How much does a logo design cost?

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$300 - $2,500







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How much does a logo design cost?

In the world of branding, it is not enough to have a good content strategy. The visuals must pair up well with the story or concept you are telling. Moreover, there should be a good statement piece to cap off the brand study. 

Such a statement piece is called the logo. This refers to a symbol of an organisation, brand, or company that summarises who they are. It is the first impression that your customers or audience get when they discover you or look you up.

In fact, logos are the most powerful symbols globally and carry so much effectiveness within them. Small, medium, and multinational companies dole out huge budgets for logos and branding alone. 

So if you are a business owner looking to find a statement piece of your own, you have come to the right place. Depending on the nature and category of your business, logo costs could range from $300 - $800 but a starting price of $2,500 is also highly possible. 

What factors affect logo design costs?

Before anything else, you might be wondering why the cost of a logo is so. A custom logo design price can differ from a templated one, but at the end of the day, a professionally done one is still the best option out there. But such costs are variable, depending on these factors. We share five:

Design story

Contrary to popular belief, logo designs do not just come unannounced in mind. What does that mean? Each branding study is meticulously done and well-thought-out, from the conceptualisation to the execution of the design itself. There is purpose in each step, render, curvature, and ligature of the logo. 

Need convincing? You can get the nearest branding designer to give you a quote. But for now, take conceptualisation as a huge factor while figuring out professional logo design prices.

Logo elements

Just like a story, the elements of the logo are its visual storytellers. Whether it be in the type of font used, the colour palette, or the way everything marries together, such affect how much it is to design a logo. This is because design element costs are variable in themselves as they come from different sources. 

The element of a logo could also refer to size, which means that costs also vary in terms of the size requested. Naturally, bigger logos price higher versus smaller ones. 


The price for designing logos also considers the amount of work done, and it is measured most accurately by paying the work’s worth. 

When you hire a professional designer, there are two ways to pay for the work done. You can either pay them by the hour or per project. The total brand logo design price will change either way, especially since the former option is more variable than the latter. 

Besides the payment terms, you will also be paying for designers dependent on their level of expertise. Seasoned designers tend to charge more due to experience, while ones who are starting out tend to have lower rates. But still, this is a reminder to fairly compensate them anyway.


While the ideal timeline is the one suggested by the agency or designer you have, there are times where we cannot help but need the design immediately. Immediate is doable, and it is up to the client to decide, but there are specific fees for that. 

When figuring out how much to charge for logo design, consider entitled convenience fees. The greater urgency, the higher the charge. 

Number of edits

Sometimes, we tend to be indecisive when it comes to the final product. Such a reaction is normal, mainly because we want to ensure that what we decide will be beneficial. So when you go into an agreement with a designer—whether that be digital design, drawing, sign writing or the like—the number of edits is also considered. 

The usual standard for the number of edits in a package is three, but the more you increase, the cost grows as well. But at the end of the day, it still depends on the designer’s discretion. 

What goes into a professional logo design?

While we have discussed the items that factor into the cost of logo design prices in Australia, we then look at the average ballpark figures that comprise such. There is usually a five- or six-step process that comprises logo design services:

  • Discussion and briefing: This is where the client discusses the requirements they need, including explanations on the look and feel of what they want achieved.

  • Research: The designer or agency takes into account the wishes of the client and commences their studying. They look into the company philosophy, brand identity, background, and pegs.

  • Conceptualisation: This is where the designer collects all that they have learned and translates them visually. These are usually the initial sketches, and they are then shown to the client. 

  • Mock-up: Once initial sketches are approved, they are laid out in different formats for the clients to solidify their impressions more

  • Approval process: More signatories and approving bodies gather to give their thoughts

  • Final presentation: Designs are approved and any files must be turned over to the client accordingly

While we have shared an average logo design price list, note that the nature of the business these designers work for contributes to varying costs. You can take a look at the average prices per category of business here: 

Type of Business

Average Cost


$300 - $800


$800 - $2,500




What are the benefits of hiring a logo designer instead of using online logo maker tools?

With the costs of designers in mind, it may seem tempting to go for an online logo maker tool instead. Online logo maker tools refer to the applications that provide templated options and a wide range of materials (e.g. fonts/typography, design elements, clip art, and the like) at your disposal. 

While this may seem convenient, hiring a designer to create a logo is still the better option. We give you three reasons why:

Pay for expertise

While online logo maker tools also have a wide repertoire of design paraphernalia, customisation is not one of them. What does this mean? A logo designer still has the experience and expertise to determine what logo works best for your company. Moreover, their eye for design is unparalleled and goes beyond the limitations of online logo maker tools, which only provide the tools and not the concept. 

Homogenised design

When we say that the online logo maker applications only provide tools, they just provide the tools. Aside from that, their tools are usually what is trending or what is popular to users everywhere. Yes, the accessibility to graphic design is wonderful. But if the tools are looking the same, how will your small business stand out?

There is only so much you can do with these applications, and if you want to get the very best, hiring a designer is much better. Not only do they have the talent for it, but they can also be the change your organisation may be seeking. 

It is internet-only

While we have all shifted to the Cloud and the digital space for almost everything we do, there are times when the servers are down, or the Wi-Fi just refuses to boot up. When this happens, the files you save cannot be accessible. 

What’s worse is if you suffer from malware issues and you may have to reboot your device. At least if you have a designer, the files are safe with them, and they can access it whenever. 

Additional logo design costs to consider

While the logo is the beginning of your branding journey, it is also not the end of it. You would want to apply your purchased design on your company property, and your designer could charge extra should the agreement not state otherwise. 

Aside from having a great logo, you would want the rest of your corporate core items to follow suit, right? A prominent example of additional costs come into play is when you want a design for your social media, slide decks, business cards, and signages. Customised websites could be a big chunk, too, since copy and design mix together here. 

These may be far off into the future, but it would be helpful to already package all these items into one big project rather than have it paid piecemeal. It will save you a lot and help, especially if you plan to launch your business the right way. 


How long does it take to design a logo?

It depends on the agreed-upon timeline. Depending on the client’s wants, you can expect a logo from two weeks to three months on average.

What should I look for in a logo designer?

While expertise is good and well to look for, you can also look for the designer’s process and see if it aligns with what you want. Usually, you can have a sense of what the designer’s style would be like by way of a portfolio.

In what formats can I receive my logo design?

Depending on the agreement you have with your designer, you can receive them in both final (.jpg, .png) and working file (.psd, .ai) formats.

Who owns the copyright in a logo design project?

While designers own the copyright to their works, commissioned or paid designs are owned by the client.