How much does eyebrow threading cost?

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Do you know that tidy, well-groomed eyebrows give you a neat and polished look? Their shape and thickness enhance your facial attractiveness. So if you want to appear to have wider eyes and be more youthful, consider eyebrow threading! Eyebrow threading costs are relatively low, and the results last for weeks.

The average cost of eyebrow threading in Australia is around $12 to $16. It can go as high as $20 if you live in major cities. Compared to methods like waxing, shaving, and plucking, eyebrow threading is precise, as it removes tiny hair. Getting your eyebrows done can hurt a bit, so eyebrow threading with an experienced technician is ideal if you have sensitive skin

Eyebrow threading prices

Here's a summary of eyebrow threading costs:


Price estimate

Low-cost/cheap eyebrow threading


Standard eyebrow threading


High-end eyebrow threading


Eyebrow threading + tint


Eyebrow threading + eyelash tint


Eyebrow threading + eyelash tint + eyebrow tint



15% to 20% 

a beautician threading a woman's eyebrows

Factors affecting eyebrow threading costs

Beautician location and availability

The number of threading services available in your area affects how much you’ll pay for eyebrow threading. Larger cities might have a more competitive market, so eyebrow threading in these areas can cost around $12. In places with less competition or higher living expenses, the cost of threading eyebrows can be $20.

Additional products

These also affect how much you’ll pay. To get eyebrows done, hair is pulled from the roots, which might cause red bumps. You may use post-treatment creams if you want to soothe these bumps or prevent ingrown hair. Most beauty clinics offer in-house brands, but you can also buy from retail beauty stores.

Beautician experience level

Your beautician's professional level or years of experience also dictates how much eyebrow threading would cost. This is because of licencing, which varies by state. Each requires different qualifications, and some regulate threading and related practices. It will be helpful to check if your prospective eyebrow threader can be verified through your local board of cosmetology. 

How is eyebrow threading done?

At the reception, your beautician will evaluate your current brows and recommend which brow shape or look suits you best. Many beauticians start by preparing your brows. A swipe of gentle cleanser or alcohol is used to sanitise the area before eyebrow threading.

The beautician will then use a cotton thread to remove the hair, including the roots. They’ll hold a piece of thread over a section of hair and move or twist it quickly. This removes unwanted hair, creating your desired look without the use of harsh chemicals, like wax, shaving cream, etc. An eyebrow threading session can last 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount or thickness of hair.

What should I do before and after eyebrow threading?

a beautician threading a man's eyebrows


  • If you can skip eye makeup on the day of your threading appointment, do so. Threading can make eyes water, so having no makeup makes the process cleaner.

  • Carry a tube of aloe vera gel if you’re prone to breakouts or redness.

  • Tell your beautician what look you want to achieve so that they can evaluate how it suits your facial features.


  • Don’t touch the area with your fingertips to prevent bacterial infection and irritation, which can lead to breakouts.

  • Refrain from using makeup for 24 hours.

  • Avoid applying creams around the area for three days. Heavy products can clog your pores.

  • You can apply rose water to soothe irritation.

  • Avoid swimming, spray tanning, and sunbathing for 24-48 hours.

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Since your eyebrows are on your face, they’re easily noticed. So make sure they’re groomed and shaped nicely. The best way to have great brows for your facial features is to get them threaded by a reliable and experienced Tasker. 

Find professional beauticians for a safe and skilful procedure so that you can look and feel your best! Taskers can also microblade eyebrows and extend eyelashes. Post a task now, connect with an eyebrow threader near you, and get an accurate quote shortly.

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Compared to waxing, threading is chemical-free. Threading only uses pure cotton thread, so it’s a great option if you have sensitive skin. It also lasts much longer because it removes hair roots.

On average, the results of hair removal via threading last between two and five weeks. If you want to maintain the threaded look for longer, you can avail of touch-up appointments. These services are less intensive than full-blown brow shaping.

A slight burning sensation can be felt for up to five seconds, especially for people with low pain tolerance. But some also claim that it's painless. A threading session won't be stressful if you've tried plucking your eyebrows and can handle the uncomfortable feeling.

Any form of hair removal can cause redness and breakouts. Redness usually subsides within an hour or two of threading. An anti-inflammatory cream like hydrocortisone or good old-fashioned ice can address redness.

As for breakouts, they usually happen when the open pores (post-threading) are irritated. So avoid touching or wetting the area. Schedule your pool and sauna sessions a couple of days after your threading procedure, and avoid hot temperatures and direct sunlight. For the best results, be careful when applying makeup as well.

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