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Is your waste taking up space? Instead of heaving your haul to the tip or asking the bin man to take your overstuffed bags after a major cleanup project, consider a more robust rubbish removal option: hiring a skip. Skip bins are a convenient waste management solution that lets you contain your rubbish until it’s carried away for you. 

So how much does it cost to hire a skip bin? Skip bins come in many sizes, and you need to consider the hire period. On average, small skip bin hire costs start at $200 for 2 cubic metres and nearly $2,000 for large skips; both rates are for a full-day hire. Read on for the average price scoop on skip bin hire costs in Australia. 

Skip bin hire price list

Check the table below to know the estimated skip hire costs based on the bin size for mixed heavy waste and full-day hire rate. 

Skip bin size 

Hire cost per day























a skip bin full of boxesIf you’re looking into how much it costs to hire a large skip, you can expect to pay close to $2,000 or more for 20m³ and 30m³ skip bins.

What factors affect the cost of a skip bin?

1. Skip size 

Size is the biggest factor when it comes to price. Larger skip bins will be more costly than smaller ones. The first thing you’ll need to determine is how much waste you need to remove. This is important because the wrong size estimate might lead you to get two small skips instead of one medium or large skip. 

2. Waste weight

Many skip hires have a load limit of three tonnes - the heavier the waste, the more expensive it is to dispose of. If you’re getting rid of solid fills or heavy materials, expect the skip bin hire price to be higher. Be aware of your weight limits, or you might get hit with a surprise fee when the waste is taken away. 

3. Hire period

Skip bins can be hired for up to five to seven days. Succeeding days will be subject to an additional charge.  

4. Location

Your property or worksite location greatly influences the cost of skip bin hire services. Skip bin hire costs around $50 per m³ in Queensland and $89 per m³ in New South Wales.  For more affordable rates, look for local skip bin hire contractors. Here’s a cost estimate of skip bin hire costs for 2m³ bins per city. 


Average hire costs for 2m³ bins











5. Permits

If your skip needs to stand on public property, such as a road, path, or grassy verge, you will need a council permit. In most areas, skip bin hire companies are responsible for these permits. But others only advise on specific permit costs, and you’ll need to get the permit yourself. 

6. Processing costs

Labour, equipment, and landfill levies are some of the additional costs that might increase your skip bin hire costs drastically. Talk to your contractor about their processing or additional fees to draw a more exact cost. 

What are the different types of skip bins?

Understanding skip bin sizing can help you set a realistic budget. The main differences between types come down to size and how the skip gets transported.


  • Mini skip bin

If you’re spring cleaning or doing a garage cleanup, a mini skip bin might be perfect for you. Up to four yards long, this skip is for smaller amounts of waste, around 40 bin bags (or eight to 12 wheelie bins) worth.


  • Standard skip bin

Average skip sizes are between six yards to 18 yards - enough to get rid of up to about 195 bin bags of waste. This might work better for a small renovation or if some larger items won’t fit in a mini skip.

  • Roll-on/Roll-off skip bin

You might have seen roll-on/roll-off skips on construction sites. Unlike the ordinary skip, these are more like truck attachments that carry a large amount of waste in one go (220+ bin bags worth). These are highly useful on industrial sites, especially for building waste removal or commercial projects.

  • Lockable skip bin

Got waste that’s worth a few bobs? Get a lockable skip. Designed like a standard skip, these units can keep your surplus secure and stop others from using your space. Since waste removal is expensive, some people have been known to sneak their waste into an open skip. If you’re worried about this, a lockable skip is a good option.

Restricted items when hiring a skip bin

a hired skip bin outside a home

Not all waste is equal. When setting up your skip bin, make sure you aren’t disposing of any restricted items. For instance, you’ll need fridge removalists instead of skip bin hire if you want to dispose of your old or broken fridge or freezer. Some of the commonly banned items include:

  • Electrical equipment

  • Whitegoods

  • Computers

  • TVs

  • Paint cans

  • Tyres

  • Batteries

Skip bin hire services each have their policy, so make sure you check what these are before you agree to hire. 

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Even with the price estimates above, you’ll still need to reach out to a rubbish removal service offering skip hire for an accurate quotation for your project. Remember to share important details, such as the skip bin size you need, your location, and the kind of waste for disposal, when filling out the task request form. This way, you can compare offers and find the best deal for you.

Ready to remove your rubbish? Hire a skip hire specialist to address your skip bin needs. Get quick offers from Taskers and manage your rubbish hassle-free! 

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It generally includes the cost of disposal. Usually, the skip bin hire will take your waste to a place where it can be recycled or incinerated. You can ask where your items will go at the time you book your skip bin.

There are compact skips ranging from 2m³ to 4m³. They're suitable for small removals, like getting rid of party waste, and simple gardening tasks.

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