How much does burglar alarm installation cost?

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$550 - $2,900







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There can be dangerous threats like burglars who can break into your home and steal your valuables. The possibility of being victimised by these crimes causes fear and anxiety, affecting your mental health in the long run. 

Maybe it’s time to install a burglar alarm to deter thieves in the night or anytime you’re not at home. Give yourself peace of mind as these alarm systems can help deter burglars immediately before they can break in.So what is the average cost of a burglar alarm system? An average burglar alarm installation costs between $700 to $1,900, depending on the number of sensors you need. Monitored systems can cost $15 to $60 monthly after.

What factors affect the cost of burglar alarm installation?

Types of burglar alarm

Before diving into the costs of burglar alarms, let’s first discuss the five main types of burglar alarms you can buy in the market today: 

  1. Bells-only burglar alarms are the standard kind and the most popular. These alarms use sensors to detect possible break-ins and then trigger a very loud sound or siren to alert nearby people of intruders. However, since they’re not monitored, they rely on homeowners and neighbours to respond or call the authorities as soon as the alarm is set off. If you live in secluded areas, this may not be the best option for you.
  2. Dialler/monitored burglar alarms work like bells-only alarms, but better. These alarms can contact someone once the alarm is triggered. It could be you or a family member you’d like to notify in case of an intrusion. You can also opt to avail 24/7 burglar alarm monitoring services, one that can also contact the police if needed.
  3. Smart burglar alarms are paired with smartphones. It sends an alert via notifications and an app on your phone. It can also be integrated with other smart devices such as CCTV and lights. For example, when a burglar alarm is triggered, the smart lights would suddenly turn on to deter the intruder. You can also switch the alarm on and off from your phone. 
  4. Wired burglar alarms have wires that connect to sensors. It can take longer to install and may require professional service as the cables and wires should be set up properly. Because of this, expect to pay higher installation fees or labour costs. However, they’re cheaper to maintain since you won’t worry about battery life. This type of alarm costs between $800 to $1,600 to install.
  5. Wireless burglar alarms use Wi-Fi or radio frequency to connect to sensors. Since it doesn’t have wires, it’s easier to install. But the downside is the maintenance cost because you may need to replace the battery every couple of years. Besides this, you may also consider or check the areas you have at home that have interference for wireless devices to work. The average cost of a wireless burglar alarm system is between $500 to $1,000.

Number of sensors

Burglar alarm systems measure unexpected or unwanted changes in the areas where they are installed. The most common type of detector is PIRs or Passive Infrared Detectors, which measure the temperature within the room. If deviation heavily occurs, such as when it detects the body heat of a burglar, it will trigger the alarm. A basic system comes with two to three sensors, but if you need more, you can ask for additional sensors for about $15 to $60 each.

Power supply

Do you prefer wired or wireless alarms? The power supply also affects how much burglar alarms costs.

Power supply



Wired alarms

Easy to maintain, less expensive components, can’t be hacked

Can be costly at first but no batteries are needed, can’t be moved after set in place

Wireless alarms

Lower initial cost, great for rentals, no drills and holes needed, easy to move and upgrade

Costly to maintain with battery replacements needed every couple of years, signal interference/prone to hacking

Burglar alarm system price list

Below is a price table for various alarm system installations per area in Australia:

State or city

Average cost


$850 to $1,150


$1,000 to $1,300


$1,600 to $2,900

New South Wales

$550 to $1,500


$1,000 to $1,600

A basic home security system costs around $700 to $1900 and consists of a central control panel, sensors, motion detectors, remote keychain fob, and a loud siren.

Service inclusion


Hardwired system installation

$800 to $1,600

Wireless system installation

$500 to $1000

Control panel installation and activation 

$700 to $1,900

Monitoring costs 

$15 to $60

Home security and CCTV surveillance equipment

$250 + $30 per month surveillance

If you wish to add extra features for enhanced security you may opt to add the following:

Extra component


Motion sensors and detector

$30 to $50 each

Key fobs


Door and window sensors

$15 to $60


$15 to $80

Security screens and doors

$600 to $1,400


$15 to $330


$30 to $50

Hardwired systems

$800 to $1,600

Why install a burglar alarm system?

Now that you know how much a burglar alarm costs to install, take time to think about why you need one in the first place. Evaluate your priorities and consider the peace of mind that it will provide you. 

Prevent life and financial loss

It can be dangerous to encounter a burglar intruding on your home. You can never be sure of the extent of loss that can happen. Aside from valuables, they can also pose a danger to those who live in the home.

Prevent trauma 

The stress that you might experience in case of burglary will cause you mental and emotional trauma. There is also a reduction in the quality of life of a victim of burglary due to the high stress levels suffered.

Prevent disruption to life

You also need to consider the finances lost due to time off work for burglary victims.

Additional costs for burglar alarm installation

The following are other costs to consider when having burglar alarms and other security systems installed:

  • Maintenance costs - A burglar alarm maintenance visit can cost around $100. This includes checking the system if it works properly, checking the batteries, and evaluating if there are other issues to prevent future problems. 

  • Monitoring costs - Expect to pay a professional burglar monitoring service a monthly fee of $10 to $65. When they receive alerts from your system, the Alarm Response Centre or ACR checks to confirm it, notifies the person-in-charge, and if necessary, calls the police.

  • Repairing costs - Repair a broken system right away to prevent false alarms or defeating its own purpose of deterring burglars and alerting authorities.

Save time and make sure that your burglar alarm system - which can help protect life and property - is installed properly. Skip searching for burglar alarm cost calculators online and get a personalised burglar alarm installation quote when you put up a task on Airtasker!

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Any simple alarm can be easily installed. However, for a monitored system, you may need to hire a professional to hardwire the alarm panel into your wiring system. Aside from the danger of doing it yourself, you can ensure that the alarm will be much more dependable if installed and checked by a trade professional.

Yes, they can. So if you have pets, you may talk about solutions with your installer. If you live with a small pet, such as a cat or a small dog, who doesn’t jump on furniture or tabletops, you can ask the installer to include PIRs on the system. PIRs don’t monitor body heat right to the ground, so they won’t be able to detect your pet’s daily activities as a threat. But if you live with pets who like climbing, or if you own big dogs like a Malamute or a Retriever, you may talk to your installer about using a window and door sensor instead.

The burglar alarm system is an investment for your safety and peace of mind. To ensure that your tradesperson properly handles your investment, you can ask about their experience and how quickly they can fix the system once problems arise.

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