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$70 - $120







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Cats are known for constantly grooming themselves. However, they're also known for not being the biggest fans of baths. Professional cat grooming is a must to keep your furry friend clean and away from viruses! But how much does it cost to get a cat groomed?

On average, the cost of having your cat groomed ranges from $70 to $120, depending on several factors. This guide will help you set the right budget for the service

Cat grooming price list


Estimated cost

Nail clipping

$10 to $40

Belly and sanitary clip


Full clipping or haircut

$120 to $180

Lion clip

$90 to $120

Teddy bear clip

$95 to $130

Paw gel cap



$30 to $60


$90 per hour

a man cleaning a cat's ears

Factors affecting the average cost of cat grooming

When calculating cat grooming prices, consider the following things:

1. Cat size

The size of the cat predominantly affects cat grooming costs. The bigger your pet, the longer it will take to groom them. Basic washing and drying usually cost $70 for smaller cats and $90 for large ones.

Cat size

Estimated cost


$70 to $80




$90 to $120

2. Fur length and condition

The length of your cat's hair and the current condition of its coat will affect grooming prices. Cats with thicker coats might be charged extra.

3. Haircut type

Grooming costs will differ depending on the type of haircut you choose. For instance, a lion's cut is often more expensive than a basic cut.

4. Behaviour

The behaviour of the cat affects cat grooming costs. Maybe they tend to bite and scratch in unfamiliar territory. If your cat has aggressive behaviour when placed in a cattery or looked after by a sitter, this is worth mentioning to your groomer. They might charge extra since the job becomes more challenging.

5. Fertility

If a cat has been neutered, it's more likely to groom itself than a non-neutered one. This is because a non-neutered cat will spend more time looking for another cat to mate with, especially if it's in heat. Consequently, non-neutered cats often have tangled and dirty coats and take longer to groom.

6. Your location

The cost of grooming a cat depends on your area. Here is a breakdown of average cat-grooming prices per state:     


Cat grooming cost

New South Wales

$30 to $100


$30 to $170

Western Australia

$30 to $80

South Australia

$30 to $160


$40 to $170

7. Grooming package

Taskers usually offer different services for cat grooming. Often, basic packages include bathing, drying, coat conditioning, eye and ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Adjust your budget accordingly if you want to add more services, such as wet baths, brightening shampoos, and tooth cleaning.

Additional cat grooming expenses

Cat grooming costs also depend on the cat's age. Maybe you're still training your kitten to use the litter box or have a senior cat with matted hair. Other factors like gender, breed, grooming history, and medical conditions can increase service costs.

a woman clipping a cat's nails

Grooming is more expensive for older cats. Prices will increase if your cat hasn't been groomed for a while or has other medical conditions that make the job complex. Other essential expenses include:

Flea bath 

If your cat has been suffering from fleas, a Tasker can help remove or keep them at bay with a flea bath. Costs start at $100 to $125.


Some groomers charge for the sedation of pets, especially those with behavioural issues or highly active cats. The cost of cat grooming with sedation is around $65.

Soft paw nail caps

If you want to keep your cat from scratching furniture, groomers also offer gel caps. This costs $10 per paw or $40 for all paws.

Grooming deposit 

Most groomers ask for a deposit before grooming your cat. This will be returned as soon as the service is finished. Note that some operate at a minimum cost to ensure that their services aren't undervalued and that admin and electric fees are covered.

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Saving money on cat grooming

There are many ways to reduce cat grooming costs. For instance, check if the pet groomer offers discounts for bundled packages or recurring services. Some groomers provide discounts for senior citizens, healthcare workers, or those providing cash payments. You can also book cat grooming services during weekends, as some professionals offer promos during less busy days.

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Cats might take a while to warm up to strangers, so before booking a Tasker, check their ratings to understand how things worked for past clients. Take note of the stellar reviews and points for improvement, if any. These facts will help you feel at ease knowing that your cat is in good hands.

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A cat groomer can help fix grooming-related problems, such as stinky or discoloured fur, overly matted coats, or overheating, especially in warmer seasons. However, if your cat exhibits abrupt changes in behaviour, such as excessive or poor grooming, these might be signs of more severe conditions. A visit to the vet will help determine the proper treatment for your pet.

Aftercare usually depends on the condition and breed of your cat. However, the rule of thumb includes brushing your cat’s fur once or twice weekly to remove dirt and excess fur. Monitoring your cat’s eyes, ears, paws, and teeth for wounds or infections will help them be in tip-top shape.

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