How much does a maths tutor cost?

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We know that being a parent can be challenging yet fulfilling. But we all have that "least favourite" subject in school, just like everybody else. And it's perfectly okay to hire a tutor for math and other subjects your child struggles with.

Maths tutor prices vary based on where you live, the subject matter, tutor credentials, and the length, type, and frequency of each tutorial session. Private maths tutor prices could range between $40 to $70 per hour. Though most tutors charge $40 per hour, this could go as high as $130 per hour, depending on your tutor's credentials. For group sessions, maths tutor rates per hour can range from $30 to $70.

How much does a maths tutor cost per hour?

If you're wondering how much do maths tutors charge, here's a quick table depending on where you live in Australia:


Maths tutor price











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Why does tutoring cost so much?

Here are six factors that affect maths tutor prices:

1. Tutorial length

In most cases, maths tutors charge an hourly rate. This means you'll pay more for a longer session. Though maths tutors also offer 30-minute sessions, which are ideal for younger students.

2. Tutorial frequency 

The number of sessions a week can also affect the price. Scheduled tutorial sessions might be priced lower than urgent tutor sessions. For example, daily or weekly sessions, at one or two sessions a week, could be priced differently than a bi-weekly or monthly session. Some maths tutors also bundle sessions at discounted rates. Be sure to talk to your child's teacher to gauge the number of extra hours your child needs to work on.

3. Where you live 

Everyone needs to make ends meet, and maths tutors are no different. Depending on where you live, the cost of living will affect the cost of a private maths tutor. The rate of a maths tutor is lower in a small town. But expect to pay more if you're living in the heart of a big city or a wealthier neighbourhood. 

4. Your maths tutor's travel time

Travel fees and travel time can also affect your child's maths tutor rates. These are either factored into your tutor's hourly rate or reimbursed separately. You'll need to discuss this with your tutor, especially if they commute to your home or hold sessions in a public establishment, like a library or cafe. 

5. Tutoring type 

Private, one-on-one, and in-person lessons are generally much more expensive than group tutoring. Your maths tutor is solely focused on your child's needs. Group tutoring sessions typically cost less. They are similar to a classroom-style setting but at a much smaller scale. The cost of online maths tutors is generally lower than face-to-face sessions, but feel free to explore what works for your child.

6. Subject matter and tutorial credentials

Maths classes generally start easy and gradually get harder as your child progresses in school. You can hire a student maths tutor or a teaching assistant for elementary-level maths, which costs lower. Maths tutors for more complex subjects, such as algebra, trigonometry, or calculus, generally cost more because you'll need to hire someone with a better grasp of the subject matter.

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Book a maths tutor on Airtasker

Every parent should help their children with their homework (including maths) now and then. But when math problems get more complicated, it's time to hire a maths tutor. Simply log on to our platform and post a task. Be ready to review offers from nearby Taskers and select the tutor who fits your child's schedule and your budget.

Here's what you can include when filling out the request form: 

  • Your budget, location, and schedule

  • Tutorial type and frequency

  • Your child's age and grade level

  • Specific maths lesson(s) your child needs help with

  • Special needs or instructions your Tasker needs to know

Including all the necessary info makes it easier for Taskers to give you an accurate estimate. Book a maths tutor on Airtasker and help your child ace their next test. 

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On average, sessions last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Though you can also opt for sessions that last between 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Be sure to discuss this with your Tasker to prevent your child from being burned out.

It’s recommended to meet regularly and consistently, twice or thrice a week. However, this depends on your child’s learning capacity and extracurricular activities.

Once-a-week tutoring is discouraged, but it depends on your child’s effectiveness in retaining information and grasping mathematical concepts. Generally, twice- or thrice-a-week tutoring sessions work best. 

Speak to your child's school teacher to find out what areas your child needs improvement on. Then post a task for a maths tutor on Airtasker. You'll be able to evaluate the credentials of any potential maths tutor based on their ratings and reviews.

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