How much does it cost to install a tap and mixer?

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$80 - $2,800







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Love to cook frequently? You'll need a reliable tap to wash vegetables, meat, cutlery, and more. Quality taps are essential for bathrooms and gardens, too. You can choose between a regular single-handle tap or a double-handle mixer tap that can supply you with hot and cold water. 

Surely, you would entrust its installation with plumbing services that can do the job perfectly.

If you want to know how much it costs to install a mixer tap, you're in the right place. On average, this job can cost between $100 to $800 per tap. That said, you'll want a professional tap installer to do the job.

Mixer tap installation or repair price list

To help you know the total cost to install a kitchen mixer tap, here is a table of the average costs of installing a mixer kitchen sink faucet.


Average costs

Unclog drain


Leaky taps


Replace broken tap

Starts at $120

Single and mixer tap installation


Plumbing installation/modification


Mixer tap installation prices based on the type of tap


Average costs

Single handle


Double handle/mixer


Pull down/pull out




Wall mounted


Pot filler


Touchless/motion control





Starts at $150

What's the difference between a tap and a mixer tap?

A faucet can be a single-handle tap with one lever and a single hose line for cold water. On the other hand, mixer taps are double-handle ones with two levers and two hose lines for cold and hot water. 

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worker installing a water pipe for a kitchen mixer

What factors increase mixer tap installation costs? 

Find out the common factors influencing the total tap installation cost for a bathroom or kitchen.


How much plumbers charge to change a tap depends on your state. Here is a table comparing the costs of tap and mixer tap installation in various Australian territories.


Price per meter square













South Australia



An emergency plumbing service is more expensive than a scheduled job. You can set a tap installation appointment ahead, especially if it's a new tap. But for immediate replacements, be ready to pay higher if you schedule the task outside regular working hours.


Faucets come in many shapes and sizes with different operating mechanisms that may take more time to install for proper operation. For example, on average, a pot filler can cost more than a single-handle tap when it comes to material and labour costs. 

That said, you can have a seamless installation by working with a professional plumber with experience installing faucets in the same style.


The brand you choose also impacts the overall tap replacement cost. A typical mixer tap can cost around $120 to $800 in the market. You can find affordable fixtures starting at $40, climbing up to $297, and those priced at $1,300 for more durable and high-quality finish taps. 

Material prices

Most taps use brass or stainless steel and have a variety of finishes suitable for kitchens and bathtubs. Fancy a beautiful chrome finish? You might have to pay $59 on top of the average total cost to install a tap on average in your area. 

On the other hand, a stunningly elegant copper-finish faucet will set you back about $270, excluding the cost of labour common for similar plumbing jobs. 

a handyperson installing a kitchen tap


You can find stylish kitchen sink mixer taps and bathroom mixer taps in the market. These features may require plumbing modifications or more labour time to install and ensure they work properly. 

For instance, a touch faucet that uses sensors can add about $150 to $1,450 to your total bill due to additional parts, which a standard single-handle faucet wouldn't have.


You won't need permits to replace an old faucet in your kitchen. But if you're installing a new plumbing line or remodelling your plumbing to accommodate a new faucet or two, you'll need to factor in permit expenses to your total faucet installation cost. You can consult your local government about the cost of building permits for complex plumbing jobs.

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How can I save money on tap replacements?

Now that you know how much it costs to replace a tap, you can save money when hiring a professional for the task:

  • Set an appointment within business hours: An emergency plumbing job requires a call-out fee, making the total cost higher than having your tap and mixer installed during regular business hours. 
  • Prepare all materials on hand: If you know a thing or two about plumbing and taps, you can shop for the replacement tap and other materials necessary for the job. So plumbers only have to install it.
  • Use independent plumbers: Independent plumbers take on contractual work and have adequate skills to undertake a simple tap replacement.

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Get more Taskers to answer by mentioning your location, the tap brand, your budget range, and your preferred schedule in the request so they can give you a precise tap installation cost quote for the installation and material costs to ensure you're staying within budget. 

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You can find a plumber that offers emergency services. Many will provide emergency service to the best of their ability. The prices may vary depending on when you call them. If you make an emergency call at 3 AM, you should expect to pay a little more.

Consider the faucet's durability, aesthetics, and plumbing line before installing a kitchen tap. It's also best to have a fixed budget and time to have a professional install it for you. Furthermore, if you have an old plumbing line, you'll need an expert to install water systems and ensure they’re compatible with your new tap.

The average time it takes to install a new faucet is around thirty minutes to an hour for simple installation and replacement. This depends on the experience level of the person doing the installation and the type of tap. 

A licensed plumber is essential for installing your kitchen or bathroom tap if your existing plumbing lines need updating to accommodate your new kitchen and bathtub tap. They can also modify your water supply lines to ensure your touchless faucets function properly. 

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