How much does furniture repair cost?

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Unlike appliances and electric items, furniture can easily be repaired or restored. So if you have broken furniture at home, you don't have to throw it away! Maybe it’s time to replace an item's broken parts, reupholster its torn fabric, and refinish its surfaces for a new look. After this, you can enjoy using the furniture piece again.

How much does it cost to repair furniture? It ranges from $100 to $2,000. To know the specifics on furniture repair prices in Australia, read on.

Furniture repair price list

Kindly note that the prices below are ballpark figures and will vary from one tradesperson to another.

Wood furniture repair costs

Damage or issue


Repair cost

Wood scratches

Per item

$55 to $100

Broken chair or table leg

Per item

$70 to $100

Rocking chair repaired and reupholstered

Per item

$800 to $1200

Kitchen Cabinet

Per hour

$50 to $75


Per hour

$50 to $75

Wardrobe repair

Per project

Starts at $100

Common sofa repair costs

Damage or issue


Repair cost

Spring repair or replacement

Standard sofa, per hour of labour

$60 to $80

Spring replacement

Standard sofa, per hour of labour

$60 to $80

Leather furniture repair costs



Repair cost

Simple reupholstery

Minor replacement of fabric, springs, padding or webbing strips

  • $250 for conventional furniture
  • $450 for vintage pieces

Cushion reupholstery

Depends on the size of the cushion and the type of fillings.

$17.50 to $250 per piece

Dining room chair reupholstery

  • Covers the seat part
  • Covers the back and the seat
  • Fabric
  • $35 to $100 per piece
  • Starts at $45
  • $20 or above per yard

Footstools or ottoman

Reupholstery of the item

Starts at $95


Framework, mechanism, padding, leather materials

Starts at $500


Varies depending on the lounge type, design and size

  • $550 for chiase
  • $1250 for 3-piece suite
  • $1750 for outdoor lounge with chiase

Single-bed heads

Dpends on type of beadheads if it’s timber or metal


What factors affect the cost of furniture repair?

a man refinishing a wooden chair

When calculating mahogany, oak, fabric, or leather furniture repair costs, consider the following things:

Furniture type or material

For wooden furniture, the kind of wood used to make the item significantly affects the overall cost of repair. If it’s made of hardwood or the hard-to-find wood, the repairman might have to search for the same material to replace the broken part. This can incur higher costs. 

Damage extent

The repairman might need to assess the broken furniture to know if it needs cosmetic or structural repair. If it has fabric, does the fabric need mending or replacement? Coffee tables and dining tables, prone to scratches, need refinishing after repair. The more parts that need repair, the more expensive the refinishing process is.

Cosmetic repair

Structural repair

  • Spots on the wood
  • Minor cracks
  • Splits, tears, frays, splits in the upholstery
  • Dents and scratches on the wood
  • Bent and damaged frames on sofas, chairs, tables
  • Cracked, split or broken wood
  • Broken springs
  • Extensively torn fabric due for re-upholstery


Some furniture, especially small and vintage items, might have intricate details or delicate parts that require expertise or more time and effort during repair. Extra details result in longer repair time.

Furniture finish

Do you want the furniture to look like the first time you brought it home? Or do you want to give it a fresh look? After repairs, decide on a good finish. For instance, you can pick a different paint colour or change the varnish to wood stain instead.

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Furniture age

The old age of your furniture will most likely increase the repair cost since older materials require extra care to preserve wood integrity. Also, old furniture might have more structural issues than modern pieces.a tear on a leather sofa

Time frame

Do you need your furniture back in time for the holidays or a special occasion? Rush repair jobs are expensive because of additional fees to give you priority over the other projects on queue.


The fee for pickup and drop off of furniture depends on the size of the furniture, the number of pieces, and the fragility of the items. Professionals can pick up the item or do the repairs in the client’s location for a higher price.

Should you DIY or hire a professional for furniture repair?

Furniture is an essential and functional part of the house. If issues arise, having it repaired immediately will help prevent damage and accidents that might cause injury. For instance, a broken chair left unfixed is dangerous to sit on. a man drilling screws on a white chairHave your broken furniture fixed immediately. If you don't have technical know-how in carpentry or similar projects, consider hiring a professional. They will help you save time and energy, and in most instances, money.

Post a task for furniture repair

For a more accurate price quotation, talk to a Tasker and provide the details of your broken furniture. You can also ask how long you should wait before using the furniture again. If you have new pieces at home, you can hire a Tasker to assemble your furniture for you.

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Assess the extent of damage and compare the prices of having furniture repaired and buying new items, especially if the damage is severe. Sometimes, the cost of repair can be even higher than the original price of the item. In this case, you need to consider the object's sentimental value.

It depends on the extent of damage, the availability of the materials, and the agreement with the repair professional. For example, is it a rush project or a regular repair service on queue?

A well-executed refinishing and restoration will most likely increase the value of your old furniture. But note that refinishing is not always the best remedy to make an old piece look good. You might need to talk to your repair professional on how you plan to use the piece after restoration, as well as how you would like it to look.

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