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40 Hamptons dining room ideas you’ll just love

By Gianna Huesch

Published: January 18th, 2021

Here’s how to get that sophisticated coastal look that signifies a Hamptons dining room

There are two kinds of Hamptons looks nowadays. You’re either thinking JFK and Marilyn sipping martinis in Montauk USA or you’re thinking Chris Hemsworth and Elsa munching on whole foods in Byron Bay, Australia. The first is the classic Hamptons look: luxurious, glamorous seaside homes. The second is the updated, modernised version of this enduring decorating style: still chic and coastal but even more organic and very local.

The original and much-loved Hamptons style, often described as simplicity with grandeur, was inspired by the elite seaside summer destination in upstate New York. Classic Hamptons is a formal look oozing class and sophistication, but it was always paradoxically informal thanks to the emphasis on comfort and relaxation. It’s still very popular but what has happened is that Australians have taken the concept and made it our own. This means taking the sophisticated coastal look and imbuing it with unique Australian flavours, through the local materials used.

Modern Hamptons still has a mid-century flavour, harking back to its Old Hollywood connections, but there’s more inspiration from our own stunning coastal landscapes and native bush elements.

What’s common to both is:

  •  Go for grandeur but in a clean, contemporary way
  • Start with clean, white expanses as a base
  • Keep a raw neutral palette with minimal accents
  • Choose classic, sophisticated, elegant furniture
  • Preference timber furniture
  • Emphasise materiality – create layers of texture with natural, organic, woven materials
  • Seek abundant natural light and have exquisite lighting, especially chandeliers

These Hamptons dining room ideas will help you create a casual-luxe Hamptons style dining room which is both refined and relaxed. Here, I’ve gathered 40 of the most beautiful modern Hamptons style dining rooms to inspire you – so let’s dive in!

1. Make it feel alfresco

One of the characteristics of Hamptons styling is to create the sense of bringing nature in and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor alfresco living. This dining room shows how it’s done—it could easily be mistaken for a patio area thanks to the infusion of natural light, white and neutral colour palette and abundant use of organic materials.

2. Add an elaborate chandelier

Extravagant, dramatic chandeliers are par for the course with Hamptons styling so look for multi-tiered, oversized statement lights like this one. Aside from having generous light fixtures, a Hamptons dining room should also be as sunny and bright as possible, so keep walls white, leave window treatments sheer, and if it’s an option, add skylights.

the Hamptons chandelier
Source: Serena and Lily

3. Give your chairs white slipcovers

Hampton’s dining rooms typically have white, black or natural chairs. Don’t feel like replacing your existing dining chairs right now to fit a Hamptons vibe? Just cover them in white linen or cotton slipcovers. And see what I mean about fancy chandeliers? How gorgeous is this crystal one!

classic Hamptons with slipcovers
Source: Megan Molten

4. Add white…and more white

Your Hamptons dining room base should be white, preferably a white with cool undertones. Crisp and clean, white will go with any accent colour you choose and will naturally make the room feel spacious. Find a local painter who will give your dining room a white refresh.

5. Upholster it

One of the classic elements of Hamptons styling is to make furniture extra comfy with plump upholstering, especially with button-back upholstery. Sofa or banquette cushions provide the perfect opportunity to add a dash of classic Hamptons blue or to introduce stripes or other gentle patterns.

6. Choose delicate white chairs

White painted furniture is a must for your Hamptons dining room. Even if you don’t have a white dining table, consider white chairs as these will instantly convey summery freshness. Even better—white timber chairs with woven rattan seats, to really get the Hamptons vibe.

7. Look for  pale timber furniture

This home is actually located in the real Hamptons, but the American owners wanted to import “Australian beach house vibes”. Talk about coming full circle!  Sun-drenched and stylish, the dining room here shows how to artfully layer whites and neutrals using pale woods in the furniture and flooring.

classic Hamptons
Source: My Domaine

8. Add just a touch of blue

Blue is the Hamptons accent colour and there’s a lot of flexibility in which shade to go for. Classic Hamptons styling is firmly nautical with lots of navy and other deep shades, while the updated modern coastal-Hamptons look tends towards lighter blues, or alternatively really unusual and unexpected shades of blue.

