronger cleaning agents but were afraid of damaging your floors. 

We assure you that you have done the right thing in not trying to clean your tiles yourself. Tile and grout cleaning is a job best left to a professional. If you have different kind of tiles (e.g. ceramic, porcelain, slate, marble etc.) in different areas of your home, a professional will adjust the strength of the cleaning agent to suit individual floor needs. He can replace any loose tiles with a matching tile and also fill in the grout lines with the right colour.

You can have peace of mind knowing that all the tiles have been cleaned by a professional. If you are not sure if hiring a professional tile cleaner will fit your budget, then do not worry. We have rounded up all the information you may require to create your first tile cleaning task.

What are the standard tile cleaning services?

When you hire a professional tile cleaner, a standard service will take 45-90 minutes to clean a 250 sq. ft room. The standard tile cleaning services depend on different factors but may include:

•    A preliminary estimate of the entire job after measurements are taken for each room.
•    A thorough inspection of the entire area to check for loose tiles and grout.
•    Removing lightweight furnishings if not already done.
•    Applying sealant on loose tiles and grout if needed.
•    Applying a high-strength detergent; paying close attention to stained patches and grout lines.
•    Rinsing the floors with a high-pressure washer.
•    Polishing the tiles after they have dried with a cloth to smooth out the joints to leave a pristine finish.
•    Application of sealant if required.

Jobs you may give to your tile cleaner

If you are looking for an extra pair of hands to help you clean your home, you do not have to stick to standard tile cleaning services. You can negotiate with the tile cleaner for any other jobs you may require for an extra fee; such as

•    Wiping stains off the walls and fixtures.
•    Repair and restoring loose tiles.
•    Grout line sealing and polishing the tiles for a sparkly finish.
•    Sanitizing floors and eliminating foul odour from tiles and grout.
•    Cleaning the front or backyard floors.
•    Cleaning your roof tiles; most cleaners might not accept this job.
•    Removing marks from your garage floor and door.

What kind of services a tile cleaner won’t do?

A tile cleaner will not perform any kind of renovation, maintenance or house cleaning tasks like painting, decorating, plumbing, gardening, cooking or house cleaning. Some tile cleaners may be flexible, but generally, you will need to hire a handyman, plumber, gardener or cook to perform all such tasks.

When posting your job, you may want to specify that you are looking for one person to do all the tasks. Who knows you may find one person willing to take on all the tasks for a reasonable price.

What factors affect tile cleaning costs for your home?

There are numerous factors which can increase or decrease the average tile cleaning costs for you:

•    How much area needs to be covered?
•    How many broken or loose tiles need to be fixed.
•    How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there in your home?
•    Do you require extensive cleaning or standard cleaning?
•    Will the job take few minutes or require a whole day to finish?
•    Is the area is accessible or does it require moving things around?
•    What is your location?
•    Do you require tile and grout cleaning during weekdays or on the weekend?

Average tile cleaner rates in Australia

The average tile and grout cleaning rates depend on whether you are hiring a self- employed individual, or he/she is working for an agency. Usually, full-time rates will not apply as you will only need the tile cleaner to come in for a one-off job. Or you may enter a contractual agreement for a few hours every week or once a month.

If your tile cleaner is self-employed, he/she will charge you higher rates as they need to pay for their own tax, buy cleaning supplies, incur travel costs and cover their insurance. You can expect to pay an average of $60-$170 per job for tile and grout cleaning services.

Prepare your home/office for tile cleaning

You may follow the steps below to ensure your place is ready for professional tile cleaning.

Step 1:

Remove and furniture and clutter which are blocking the desired cleaning area. This will make the jobs smoother as they won’t be any tripping hazards, and everyone can stay safe.

Step 2: 

Put away your area rug or mats that are covering your floors. This will allow the professional to have clear access to the floor.

Step 3:

You should ideally sweep the area to get rid of dust, so it does not get mixed with the detergent the tile cleaner will use.

Step 4:

Prepare your family members in advance so they can stay out of the way when the job starts.

Step 5:

Also, make sure your pets do not have access to the cleaned area until it has completely dried and the tile cleaner has finished his job.

Tile Cleaning Prices

Tile cleaning prices depend on the house, the area to be covered and how much work is involved. We have reviewed our recent tile and grout cleaning jobs posted in the marketplace to give you an idea about their price guides.


Grout and bathroom tile cleaning 


House floor/tile cleaning 


Grout & Carpet cleaning   


Balcony tile cleaning  


Kitchen tile cleaning                                           


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Frequently asked questions

It depends on how heavily the area is being used in your house. How many pets or children you have. Some homes may require tile and grout cleaning once every 12-18 months whereas other homes may require it every 4 months or so.
Tiles and floors start to become dull and stained with time; only professional cleaning can restore your floors to its original shine.
A fair price can only be quoted once a professional has assessed how much restoration is required. If only a few tiles have come loose, a tile cleaner should charge a few dollars on top of the contracted rate. However, if extensive restoration is required, you can expect to pay for the sealant quantity applied and a number of hours it takes to finish the task.
Wall and floor tiles have different costs because the size of the area floor tiles cover is usually much more. Some house cleaning services will clean your bathroom and kitchen tiles for an extra fee which turns out to be cheaper than hiring a tile cleaner alone. The average tile cleaning rates are $25-$35/m2.
Yes, cleaning costs will be more for larger homes or houses that are split on different floors. The cleaner will also charge a higher amount if you live in the city with limited parking space. However, if you get your tiles cleaned on a regular basis, your cleaner will be happy to give you a discount.

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