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When the sun gets hotter and the days get longer, a pool can help you keep cool. But how much does pool maintenance cost?

The cost to maintain a home swimming pool ranges from $60 to $300 for basic cleaning and checking. This could still increase depending on the size and the current state of your pool. We have made a comprehensive price guide to help you learn more about pool maintenance service prices.

Factors that affect pool maintenance costs

Home swimming pool maintenance costs per month would depend on different factors. To help you navigate through the expenses, we’ve discussed each of these factors below.

  • Size of swimming pool. Like other home services, size affects how much swimming pool maintenance costs. The bigger the size of your pool, the longer it will take for pool maintenance professionals to finish the job. On the other hand, a smaller pool will take faster to clean and check.
  • State of your swimming pool. The cost to maintain a pool will also depend on its current state. While basic maintenance starts at $60, this could increase if your pool has not been cleaned for a long time and debris has accumulated at the bottom. Make sure to align with your maintenance professional about prices before starting the project to avoid any surprises.
  • Type of pool. Typically, salt water pool maintenance costs cheaper than chlorine pools. This is because you won’t need to do regular water testing and chemical rebalancing when you have a salt water pool.
  • Location of pool. Indoor or outdoor? The location of your pool also affects yearly pool maintenance costs. Since indoor pools are covered and less exposed to the external environment, these tend to be cleaner and cheaper to maintain. On the other hand, outdoor pools are highly exposed to plants, leaves, soil, dirt, and other debris. Dirt and debris also affect the chemicals in the water leading to more frequent chemical balancing than indoor pools. If not maintained properly, debris and imbalanced chemicals could cause long-term damage to your pool.
  • Labour. Labour is another essential factor when looking into the cost of maintaining a pool. Tradespeople usually charge by the hour and based on the frequency of service. Pool maintenance professionals charge $60 while electricians charge $120 per hour. If you require their services regularly, they can also offer packages or discounted rates.

Pool maintenance type and costs

  • Basic pool maintenance. Basic pool maintenance covers debris removal, water chemistry testing, filter and equipment checking. This helps ensure that the pool is working properly and won’t cause any physical harm. Basic maintenance usually costs $60 while chemical testing ranges from $30. If you need to have your water filter replaced, costs start at $400 for cartridge filters.
  • Water costs. Filling up a pool with water costs $90 to $400 depending on the size of your pool.
  • Electrical costs. Aside from cleaning, water testing and filling, it is important to have your pool’s sub fuse checked regularly. The cost to hire an electrician starts at $120.
  • Above ground pool maintenance. Keeping the surroundings of your pool clean is just as important as keeping your pool in its tiptop shape. After all, leaves and other dirt from your patio can easily transfer to your pool. With this, regular sweeping, weeding, and jet washing is important to keep your pool area in its best shape. Jet washing your patio starts at $150.

Type of maintenance needed

Estimated cost

Basic pool maintenance

$60 to $100

Water costs

$90 to $400

Electrical costs

$120 to $300

Chemical testing kit

Starts at $20

Pressure cleaning patio

Starts at $150

Water filter replacement

Starts at $400

Should I DIY or hire a professional?

When you want to save up on costs by maintaining your pool yourself, there are some factors to keep in mind before starting this journey on your own.Maintaining a pool is a time-consuming and labour-intensive activity. Be prepared to spend half a day to a full day cleaning up your pool. It also requires knowledge and expertise on water components and pH levels. It’s best to leave this to professionals to ensure your pool is safe to use. When maintaining a pool, you must have different equipment such as a filter cleaner, pool brush, pool vacuum, pool skimmer, water test strips, chlorine shock, and algaecide. It might cost more to purchase these than hire a professional.

When hiring someone to check on your pool, they’ll see if all parts are working well and prevent potential damage from occurring. If your pool needs a few repairs, they can also connect you to the right person for the job.

Pool maintenance checklist

To prevent dirt from building up, leading to more costly deep cleaning and repairs, we created a pool maintenance checklist to help keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape.


  • Pool inspection – Check the chlorine and water pH levels of your pool. The ideal pH level is 7.4 and 7.6 to keep your pool safe and functioning.
  • Skimming – Remove floating leaves, soil, twigs, insects, and other dirt in your pool using a skimmer.
  • Brushing and vacuuming – Use a pool brush or a pool vacuum to clean your pool’s walls and floors, especially during summer.
  • Chlorine shocking – Keep your water clean by adding a chlorine shock product once a week.
  • Algae prevention – Prevent algae growth in your pool by adding algaecide weekly.


Apart from weekly pool maintenance activities, it’s best to have your water filter, heater, and other equipment checked monthly to ensure they are working well. You must also have your pool checked for leaks and other parts that may need repair.

Whether you’re pro or just getting started with swimming, make sure your pool is up and ready for the summer season! Put up a task on Airtasker and get a personalised quote from pool maintenance professionals in your area.

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The duration to clean a pool would differ depending on its size. On average, pool cleaning lasts from half an hour for a small pool to three to five hours for larger pools.

During winter, pools are cleaned, covered, and closed. Before this, the water pH level needs to be changed to 7.2 to 7.5, and all debris should be removed. To avoid any safety issues, you may get in touch with a pool maintenance professional to get this done for you.

A chemical testing kit is used to check if your pool has the right pH and chlorine level, alkalinity, and acid demand. Regular testing is critical to ensuring that your pool is safe to use and won’t cause any harm to swimmers. It will also help preserve durability and prevent damage to your pool.

A pool filter is important in filtering out dirt and maintaining clean and safe water. However, grease, dirt, and oil might build up in your filters after months of use. It’s recommended to have water filters rinsed weekly, checked every month, and deep cleaned a few times a year. If maintained properly, pool filters can last from two to 15 years, depending on the type.

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