How much to respray a car?

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$1,500 - $5,000







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Speeding through busy streets does not always mean splurging on the most expensive model on the market. Sometimes all it takes is a decent paint job, and your years-old model could look brand new in an instant. 

Car respraying is the act of applying a brand new coat of paint to your car. While it may seem like a basic paint job, it pays to have experts take a look at it and be in charge of your roadrunner. The average cost of respraying a car ranges from $1,500 to $3,500, but luxury car jobs can cost you more due to the high level of service care they entail. If you’re planning to paint the car with a different colour, expect to pay around $5,000. 

Running through a cost calculator to best estimate your car respray job can be overwhelming, but do not fret - we put together this comprehensive price guide to make your car respray journey an easy one.

When should you go for a car respray?

Let’s get down to the first order of business, shall we? Before even deciding to get your car resprayed, it is best to determine when you should do it. Spontaneity should never be of the essence here because it is costly to do such a process. Prior planning should be done beforehand, and marking your calendar is one of them.  

Unsure of when to schedule? Here are three determining factors to take into account:

When your car paint rubs off

Cars are like people - they age, too. Such a process has the physical evidence that comes forth: worn-out interiors, rusty parts, and chipped off paint. Be it from an accident or time, having uneven car paint is not a beautiful sight (unless it’s your style). So, if you are thinking of not letting go of your car just yet, take it to the car repair shop to have it fixed. 

It is important to note that minor paint scratches are not enough reason to bring it to the shop. Unless it’s super obvious, it’s best to wait it out until more paint comes off before calling for a respraying job. 

When the paint is the problem

While it is good to look after the visual aesthetic of your car, painting over non-paint problems of your car might only highlight it more than address the issue. Make sure that whatever problem you have with your vehicle can be addressed by paint.

Otherwise, it is time to re-assess the damage and determine your car’s pain points. It might be a problem that needs more solutions than the paint can give. 

When you want a new look

This is probably the most obvious choice. At the end of the day, you ultimately determine if you want to finance your paint job. Whatever reason it may be, ensure that your car is ready for a new look before anything else. Is there a way to determine that? Yes, there is. There are three ways, in fact. 

How do you prepare for a car respray?

To ensure a successful paint job, certain preparations must be in order. Spontaneously deciding to have your car painted without reviewing the state of your vehicle could affect the quality of the paint job. Not sure what to check? Here are three surefire ways to prepare before the big day?  

Sort out your scratches and dents beforehand

Remember - you’re coming in for a paint job, not a car repair job. While car respraying is a form of car repair, it is more for cosmetic purposes than pure fix. Make sure to pay a visit to the repair shop before getting paint-slapped so that each nook and cranny won’t have missing paint spots.

Such misdemeanours will showcase physical evidence like grooves, irregularities, and the like that could throw what would have been a perfect paint job into shambles. Sort them out beforehand so that there will be no problems during the session. 

Research your options well

Depending on one five star review in a sea of average reviews should not sit well with you. Instead of schlepping your car to the nearest shop near you, do your research and pick the options that best suit your preferences. Ensure that you are entirely comfortable with your choice because one lousy choice could make or break your car.

One helpful tip is to course your search with us. Find the nearest car repair shop that could handle your car with care and the right amount of expertise.

Acknowledge that the process takes time

We know. You’re itching to take your new baby out for a spin. But what’s the use of trading instant gratification for a terrible repair job? There are several steps the repairmen go through before they even get to mixing the colours you want. 

There is priming, etching, the topcoats, and lacquering, to name a few - all of which take time to do. It is best not to rush the repair work. Remember that good things come to those who wait, and painstaking as that wait will be, reaching the finish line will always be well worth the trouble. 

What are the types of car respray paint finishes?

Now we have come to the most awaited part - what colour goes on your car? Take note that such a paint job is more than just smearing hues on the exterior. So it pays to know the kinds of paint materials and finishes you want. 

Type of Paint Finish


Average Cost of Car Respraying 

Solid Paint

The most standard paint option for cars

$170 per 5 litre

Metallic Finish

Brighter shine finish rooted in mixing aluminium powder and paint

$120 per litre


Infused ceramic crystals and processed similarly to metallic paint

$200 to $2,000 per car


The most expensive kind; produces a flat, non-shiny finish mostly found on premium cars

$100 per litre


What factors come into play in the cost of car respray?

Car paint is just one of the factors when breaking down the cost of respraying your car. But the price also varies depending on the size of your vehicle, the kind of car you have, and how much of a paint job you need. 

Type of Paint Job

Starting Average Cost


$150 to $300


$100 to $500

Car Roof

$200 to $1,000

Entire car

$1,500 to $3,500


Can I respray my car by myself?

Now that you are aware of the costs that run behind a car respray, chances are you may be feeling overwhelmed. But if you are tempted to head over to the nearest hardware store to DIY it yourself, let us tell you why you should think twice. 

Leave it to the experts

Aside from a great sense of accomplishment, the cost could very well be less than what you would spend at the car shop. First of all, you will not be spending on sometimes exorbitant service fees. But there is a reason such experts exist: they know the whole journey from start to finish. 

Aside from that, painting cars is not a one-hour job. There are several processes that these specialists go through even before painting the colour on, and they take hours. Missing one step of such a process will make or break your car, and you will end up spending more than just letting your car stay at the shop for a fortnight. 

Voided warranty

Like most assets, cars also come with a set of warranties. Such warrants do involve perks during a specific period, especially if the car conks out early on. But your insurance policy won’t cover self-induced wreckage or damage to your vehicle.

DIY’ing the process could affect the credibility of your warrant plea and may even void it entirely. 

Safety risks ahead

Handling equipment for your car could also potentially endanger you, especially since some of the tools needed are highly specialized. Dealing with paint fumes alone sans the proper equipment could affect your overall health already, so what more with other, more dangerous tools? Our recommendation is to leave it to more capable hands.

Car respraying FAQs

Where can I get a car respray near me?

Airtasker makes it convenient for you to quickly find the nearest one. Just input your location, and you are good to go.

Is it worth the trouble?

Yes, several factors indicate that you should invest in respray specialists rather than doing it yourself. There’s a reason we leave this to the experts because the difference between them and us is: experience - the whole lot of it.

How many coats of paint does a car need?

It ultimately boils down to the kind of car you have and the finish you want to be accomplished.

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