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Whatever your full-time job is, did you know you can earn an additional consistent income by getting a digital marketing side hustle? If you’re wondering what kind of jobs are available in that industry, there are actually a lot. 

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading below to see what kind of marketing side hustles are available.

Can digital marketing be a side hustle?

Yes. Digital marketing may sound vague, but that’s because it covers a host of services. Its goal is to help any business get the most out of its digital presence. It combines traditional advertising techniques with technology, making it a constantly evolving industry. 

Many digital marketing agencies or teams are made up of different departments—social media, art, accounts, copy, media, talent—making it easy to find a job that perfectly aligns with your skills. To find your next part-time digital marketing job, keep scrolling.

1. SEO/PR writer

person writing an article in their laptop

What’s the difference between an SEO writer and a PR writer? SEO writing requires using relevant keywords in an article to help it place better in search engines. On the other hand, PR writing utilises press releases to highlight news—whether it’s a new product launch or changes within a company’s structure—sent out to relevant industry leaders and publications. 

Both types of writing are vital in digital marketing as the former can help a website rank better, and the latter helps a company get the word out on important information. If you love writing, you can try to apply for either one or both. 

2. PR consultant

Did you know being a PR consultant can be a lucrative digital marketing gig? Your job will not only be to advise businesses and brands on their public image but also to help organise events, workshops, and other promotional materials. Since you’ll be hired for different projects, you’ll also have the bonus of working for brands in different industries. Fun!

3. Graphic artist

graphic designer using her tablet

Online ads, Instagram and Facebook static photos, TikTok videos—all of these require an artist’s eye and hand. If you’re an artist and want to earn extra income, freelancing as a graphic artist is a great place to start in digital marketing. You can help businesses build their branding, create logos, and design their website.

4. SEO strategist

If you’re always wondering how to start a digital marketing side hustle and SEO campaigns excite you, you could excel as an SEO strategist. You’ll be in charge of reaching a brand’s SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), doing keyword research, optimising web pages, and extracting, analysing, and reporting data.

5. Digital media planner

social media marketer using facebook for ads and engagement

Digital media planning is all about paid ads—you know, the ones you see popping up on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Google, and Twitter. Depending on a client’s KPI, you’ll divide the media budget towards various social media platforms, optimise ads if necessary, and report on each paid ad campaign’s performance.

6. Account manager

Account managers are all about relationships—between the client and the agency. Aside from keeping both sides happy, the job entails being up-to-date on all aspects of a campaign, from art down to media and engaging copy. What makes account management a great digital marketing job is you can control the number of clients you handle so you can still have a work-life balance. 

7. Content creator

content creator recording a new video

If you’re thinking, “Is a content creator like an influencer?” you’re correct. Numerous digital marketing agencies like to keep a pool of content creators on hand, so they can easily access talent whenever a campaign requires it. As a content creator, you can regularly model in shoots and videos, or be the talent for commercials, billboards, and the like.

8. Content strategist

Have experience in copywriting, media planning, and SEO strategy? Your next freelancing job could be as a content strategist. With your knowledge, you’ll be in charge of creating and editing branded content that resonates with a target audience (while drawing in new consumers), implementing best SEO practices, and ensuring it’s distributed in the proper channels. 

9. Email marketer

marketer checking their emails

Email marketing is similar to cold calling in that you send templated emails or newsletters to potential customers to encourage purchasing something or donating to a cause. While it sounds easy, developing a subject line, body, or ad that inspires the reader to act on it takes great skill.

10. E-commerce specialist

Have you ever wondered how sites like Amazon and Sephora choose which deals and sales to promote? It’s all thanks to an eCommerce specialist. If you plan on taking this as a part-time or freelancing gig, you’ll be in charge of creating marketing strategies to promote certain products, deals, and bundles on eCommerce websites.

Aside from this, you’ll also review data from past campaigns, which will help you develop new ones since you’ll have access to consumer behaviour.

11. Video editor

close up of a video editing software

The best commercials are stitched together by video editors. They’re the ones who can make a song tug at your heartstrings or use a take that will elicit a strong reaction. But as a video editor, you won’t just work on commercials. Depending on your client, you may edit GIFs, YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, and TikToks. 

Digital marketing side hustles for every skill level

Want to try your hand at any of the careers above? You totally can without leaving your full-time job. The digital marketing space is a great place to find any freelance job. Since it’s such a broad, constantly evolving industry, many brands and agencies are always looking for freelancers in art, copy, video, media, tech, and more for help.

If you’re wondering how to start a digital marketing side hustle today, sign up on Airtasker, where your next gig awaits you.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it’s an excellent way to earn additional income as you can make $286 every month if you take on about 1-2 articles a week. The more skilled you are, the higher your rate will be. You can help companies become more visible in search engines and social media by including popular keywords in their content.

Always wondered how much digital marketers make? Based on skill, marketing management is the most valuable (a manager earns on average $163,000/year), followed by SEO strategy ($143,000/year), creative management ($104,000/year), and project management ($103,000). 

The yearly salary varies, of course, since it’s based on averages and will depend on one’s experience, skill level, and country of employment.

The top in-demand jobs in digital marketing are Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Account Executive, and Social Media Manager. So if you have skills in PR or project management, account management, and social media management, this is great news for you!

First, choose a “specialty” or area you want to focus on. Is it writing, graphic design, coding, client relations, or paid media? Next, spruce up your resumé to highlight your skills related to digital marketing. This will help companies see if you’re a right fit for what they’re looking for.

Once you’re hired, you’ll need a lot of grit and patience. Since you don’t have a lot of experience yet, it’s best to take any job you can—provided they give you a reasonable offer—and learn as much as possible, so you can keep honing your skills and develop new ones.

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