How much does it cost to respray a car?

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$1,500 - $5,000







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Last updated on 19 September 2023.

Speeding through busy streets doesn’t always mean splurging on the most expensive model on the market. Sometimes, all it takes is a decent car paint job, and your years-old model could look brand-new and straight from the car dealer in an instant. 

Car respraying is the act of applying a new coat of paint to your car. While it seems like a basic car paint job, it pays to consult expert car painters. How much does it cost to respray a car? It often ranges from $1,500 to $3,500, but luxury car jobs can cost more due to the high level of care they entail. If you’re planning to paint your car a different colour, expect to pay around $5,000. 

This car respray cost guide will help you set the right budget.

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Car respraying price list

Type of paint finish



Solid Paint

The most standard paint option for cars

$170 per 5 litres

Metallic Finish

Brighter shine finish rooted in mixing aluminium powder and paint

$120 per litre


Infused ceramic crystals and processed similarly to metallic car paint

$200 to $2,000 per car


The most expensive kind; produces a flat, non-shiny finish mostly found on premium cars

$100 per litre

Solid paint

The standard for all cars. It’s simple to produce, and you can choose other colours for no additional cost. It’s also easy to repair, making it the easiest and most affordable car paint! 

The catch is they don’t attract buyers’ attention in the used market since other paint finishes like metallic or matte look more sophisticated.

Metallic finish

A metallic finish—which costs extra—looks beautiful on any vehicle as it reflects light. Your car will appear glossy whether it’s day or night. 

Dirt looks more obvious on it, so you’ll have to clean your car more frequently. Plus, if it gets damaged, respray car costs will be more expensive since getting an exact colour match is difficult.


Pealescent finishes are created by mixing ceramic crystals with paint, creating an iridescence that transforms a car’s colour from every angle. 

It’s shinier and deeper than metallic, so it’s also pricier, harder to repair, and needs special care when washed.


Automobiles with matte finishes stand out anywhere. Whether in silver, grey, or black (the only shades available), its flat, sleek appearance gives it an appealing texture. 

It’s a high-maintenance paint job that must be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and droppings from eating through the matte finish. 

a man respraying a car

Car respray costs in different cities in Australia


Average car respray cost


$500 - $1,000


$300 per panel


$3,000 - $3,500


$200 - $250 per panel


$250 - $500 per panel

What factors affect car repaint costs?

How much does it cost to respray a car? The paint brand is just one of the factors when determining the cost of repairing your car’s paint. But it also depends on the size of your vehicle, the car model, and the paint job you need. For instance, if a panel beater will have to work on your car before painting it, it'll cost more.

Paint job



$150 to $300


$100 to $500

Car roof

$200 to $1,000

Entire car

$1,500 to $3,500


Your car’s repaint cost is affected by the overall labour rate. This doesn’t just include the person (or persons) respraying your car and fixing other damages, it also has the shop’s rent, training, equipment, insurance, and more.

Paint brand

Low and high-quality paints have different costs. Choose a paint brand famous for the finish you want so it can last longer and prevent rusting and other damages. 

Paint finish

Opting for a solid repaint will cost less than wanting a pearlescent finish. This is because pearlescent paints must be mixed with ceramic crystals to give cars that gorgeous luminous look.

Size of the vehicle

The larger your vehicle, the more expensive the respray car will be since it requires more manpower and paint.

Car model

Any car can be repainted at a shop today. But the model can affect the total cost as some luxury cars require specific paints over others. For example, Lexus uses premium paint bought from Japan. If you want a higher-quality paint job for your Lexus, you’ll have to spend more.

Type of paint job needed

The difference between minor paint chipping, deep scratches, and rusting will greatly affect your total car respray cost. This is because chipping can easily be painted over, while rusting is a serious problem that involves a panel beater fixing the car’s metal. 

Reasons to choose professional car respraying

Car respray costs can be high, so you might be feeling overwhelmed. If you're tempted to head over to the nearest hardware store and respray your car on your own, here's why you should think twice and book  professional car painters instead: 

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Saved money

It's not an easy task to DIY your car repaint job, especially if you'll need the help of other pros like a panel beater. You might make mistakes and have to do it again. By entrusting the task to expert car painters, you can save money. 

Saved time

Painting cars is not a one-hour job. It has several processes, which might take hours. Missing a single step can break your car, and you’ll end up spending more than just letting your car stay at the shop for a week or two.


Warranty protection

Like most assets, cars also come with warranties valid for a specific period, especially if the cars become faulty early on. However, your insurance policy won’t cover self-induced wreckage or damage to your vehicle.

Professional car respraying won’t void your warranty or car insurance, especially if you book car painters licensed by your car’s manufacturer or brand. 


Professional car resprayers can safely handle specialised tools. They also have the equipment to protect themselves from toxic paint fumes. Overall, it’s best to leave car respraying to the capable hands of Taskers.

car respray cost guide table

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Yes. Professional car respraying is a good investment because you're giving your vehicle a like-new finish, which potentially increases its resale value. Car respraying is especially useful for people who enjoy trading classic or vintage automobiles.

You should wait at least two weeks after the new paint job. You can wash your car with a soft cloth and a mixture of water and soap. Avoid using coarse brushes or abrasive cleaning materials.

If your car’s well taken care of, a repaint can last between 10-15 years. But if you don’t take care of it, it could fade and chip before then.

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