How much does it cost to install a fire alarm system?

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Fire can cause severe property damage, harm people, and claim lives. Compared to natural disasters, you can prepare for fire incidents. Since fire burns and spreads very swiftly, preventive measures, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and heat detectors, can help minimise damage.

Take a step further by installing a fire alarm system. A reliable fire alarm can alert people immediately in case of fire. Residential or commercial fire alarm system installation costs $140+.

Different fire alarm systems and their costs

Check out the table below to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different fire alarms and their costs.




Average cost

Ionisation smoke alarm

Contain a small amount of radioactive material. 

Works by detecting particles emitted by fire (rather than smoke or heat) 

Detects fires that break out quickly

Less quick to detect smokey fires

$10 to $50

Photoelectric smoke alarm 

Uses photocell and light beams directed away.

Detects smoke when light is scattered by smoke particles, triggering the alarm. 

Can be triggered by dusty areas and even insects 

$18 to $100

Dual sensor smoke alarm

With ionisation and photoelectric capabilities

Not appropriate for bathrooms or kitchens, can trigger false alarms in those areas

$40 to $60

Carbon monoxide alarms

If a ducted or unflued gas heater has issues, carbon monoxide can build up to a dangerous level.

Only detects carbon monoxide, which is a waste product of gas heating. 

$30 and below

Factors affecting the cost of fire alarm installation

Fire alarm installation costs depend on the type of fire alarm system you need, the size of your premises, and the number of sensors or detection elements within the system. a handyman installing a fire alarm

Fire alarm type

Everyone has different needs. Some might be looking for a simple photoelectric fire alarm, while others require a WiFi smoke alarm with escape lights, with costs differing vastly. Expect installation costs to be higher if your fire alarm system is more complex and requires advanced technical skills. 

Area or home size

The size of your premises will determine the number of fire alarms you need. Note that the more alarms you need, the higher the fitting fee from an electrician. Technicians usually charge $140 to $170 to install one smoke alarm and around $310 to install two units. Labour fees are also between $45 to $60 per hour, minus the unit's price.

Ease of access

The electrician needs to access your consumer box, and if it’s challenging to do so, running the wires can add to the overall cost. If cables cannot be run above the ceiling, you will need to pay extra for them to be boxed or tacked into position.

Monitoring frequency

The difference between a smoke detector and a fire alarm is whether it’s monitored or not. Like installing a burglar alarm, a fire alarm system is watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a monitoring service provider. If an emergency arises, day or night, the team immediately calls the nearest fire department to minimise any damage.

Fire alarm manufacturer

Manual or automatic fire alarm system prices depend on the manufacturer. Some system providers require the fire alarm system to be installed by their own installers to ensure that the job is done according to their guidelines. Other alarm providers exclude the installation from their packages and leave it to the homeowner or a third party.

Installing a fire alarm system

For battery-powered alarm installation, it’s a simpler process: 

  • Decide where to install it.
  • Keep it away from light fittings and bathroom doors.
  • Remove the cover and screw the base to the ceiling.
  • Pop in the batteries and replace the cover.

For a mains-powered alarm, you need to hire an electrician to save yourself from the hassle and make sure it’s safely done:

  • The electrician checks if there is a dedicated slot on your consumer unit to run your fire alarms. This is usually a 6-amp circuit breaker. 
  • Power off. Then the wires are run to the consumer unit.
  • Depending on the location of the alarms and their proximity to the consumer unit, the smoke alarm might be run above the ceiling or boxed in.
  • The consumer unit wire is connected to the smoke alarm. If the alarm system is linked, a second wire is connected simultaneously, which will link another alarm in the chain.
  • The smoke alarm is screwed and attached to the ceiling.
  • The electrician checks the connections, and the cover is put back on.

Additional factors affecting fire alarm installation prices 

Now that you have an idea about fire alarm siren prices, you must plan. Don’t forget to check on these considerations before hiring a professional installer.a handyman setting up a fire alarm

Getting an electrical safety certificate

If you plan to rent out your property or have issues with the wiring, opt to get a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW). Combine this with fire alarm installation since most electricians are experienced in doing both.

Rewiring your home

If your home is older and has not undergone renovations in recent years, it’s wise to have your electrician check if it has wiring issues. If it needs rewiring, your insurance coverage can be an issue. If left unresolved, it can get costly in the future, getting as high as $1,000.

Fitting a security system

While you are at it, you can check your security system and see if it needs an upgrade. You might need to install one if you haven’t. Expect to pay around $300 to $1,800, depending on the size of your home or building.

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There is a legal obligation that the fire detection system is in good working condition and strictly adheres to regulatory standards. It is recommended that your fire alarm system be checked at least bi-annually by fire alarm engineers certified by local standards to carry out relevant identification and paperwork.
It is always best to have your fire alarm system to be installed and checked by a professional. This is to ensure that it’s wired properly, and will work properly when the need arises.

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