How Airtasker Works

Airtasker is an online marketplace for people and businesses to outsource tasks. See how to get tasks done or how to earn money.

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For Job Posters

Post a Task

You can get anything done. Describe your task in just two minutes and post it for free. There's no obligation to hire on Airtasker.

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Select the Airtasker Worker you believe is right

Trusted Airtasker Workers will offer their help on your task and discuss the requirements of the task in the comments. View all of the offers made and accept the offer of the Airtasker Worker that you think is right.

Add funds to the task

When accepting the offer you will Add Funds for the task via Airtasker Pay, which is securely held in an Airtasker Trust Account until the task has been completed. Cash payments are no longer supported on Airtasker. Learn more about Airtasker Pay.

Your task will be completed

Make contact with your Airtasker Worker via Private Messages to arrange the details and complete the task. Once you're satisfied the task is complete, the Airtasker Worker Requests Payment and you need to Release Funds to the Airtasker Worker.

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For Airtasker Workers

Browse through available tasks

Have fun browsing through available work. Find a task that's right for you by selecting your location and keywords that match your skills. Ensure you don't miss out on a task by setting up an Airtasker Alert.

Select a task that suits you

Found a task you want to complete? Select the pink Make An Offer button and enter a price you think is fair. Don't forget to introduce yourself and tell the Job Poster what your skills are in the comments.

Start completing your task

Once your offer has been accepted and you've been assigned to the task, you will be notified via email. You’re now able to send a Private Message to discuss further task details and get started on completing your task. Rest assured that the Job Poster has already successfully made payment for the task, held in an Airtasker Trust Account until it has been completed.

Get Paid!

Now that you’ve completed your task it’s time to get paid. On the task select Request Payment and the Job Poster will be notified to Release Funds held into your verified Bank or PayPal account. Learn more about Airtasker Pay.

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