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Top Computers & IT related questions

Computer technicians can help with a range of computer-related tasks. They can do computer and printer setup, fix broken systems, install software, run tests, and upgrade complicated network environments.
You might hire a computer technician to fix a problem with your computer hardware or software. Or perhaps get help with internet and cloud services, along with cyber security services to keep your data safe.
Your mobile computer technician can work on your IT setup at your home or office. This makes diagnosing any problems much easier because everything is set up how it normally is. But more importantly, it saves you time and effort because you don’t need to travel to a workshop.
Most computer technicians will hold a degree or diploma in IT, computer science, or computer engineering. Beyond this, their qualification will depend on which area of IT they work in and the type of technologies they use.
Some computer repairs are quicker to fix than others. For example, virus removal or installing new software may take a few minutes, whereas complex repairs on parts like your hard drive or motherboard can take days or even weeks.
On Airtasker, you can expect to pay between $60-$100 for most computer services. Your computer technician may cost more or less depending on the complexity of the task, any parts needed, and how long it’s likely to take.

What does a computer service include?

The exact steps and inclusions in your computer service will depend on the computer and IT challenges you’re facing. In most cases, computer technicians are mobile so they can come to your home or office. They’ll work on your computer until issues are fixed and you’ve got the help you need. Here are just a few IT and computer services your technician can help with:

Computer & network setup

Book an IT service near you to come to your home or office and setup your personal computer, home network, or more complicated workplace IT environment. Ask your computer technician to help with hardware setup, which covers tasks like computer and Mac setup, printer help, and scanner setup. They can also work to install and upgrade software. Knowing that your Windows install or server upgrades have been carried out by an experienced computer technician ensures your systems runs smoothly.

Computer repair

Got a computer problem like a slow machine or your computer not turning on? Computer repair technicians are experienced at fixing common complaints like these. Your computer technician will start by diagnosing the problem. Once they know what they’re dealing with, they’ll fix it right away or advise you on next steps, whether you need new parts, updated software, or a more intensive service off-site. Depending on the issue, your technician may be able to offer technical support over the phone or Skype so you can get your computer fixed sooner.

Computer training & troubleshooting

Confused by computers? You’re not alone. If you want to improve your Microsoft, Google, Skype, or email skills, book a computer training session. You’ll find plenty of friendly, patient and helpful computer technicians nearby. Let them know what programmes or internet skills you want to learn and they’ll walk you through the steps or troubleshoot the challenges you’re facing. Arrange a one-to-one lesson or book a small-class IT session for your friends and colleagues.

Internet & wifi help

When your internet and wifi stop working, your world can come to a standstill. Your computer technician will whip your connections into line so it’s business as usual. Internet help can range from connecting your devices and troubleshooting connection issues to improving internet speeds and wifi extender setup. 

Cyber security & antivirus

Keep your computer and IT environment safe and secure from hackers and viruses. Book a computer technician to help with firewall setup and installing antivirus software. If you get hit with malware or a virus, your technician will take virus removal steps, fix any damage caused, and ensure your device is protected from future attacks.

Recent Computers & IT tasks

Wifi reliability


Singapore 437986

23rd Feb 2023

Need help in identifying and resolving dropped internet connectivity on home network (multiple APs) - Due date: Flexible

Set up home wifi in 2 storey landed house


Singapore 308723

28th Jan 2023

I'm 74 yr old, not tech- savvy widow. Not familiar with networking technologies. Presently I have a Singtel router (in Living Room on 1st level) with an Asus extender on the 2nd level of my landed bungalow (of built-in area of 2000sq ft) . Singtel said to change to their new router. Also told to change my present Asus extender to a new one. Need help on purchase and installation of optimal Asus product to have good WiFi service on 2nd level - Due date: Flexible

Wifi router setting or replacement


Singapore 507211

29th Dec 2022

Wifi and extended wifi router setting Deleted after power trip - Due date: Needs to be done on Thursday, 29 December, 2022

