How much does a pool cleaner cost?

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Before you hire a pool cleaner, you should do some research on typical pool cleaning costs. That way, you can set a budget for your pool cleaning service with no surprises! 

How much does it cost to clean a pool? Expect to pay between $63 - $150, but your pool cleaner might charge more or less. The cost of pool cleaning depends on where you live, how dirty your pool is, and how long it’s likely to take. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about pool cleaning costs in Australia, based on our data from pool cleaners.

Pool cleaning service prices

Pool service costs depend on your type of pool and how much work is involved. We’ve reviewed all recent pool cleaning tasks in the marketplace to give you cost estimates for each.

Pool cleaning service


Standard pool cleaning

$50 to $130

Deep cleaning (addressing major chemical imbalance)

$100 to $1,000

Pool cleaning + tile pressure cleaning

$80 to $150

Pool cleaning + refill

$250 to $350

Spa cleaning only

$80 to $100

a man cleaning a pool

Price list of pool cleaning chemicals and tools

Pool maintenance services might also charge more if they need extra tools and cleaning materials to complete the job. Here’s what you can expect to pay for pool cleaning chemicals and replacement parts:

Pool chemical


Chlorine tablets $10 to $30
Granular chlorine (2 kg) $20
Alkalinity increaser $10 to $20
pH increaser $13
Algaecide $20
Water clarifier (1 litre) $10 to $20
Pool salt (15 kg) $20

Part/tool Price
Rake or scoop $20 to $30
Pool broom $20 to $30
Pool vacuum head $20 to $60
Telescopic pole (for fitting broom/vacuum/rake head) $30
Pool water test kit $50 to $70
Filter sand $30 to $50
Filter cartridge $20 to $120
Filter $100 to $500
Pump $200 to $600
Automatic pool cleaner $350 to $1,000
Pool hose $10 to $60

Depending on the service provider, you might need to buy all these things yourself before the actual cleaning day.

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What are the standard inclusions of pool cleaning?

When you book a pool cleaner, a standard clean will usually take around two hours (depending on the size of your pool and how much cleaning is required) and include the following services:

  • Testing pool water for chemical balance

  • Adding chemicals as required (note that some pool cleaners price their chemicals separately)

  • Vacuuming and scooping to remove debris

  • Brushing the sides and base 

  • Checking all equipment and pumps

  • Topping up the water level if needed

  • Cleaning skimmer baskets, lint pots, and filters

  • Reporting issues or further maintenance

What else can pool cleaners do for you?

a man cleaning a swimming pool

If it’s been a while since you last booked a professional pool cleaning service, you might need to ask your pool cleaner to do a few more detail-cleaning tasks.

  • Spa cleaning 

  • Sweeping pavers around the pool to remove dirt and fallen leaves

  • Pressure cleaning pavers around the pool

  • Cleaning the pump area

  • Cleaning the pool cover

  • Replacing minor parts (like filters and cracked skimmer lids)

  • Refilling the pool with fresh water

What are other costs associated with maintaining a pool?

One of the biggest costs for pool owners is electricity. Depending on your manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll likely need to keep your pump running for around eight hours per day to ensure that the water in your pool is properly cleaned. If you have a heated pool, this will also add to your electricity costs, unless you use solar panels for heating. 

Another cost factor is a larger water bill when you need to fill or refill your pool. Plus, you need to budget for maintenance and upgrades to remain compliant with local council laws on pool fencing, landscaping, and safety. 

Many homeowners set aside at least $1,000 a year or at least $100 per month for cleaning, maintaining, and upgrading their pool.

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A saltwater pool is up to three to 10 times cheaper to maintain than a chlorine pool because of cheaper chemicals and less frequent maintenance. If you use one bag of salt per month at $8/bag, you’ll need to budget $96/year for chemicals.

Most chlorine pools require weekly chlorine tablets (costing around $10 each). So you might spend up to $500 (sometimes more) per year on chemicals.

It’s a good idea to have your pool cleaned every 1-4 weeks, depending on the time of year and whether your pool is near trees. Regular pool cleaning will help keep your overall costs low.

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