But you don’t need to add heaps of blue everywhere–I love how this Hamptons dining room just subtly adds a French blue to the mix with the dresser. How beautiful is this timber floor? If yours needs a refresh, you can get some help with your floor sanding needs.

9. Pick a palette of neutrals and white

With white as your background canvas, go for a neutral colour scheme in your furniture, incorporating plenty of natural materials. Here, all-white walls and whitewashed timber floorboards create a stunning backdrop for a simple timber table paired with natural rattan chairs and pale, raw-looking ceramics.

heavily neutral and white palette
Source: Homes To Love

10. Make it coastal farmhouse

Weathered floorboards reflect a time-worn, well-loved, holiday shack aesthetic, at the other end of the scale to polished floorboards, delivering more of a Hamptons farmhouse vibe. Here, crisp white timber paintwork freshens it up. Just add rattan, Malawi-style armchairs, industrial pendants and a fiddle leaf fig.

coastal farmhouse Hamptons dining room
Source: Homes To Love

11. Go for the romance factor

With Hamptons having a focus on seaside sophistication and grandeur, look for fine, delicate, detailed furniture. Romantic antiques and vintage pieces usually look the part. And mix timber tones with white—here, a white round pedestal table with a darker timber top that complements the chairs.

go for the romance factor
Source: Home Beautiful

12. Have an elongated table

Given the moneyed nature of Hamptonites, there’s nothing at all penny-pinching or economical about Hamptons styling. You’ll often see extended, elongated narrow tables which speak to lazy long holiday lunches with assembled groups of family and friends. Here, a banquet length dining table seating 10, in a light-infused, rustic but coastal dining room.

elongated tables
Source: Jillian Harris

13. Have Malawi chairs

Malawi chairs were favoured by the Hamptons elite due to their exotic appeal and holiday atmosphere. Handmade of wicker and rattan, nowadays these artisanal pieces can be bought sustainably from indigenous communities. And they’ll give you Hamptons vibes in spades, whether natural, whitewashed or coloured.

14. Keep it simple

Aim for a classic, minimalist look for your Hamptons dining room, with a definite lack of clutter. Then add interest by layering materials through the room, from a jute rug on the floor all the way up to woven pendant lights. Add in texture through some pattern in your soft furnishings or in the woven patterns of chair seats.

15. Go for sophisticated black accents

There’s something so very elegant about black chairs in a white and neutral Hamptons setting. Especially if they are bentwood chairs (the distinctive chairs created since the 1800s by steam-heating timber and pressing it into cast-iron moulds). Vintage bentwood chairs would be ideal, but of course, you can settle for replicas. Try a mix of bentwood chair styles for added interest.

16. Be generous and oversized

With the Hamptons being a playground for the wealthy, it’s to be expected that Hamptons styling often emulates luxury resorts, with oversized, spacious furniture. Pick one key piece—in the dining room, that’s usually the table—and look for a statement-making, overly-large model; the bigger the better. Can’t find the perfect oversized table? Just push two together, like this:

17. Polish your floorboards

Nothing says Hamptons luxe more than glossy, shiny wooden floorboards so have them polished. Combine with a blank canvas of a dining table, park in some mid-century timber and black chairs. Then all you need is an eye-catching chandelier, whether vintage or modern and a thought-provoking artwork on the wall. Oh, and don’t forget your statement plant!

18. Look for unique woven chairs

How stunning are these dining chairs? Natural timber and rattan are perfect for a Hamptons dining room, offering neutral texture as well as cool comfort. But when you find some in an unusual design like this, even better. These have an elegance and grandeur to them that’s ideal for Hamptons styling. Want a Hamptons kitchen too? You know you do!

unique woven chair
Source: The Identite

19. Bring in faded denim blues

The Hamptons colour palette is really versatile. Although it pretty religiously starts with a white or very light neutral base, and there’s always focus on natural materials, you have quite a lot of leeway to work with when it comes to accent colours.

