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The right haircut can tame matted fur and keep your dog feeling fresh.

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The perfect dog haircut isn’t just about aesthetics; It’s sometimes essential to keeping your dog healthy and feeling comfortable in any weather condition. Do you need some inspiration before booking a grooming session? Check out these common dog haircuts that are both cute and functional! 

Note: It’s best to consult a groomer to figure out the best haircut for your dog’s breed and fur type. 

Adorable and practical dog hairstyles 

1. Puppy cut

puppy cut

This style may be the most popular among all dog haircuts. It only requires the pet groomer to trim your dog’s hair the same length all over! This style is easy to maintain for dogs of different ages, perfect for busy pet owners. 

The groomer will typically leave the fur at around one to two inches in length, but it’s really up to you. If you’re not sure how short to cut your dog's hair, your groomer can recommend a suitable hair length for your dog.

2. Summer cut

Long-haired dogs are more prone to overheating during the summer months. The summer cut is great for helping long-haired dogs stay cool during hot weather. 

Similar to the puppy cut, summer cuts involve cutting a dog's hair to the same length all over its body. But the summer cut is shorter than a puppy cut. This style will vary depending on the breed, but the summer cut doesn’t mean shaving off your dog’s fur. It only involves getting rid of extra layers of fur through trimming. 

Some fluffy and long-haired breeds that may need summer cuts are: 

  • St. Bernards
  • Goldendoodles
  • Newfoundlands
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs

3. Teddy bear cut

dog with teddy bear cut

Just like its name, dog grooming with a teddy bear cut will make your pup resemble a cuddly teddy. The groomer will trim your dog’s fur and usually keep more hair around its head and legs than the rest of the body.

4. Lion cut

chow chow with lion cut

This is when the fur around your dog’s head is made noticeably thicker than the rest of his body. Your groomer may also leave small tufts of fur over the paws and at the tip of the tail to achieve that “lion-like” look. 

Keep in mind that the lion cut is a high maintenance style and will require your dog to come in for grooming more often. The lion cut is popular among these breeds: 

  • Pomeranians
  • Chow-Chows
  • Lowchens 
  • Poodles 
  • Portuguese Water Dogs

5. Topknot

dog with bow on head

The topknot involves creating a “ponytail” on top of your dog’s head with a band or clip while trimming the edges around it clean. This style is popular for long-haired dogs because it keeps fur off their faces. As a result, the dogs are more comfortable while playing or eating. 

The topknot style works well on the following dog breeds: 

  • Shih Tzu
  • Maltese
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Lhasa Apso

Creative trims

If you’re looking for creative dog grooming ideas, this one’s for you! You can give your dog a fabulous transformation with a Korean-style haircut. Make your dog look like your favourite character for Halloween, you may also use Japanese dog grooming styles as your inspiration. 

Anything is possible as long as you effectively communicate with a skilled dog groomer. You may even bring dog grooming pictures so your groomer can better visualise the details.

Japanese dog grooming

two dogs with dyed hair

Japanese-style dog grooming includes making your beloved pup as cute as possible, just like a stuffed toy! This freestyle version of dog grooming includes adding bows and hair clips, bangs, pigtails, braids, and even pet-grade dyes to your dog’s fur. It’s best to entrust your dog to a professional Japanese dog groomer to achieve the desired results. They should make sure to use non-toxic, dog-friendly hair dyes.

Note: Dyeing a dog’s hair should only be done on a sporadic basis, such as during special occasions like Halloween. Never use human-grade dye on dogs, as this can be toxic to them. Moreover, it's best to hire a professional pet groomer for complex dog grooming procedures.

Korean dog grooming

shih tzu korean hairstyle with ribbon

Korean-style dog grooming is something you’d see when famous Korean actors and idols post about their pets on social media. Just like Japanese dog grooming, this style aims to make your dogs achieve their cutest possible state! 

Korean styles involve putting on brooches, ties, braids, flowers, and other decorations to a dog’s hair. Long and shiny hair is a must for Korean dog grooming. This style is popular among smaller breeds, such as Bichons, Poodles, Yorkies, and Shih Tzus. 

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Hire a professional groomer for best results. 

If you’ve tried grooming your dog by yourself before and haven’t achieved the best results, don’t hesitate to let the experts take over. You can tell your groomer the exact cut you want for your dog. The good news is you can find reliable dog groomers here on Airtasker. They can take care of all your dog’s needs – including bathing your pet and trimming their fur – at a budget that works for you. Put up a task today!

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