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AirtaskerPRO users are friendly, community-oriented users who have passed a thorough screening process including an application approval, ID check and video. Use the AirtaskerPRO badge PRO to help select the right person for your next task.

The Airtasker Community

Become a PRO and take your Airtasker earnings to the next level.

Becoming an AirtaskerPRO allows you to win more tasks and increase your earning potential by maximising your credibility in the Airtasker marketplace.

It's free to create an AirtaskerPRO account for a limited time only.


Why go PRO?

 Profile Badge

Your profile will be highlighted as an AirtaskerPRO community member which increases your chances of your offer being accepted.

 Special Offers

Receive special offers on official Airtasker gear.

 New Features

Get early access to new marketplace features, hot off the press.

The Approval Process

Online Application

Apply online in 5 - 10 minutes and answer some basic questions about work, experience and life!

Video Interview

If your application is successful, we'll set up an interview via an online video.

ID Check

We check your personal ID and, where applicable, your insurance details and ABN.


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