With original, classic Hamptons, you expect to see a lot of navy and regatta blues; with more modern Hamptons looks, you’ll see blueish greys and more black accents. On the other hand, very beachy coastal Hamptons also likes pale blues and greens. No matter which colour scheme you choose, keep windows, doors, ceilings and skirting boards white.

faded denim blues
Source: Dyke and Dean

20. Style your breakfast nook Hamptons

Here’s another chilled out breakfast nook with an upholstered bench seat. A pale timber table works perfectly with the rattan chairs while the modern interpretation of Hamptons means the blues are almost charcoal greys. The chairs add so much visual interest with their texture, and the scatter cushions even still a more subtle pattern to liven up the room.

Hamptons breakfast nook
Source: Lauren Nelson

21. Give a subtle Hamptons flavour

This little farmhouse slash Hamptons dining room nook shows how to layer texture well over a white on white scheme. It’s a deceptively simple space with the textural elements of floorboards, shiplap, angular metal lights, black enamel table, rustic exposed beams, and tactile soft furnishings incorporating those Hampton’s blues.

Hamptons flavour
Source: Coco Kelley

22. Try blue woven chairs

Wanting an easy way to bring in Hampton’s flavour with a dose of dark blue? Consider blue coloured armchairs, ideally woven ones. Blue will work with any colour dining table but looks especially lovely paired with white joinery. Add to the feeling of seaside luxury with a dramatic woven pendant and bamboo Venetian blinds.

darker chairs for modern Hamptons dining room
Source: City Farmhouse

23. Add a natural rug

A natural woven rug will add lashings of coastal flavour to your Hamptons dining room. As well as anchoring a room and highlighting the dining space, rugs are a practical way to cover up less than Hamptons carpet or to add tonal interest over darker-toned timber floorboards like this.

24. Give it a cool lakeside vibe

Hamptons can feel coastal in a beachy way or it can feel lakeside coastal. I think this dining room has more of a cool, by-the-lake feel to it. A simple window treatment allows the stunning view to speak for itself, while the chandelier is both dramatic but understated.

coastal...or lakeside
Source: Studio McGee

25. Have a subtle Hamptons reference

This simple kitchen dining setup has the trademark Hamptons white and neutral colour palette with black accents. The relaxing bench seat features duck egg blue cushions, and the airy pendant light is vaguely reminiscent of sailcloth. Another subtle Hamptons reference is the artwork: it could be a fish in reference to the ocean (then again, it could just be an arrow.)

subtle Hamptons reference
Source: Casa Vogue

26. Invest in designer furniture

With the Hamptons ethos being “comfortable luxury”, seek out statement pieces of designer furniture, looking for clean lines with elegant detailing. Alternatively, you might like to look into custom-designed furniture for a bespoke take on Hamptons style.

sophisticated Hamptons dining room
Source: Homes To Love

27. Go for minimalist Hamptons

Wouldn’t you love a big empty space like this to play with! The gorgeous blonde floorboards complement the dining table perfectly, but it would also look great with poured concrete flooring or even marble.

All the pale furniture diverts the attention to the curious beach-inspired artwork (what is everyone looking at? Where are they going?). When choosing art for your Hamptons dining room, it’s good to choose something with built-in ambiguity like this, as a conversation starter.

minimalist Hamptons dining room
Source: Pinterest

28. Put an Australian spin on Hamptons

Australians have taken to Hamptons in a big way as it’s so suited to the climate and lifestyle, but it’s been slightly reinterpreted the look to make use of native elements and local materials. The classic sophisticated silhouettes and refined furniture remain but are reimagined to reflect the Australian context.

For example, this pared-back, relaxed modern beach house keeps everything natural and organic and makes use of recycled materials.

the Australian spin on Hamptons
Source: Homes To Love

29. Choose organic shapes and materials

An infusion of natural and organic materials and a neutral but interesting colour scheme is the signature element of modern Hamptons. This light-filled dining space also shows off how a united aesthetic has been created through sliding windows and archways connecting indoor and outdoor living areas.