To connect my new Linksys to my internet at home


Singapore 530965

25th Dec 2022

I have a new modem from singtel but I do not know how to connect it - Due date: Needs to be done on Monday, 26 December, 2022

Help in installation of modem and wifi


Singapore 519954

14th Dec 2022

Shift to a new house, reusing router. Modem and Internet is up. Need help installation of router and set up wifi password etc. - Due date: Before Saturday, 17 December, 2022

Fix wifi. I set up myself. See wifi logo. But cannot go internet


Singapore 650308

28th Nov 2022

Today I buy ASUS wifi router RT-AX55 @ M1 shop IMM. Set up myself. Wifi logo can be seen. But can't go internet. - Due date: Needs to be done on Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Need urgent help to set up router and mesh


11 Mount Faber Road, Singapore

27th Nov 2022

Have Asus zen wifi pro xt12 router and mesh. Need help to set up urgently. Willing to pay more. - Due date: Needs to be done on Sunday, 27 November, 2022

Set up wi fi network with new router


11 Mount Faber Road, Singapore

27th Nov 2022

Wi fi network not working. Have new router . Need urgent set up now. Willing to pay extra. - Due date: Needs to be done on Sunday, 27 November, 2022

1 of 5 of LAN port not working. 3-point google mesh, need optimise.


Singapore 368055

18th Nov 2022

Staying in 2 level condo using 3-point google mesh and not all area are well covered. Besides, 1 out of 5 LAN point is not working. This point is for my TV. Check all points, ensure all are link and categorize them. Facing unstable network for few months, Starhub changed modem last week and ok now, hope it can sustain. - Due date: Flexible

Need help setting up a Unifi wifi network


Singapore 328496

26th Oct 2022

I have a previously used Unify wifi network I now want to use at home - Due date: Before Thursday, 27 October, 2022

Help optimize wifi coverage and speed in home


Singapore 821406

4th Oct 2022

Wifi installed in default location of the fibre point but master bed room cannot receive signal - Due date: Flexible

Wi-Fi trouble shooting


Singapore 249570

30th Sep 2022

Hi need help on trouble shooting singtel internet connection being not stable , amd options to add a second line from different service provider - Due date: Needs to be done on Saturday, 1 October, 2022

Test result


2220 Zion Road, Singapore

19th Sep 2022

thats all thanks. wla na fasd fdas fasd fdsa fdasf ads fasf as fasd fdsa fasf asd f - Due date: Before Monday, 19 September, 2022

5 routers, 1 into modem & 4 via cables to other rooms. Need updating.


Singapore 229682

7th Sep 2022

Have broadband provided by StarHub. Currently have 5 D-Link routers, one connected to the modem and the other 4 via cables to different rooms in the house. System needs updating. - Due date: Needs to be done on Friday, 9 September, 2022

Set up wifi


Singapore 247811

1st Sep 2022

House were we need to set up google wifi as t does not work well - Due date: Flexible

Need to reset up Google Wifi


Singapore 299861

24th Jul 2022

Google wifi is disconnected from network - Due date: Needs to be done on Monday, 25 July, 2022

I got alert that chrome is infected . Need to remove trojan


Singapore 509628

18th Jul 2022

Received alert that Chrome infected virus - trojan - Due date: Before Thursday, 21 July, 2022

Need wifi ser up


Singapore 809864

16th Jul 2022

Need help to set up Wi-Fi at home - Due date: Needs to be done on Saturday, 16 July, 2022

Help me to cable manage my whole desk setup


Singapore 670210

9th Apr 2022

Currently, I have a PC setup with 3 monitors and 1 mini screen and a few peripherals. To me, the cables just looks unsightly and would love for someone who has a keen eye for tidyness to help me make some art out of my mess. Help me to route the cables in a neat and tidy manner to my PC. - Due date: Flexible

Ensure wi fi is strong and stable thought out a 2 story landed


Singapore 428731

8th Feb 2022

Router and modem are from Starhub - Due date: Flexible