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Learning to disassemble a bed frame can be intimidating, as it’s a large piece of furniture. However, it’s an essential skill to learn as it is one of the items you usually bring when you move houses or apartments. Unlike bulky mattresses, most bed frames can be taken apart for easier and faster moves.

By reading this guide, find out how to take apart a bed frame with a few easy steps! Whether moving houses, changing your bed, or adjusting your bed frame, you’ll need this knowledge eventually.

What you’ll need:

Before you get to it, have the following materials ready:

  • Screwdriver or wrench (find one appropriate for your bed frame)

  • Pliers for prying out parts

  • Hammer to help push out connected parts

  • Bags or boxes for storing the parts of your bed frame

  • Markers for labelling

Time of completion:

If you have all the tools you need and are familiar with your bed frame, disassembling your mattress takes about 30 minutes. However, it’s normal to encounter hiccups, which could extend this task to an hour.

Step 1: Remove the bedding and mattress 

woman removing the mattress off of a bed frame

The first step for moving a bed frame is separating it from the rest of the bed. Take off the mattress and all the bedding on top of it, then pack them appropriately for your move. Strip the pillows, sheets, linens and all other bed accessories, then thoroughly clean them before carefully storing them in boxes and bags.

After washing them, remember to dry them properly, as any moisture can damage these delicate items while moving.

Step 2: Take out any accessories 

person removing the other parts of a bed frame

If your bed frame goes beyond a mattress holder, remove any accessories. This heavily depends on how uniquely designed your bed is. The most common accessories on bed frames are drawers and television pockets. Take them out carefully, then store them with the rest of the bed frame parts for more organised packing.

Step 3: Remove the headboard and footboard 

handyman disassembling a bed frame

The headboard and footboard must come off first since they prevent you from taking apart the rest of the bed. Even for small beds, if you need to know how to move a bed frame through a door, start with these bulky pieces.

Unscrew them from the bed frame, getting every screw off to ensure minimal damage and need for later repairs. Take note of which screw goes in which hole, as some screws go deeper than others. Make sure to label both the screws and the holes while packing.

Step 4: Take apart the main bed frame 

couple removing the main parts of a bed frame

Now, it’s time to disassemble the main part of your bed frame. If your bed has one solid rectangular base, then you have to move your bed in one piece. This means you won’t be able to relocate your bed frame without the help of a truck

However, if you have a bed with multiple slats that keep your mattress up, you can remove them to disassemble the frame further. When slats are joined together, they can be rolled up and transported together like that. If they are individually screwed, unscrew them one by one and pack them tightly together before the move.

Once the slats are removed, you can unscrew the rest of the bed frame, separating the parts into manageable pieces for easier transporting.

Step 5: Protect all the pieces

Learning how to move a bed frame by yourself can be daunting—but it’s simple if you’re organised. 

Label the screws by separating them per part of the bed frame and putting them in their own bags. Wrap fragile pieces of your bed in bubble wrap to minimise scratches and breakage. Remember how you disassembled your bed frame so you can put it back together once you move into your new place.

By being methodical, moving doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

Moving your bed frame

Disassembling a bed frame isn’t complicated, but there’s a way to do it properly to ensure a smooth and easy move. When done correctly, it shouldn’t be stressful at all! It’s a piece of knowledge that’s important to keep, as it makes a daunting task, like moving, easier!

Still intimidated, or need help learning a specific task like how to take apart a steel lock bed frame? In that case, it’s probably time to call in the experts. Post a task and let professional movers help you. Save time, stress, and worry with Airtasker!

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FAQs on disassembling a bed frame

Depending on the type of bed frame you have, some tools to keep in handy for disassembling a bed frame are:

  • Screwdriver or wrench (find one appropriate for your bed frame)

  • Pliers for prying out parts

  • Hammer to help push out connected parts

  • Bags or boxes for storing the parts of your bed frame

  • Markers for labelling

First, check if your wooden bed frame is made in one piece. If it is, there’s no other option but to turn it on its side, lift the bed frame, and carry it to the moving vehicle. If you can take it apart, first remove the slats, followed by the bed rails, headboard and footboard, dowels, and fixings.

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