30. Mix naturals with white

This one’s in the chic coastal category for me, beachy with a little grown-up Hamptons flavour. Breezy and fresh, the space relies on layers of natural textures (timber, sisal, jute, linen, rattan) to create the signature Hamptons white and organic colour palette.

Boho dining room with natural materials
Source: Domino

31. Steal from Jetty House

A house by a jetty? How very Hamptons. This Australian home is often referenced due to its beautiful styling. The dining room of Jetty House portrays the classic sophisticated aesthetic of the coastal style, including the addition of something mid-century (here, wishbone chairs).

The 1950s are important to Hamptons because classic Hamptons has that Old Hollywood vibe of glamour and luxe, so it’s a great vintage to try to include.

natural materials
Source: Style Curator

32. Add pale sky blues

Aim to achieve the classic Hamptons backdrop with a relaxing palette of whites and accent blues, for an effortless summery feeling. Keep the sophisticated aesthetic going with carefully curated furniture, like these delicate-framed white chairs contrasted with the heavy, solid timber table.

33. Go for luxe finishes

Here’s a very simple modern Hamptons setup. It has the relaxed comfort of a beach house so you can imagine sandy feet are welcome, but it has beautiful finishes that create a luxe feel. The dining room also has plenty of natural light, clearly benefitting that lush statement plant!

coastal Scandi Hamptons
Source: Domino

34. Make it really light and airy

A gorgeous, easy-going dining space here, with a pared-back colour scheme, thanks to all the textural neutrals: raw timber, white-washed woods, handmade white tile, marble, brass, leather and nubby wool rugs on the floors. To get the floorboards this stunning colour the homeowners bleached the home’s original oak floors.

Scandi flavoured Hamptons
Source: Homes To Love

35. Go white and woven

It’s easy to set up a Hampton’s styled dining nook. Take a white pedestal table, a natural-toned wishbone chair and tan leather-upholstered banquette seating, punctuated by soft cushions in dreamy blues. Keep walls white, add a woven lampshade and go for natural venetians for that airy, coastal look.

36. Add a tiny bit of black

With so much white in the Hamptons mix, adding a punctuating dash of black as an accent is a good idea. Here, a black candelabra chandelier offers an industrial touch, while the black curtain rods also give the room definition.

37. Flood it with light

With Hamptons, it’s all about creating comfortable living spaces from a raw, neutral palette with furniture with classic silhouettes. This Belgian home ticks the boxes. While it has a distinctly Nordic flavour but is coastal with its layering of clean, light tones and timbers, and its abundance of light.

white and timber dining room
Source: Leibal

38. Add abstract ocean prints

It’s easy to bring in that touch of saturated Hamptons blue to balance all your fresh white and pale neutrals. Look for ocean-inspired artworks, photography or prints, the more abstract the better, and give your dining room a refreshing spray of salt and sea. Have your dining room art prints hung perfectly for you.

light delicate feminine
Source: The Stables

39. Mix white and rattan

When in doubt, turn to white + rattan as a failsafe combination that will always convey a Hamptons vibe.  An all-white colour scheme just can’t help feeling fresh and outdoorsy, so add plenty of white and allow the interest to come through in the details—like the lattice front of this shelving unit which complements the lattice in the chairs.

white and rattan
Source: Style Me Pretty

40. Mix darks and rattan

And on the other hand, modern Hamptons dining rooms can explore the darker side with colour schemes incorporating deeper, earthier tones. Still starting with a base of crisp white walls, this rustic-coastal dining room shows how to put a sophisticated darker palette together. Just don’t forget the rattan pendant and oversized Malawi chairs to get that Hamptons holiday atmosphere.

masculine Hamptons dining room
Source: Homes To Love

And there you have 40 ideas for how to create a Hamptons aesthetic in your dining room, to go with your Hamptons bedroom and Hamptons bathroom. Like more design help? Don’t forget you can find an experienced home decorator or interior designer near you.  So, which do you prefer, a more classic Old Hollywood Hamptons vibe or a modern Australian interpretation of Hamptons? Let me know in comments!



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