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All businesses and brands have logos to represent their identity and build brand recognition. Companies of various sizes use it as an integral part of their marketing and advertising campaigns. Condensing everything that makes your brand interesting takes a professional of a high calibre.

What's the average logo design cost? The average price of working with a designer costs around $80 to $550 or higher. How much a logo design can cost also depends on time, the average hourly rate of a designer is $20 to $30.

Average logo design cost list by business size

Here is a list of the typical cost for logo design available for small, medium, and large businesses.

Business size

Average costs







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Factors that affect logo design price

Type of designer

If you’re wondering how much a logo costs if done by graphic designers, the answer isn’t that simple. An experienced designer will charge higher than someone with a few years of experience. 

For reference, here are the logo design average costs based on the designer or design agency's reputation, experience, and reliability. 


Average costs

Editable pre-made logos by designers


Designer with limited experience


Designers with extensive experience


Design agency



A logo designer who can also be a drawing artist or sign writer capable of logo work can create compelling designs using tools and references essential to their craft. Here's the quality of work you can expect from each type of designer.

Pre-made logos

Pre-made logos that you can edit to suit your business are the cheapest in terms of logo design costs in Australia. They're handy if you have no time and resources to create one from scratch using a logo maker. They often have you pay up to $65 per design. 

However, another company may have already used the same logo for their business–and this might impact your brand negatively. 

Designer with limited experience

The average price for a logo design project depends on the designer's experience. A professional with only a year or two of experience may create a good logo but require more time to achieve a unique design. 

New designers might lack the attention to detail, equipment and software, familiarity with the industry, and soft skills, such as project management and research capabilities, that a seasoned professional possesses. Designers with limited experience often charge around $80 to $500 per design.

Designers with extensive experience

Professional designers that have worked with numerous brands or design agencies have a network of small, medium, and multinational businesses they've previously worked with.

These designers likely identified their niche and expertise, so they can create a logo that meets your criteria and submit it on time with minor to no revisions needed. Logo design services from experienced designers can start at around $700 per design. 

Design agencies

Most large companies and multinational brands use design agencies to create and update their logos. These agencies have vast resources to perform data-driven research to create a compelling design that clients can receive by the appointed deadline. Design agencies can charge $15,000 to start, depending on your design's complexity. 


Custom logo designs will require the help of branding design for a well-thought-out conceptualisation. Some logo designers can also offer their branding design services. You may need to pay your logo designer extra for this task or hire a different professional. 

Moreover, the overall costs depend on logo elements, such as the font, design intricacy, and size. Bigger logos are priced higher than smaller ones. 

a designer sketching a logo

What goes into a professional logo design?

Now that we understand the factors that increase logo design prices, let's look at how designers and clients go through the details of making a compelling logo.

  • Briefing: Clients and designers will discuss the requirements for the logo design early on. Clients will describe what they want to include in their logo and the feel they're going for to help the designer achieve the logo they want. 
  • Research: The designer will start studying logos that resonate with the client's requirements. It can save them time if the client already has some references or pegs they would like to use as a basis.
  • Conceptualisation: Designers will then apply their learnings and create initial drafts to present and show to clients.
  • Mock-ups: The approved drafts would be used in various formats, such as packaging, letterheads, and marketing, to solidify the logo's final look.
  • Approval: Clients would approve the design, and all assets and files the designer used would be given to them. The designer will also sign a statement giving full copyright to the clients.

How can I save money on logo design?

Time, resources, and design complexity affect the cost of a logo design. There are several ways you save money on them.

  • Improve your existing logo: Starting from scratch is ideal for creating the best logo. However, you can save time and money by collecting various logos of other brands that resonate with your desired output.
  • Hire someone familiar with your industry: An experienced designer or design agency that's unfamiliar with your industry will use more time and resources researching and creating a good design. Hire one that's already worked with businesses like yours.
  • Finalize the theme and details: You can save time and resources in hiring a designer by finding ideal designs from other businesses that can work for your brand rather than waiting for your designer to create the ideal logo through numerous revisions.
  • Compare prices: Don't be afraid to shop around and compare prices. Present your design to multiple designers and pick one that offers a great price for their quality of work. Take note that the cheapest offer isn't always the best.

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Posting a task for business logo designs is easy—just make sure to include every important detail. Get more Taskers to reply to your offer by including your logo design pegs or inspirations, project timeline, any previous logo you want to update, your budget, and a brief background about your business. 

Make your brand stand out by working with a Tasker that can create a professional logo design you'll always be proud to use.

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It depends on the agreed-upon timeline. Sophisticated designs need some time for research, testing ideas, logo revisions, and redesigning, which can take two weeks or more.

While expertise is good and well to look for, you can also look for the designer’s process and see if it aligns with what you want. Usually, you can have a sense of what the designer’s style would be like by way of a portfolio.

Depending on the agreement you have with your designer, you can receive them in both final (.jpg, .png) and working file (.psd, .ai) formats.

The logo designer must transfer all copyrights to the final design. To copyright your logo, you and the designer must sign a contract stating that the designer has transferred all ownership and copyright to the client that commissioned the logo.

Yes. Your logo will represent your brand among various social media platforms, letterheads, advertising, campaign materials, and other media you'll use. It is worth investing in a high-quality logo by a professional with the necessary experience, knowledge, and references.

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