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35 Wet room bathroom designs you have to see

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Upgrade your bathroom with a wet space that's both functional and fabulous.

Over the last few years, wet rooms have slid on the bathroom renovation scene as the new must-have trend – and it’s easy to see why. Wet rooms not only look amazing but they’re also practical when it comes to cleaning, as you can clean down the whole area without worrying about splashing the rest of your bathroom.

But what exactly is a wet room? Well, I’m glad you asked! A wet room is an open space shower room where all the surfaces are waterproofed so that they can get wet.  Wet rooms can be extremely classy and luxurious whilst being great for a big family with messy kids and pets that like to splash around! It’s a style that definitely needs waterproofing done, but luckily you can easily find a bathroom waterproofing contractor in your local area.

Plus, adding a wet space to your bathroom could add value to your house when it comes time to sell. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your renovation today with these 35 wet room bathroom ideas.

1. Brass details

Need space? This wet room has it all! I love how the brass fittings match  the tones in the plant pot, wood plank across the tub and rattan stool that houses the towels and soap bars. I also love the addition of the permanent seat that has been built into the wall. You could use this as a seat or even a storage solution to display your favourite products.

Modern bathroom
Source: Interior Couture

2. Herringbone tiling

I love how the grey and white herringbone tiles trail from the wall onto the floor. This cleverly joins the bath area with the shower area, making the entire space appear larger than it is. And my eyes are drawn to the large round mirror on the back wall near the tub that opens up the space even more! There are so many different colours of herringbone styles and also different ways you can lay them, see these bathroom tile ideas for more inspo.

Modern bathroom
Source: Designs by Demarco

3. Floating skylight shower

How cool is the ceiling in this wetroom? The square skylight opens the space up to the outside and brings in so much natural light. I especially love the shower head that looks as if it’s floating. Using a shower head that faces down will give the effect of rain which adds to the tranquility of a wet room.

Timber bathroom
Source: Mantis Design Build

4. Blue, light and airy

This blue tiled wet room seems so light and airy with all those beautiful windows. This style of wet room would be perfect in a Hampton’s style home that has high ceilings. The glorious blue bathroom tiles add all of the coastal vibes. And if you’re wanting to separate the shower and bath, simply place a glass screen between the two areas!

Blue bathroom
Source: Stuccco

5. Black frame shower screen

This neutral wet room is framed perfectly with sleek black hardware. The curved bathroom wall works nicely, making the rounded bath the feature of the room. I also love the addition of the rounded hanging light that compliments the other rounded shapes in the space.

Modern bathroom
Source: Steve Bullock

6. Marble and mirror

At first glance I thought this was one long room but, after further inspection, I noticed there’s actually a large mirror installation in this space. I just love how this makes the marble appear to go on and on. Adding a large full length mirror to your space will not only be helpful for getting ready in the morning, but it will make your wet room seem a lot bigger than it is.

Marble bathroom
Source: Sabrina Strong

7. Monochrome finishes

If you want to seamlessly connect the various areas of your wet room using the same tiling across the entirety of the flooring, this will do the trick! The black flooring perfectly matches the black cabinetry and light fixtures. And the white works nicely with the white bathtub and crisp white walls.

Black and white bathroom
Source: Dawn Powell Interiors

8. Concrete cave

This concrete wet room reminds me of a cave with the rounded ceiling and mood lighting. Elevating your shower will make your space seem more interesting, while distinctly dividing the different areas of your bathroom.

Grey bathroom
Source: Janey Butler

9. Elegantly divine

How stunning is this elegant wet room? I absolutely love the bold marble tiling that has been used in the wet room area of the bathroom which makes this space seem like it is two rooms in one. Plus, the gold features of the shower, tap faucets, handles and that glorious round mirror really give another level of opulence and elegance to this bathroom.

Marble bathroom
Source: Artisan Signature Homes

10. Patterned tiles

This patterned tile feature wall is the star of this wetroom! The navy tones in the pattern are contrasted with an otherwise monochromatic bathroom with the black framed shower screens, cabinetry and mirror frame. The navy patterned tile feature wall is an interesting choice paired with black, but it seems to work well!

Blue and black bathroom
Source: EKBB Mag

11. Wide space

If the space you’re working with doesn’t have any windows, using a skylight will help to bring some much needed light into the space. I love how wide and open this area appears due to the tiling that has been used on all the walls. The speckled terrazzo style is a creative touch that brings a level of intricacy to an otherwise simple space. This is a really lovely modern and contemporary bathroom.

Large bathroom
Source: Layin Pipe Plumbing

12. Green with envy

Wow, I am definitely feeling green with envy for this fabulous wet room! I would feel like I am bathing in the emerald city with all this greenery surrounding me. The gold shower heads are an on-trend addition to this space, making it look luxurious and classy.

Green bathroom
Source: Drummonds Bathrooms

13. Tile variations

This trendy little space is filled with so many cleverly thought out design elements. The white subway tile that wraps around the walls of the vanity area is carried through to the wet room as well as the fascinating monochromatic tiling that covers the entirety of the floor. Talk to your bathroom tiler about ways you can utilise different design variations to bring a bit of creativity to your bathroom!

Modern bathroom
Source: Dorset Living

14. Terrazzo tiles

These amazing terrazzo tiles make this space seem like it’s never-ending. I love the layout of this wet room that separates the wet area from the vanity, however, still makes the spaces look like they are one. The bathtub is outside, which is amazing. If you love this idea, check out these outdoor bathrooms and outdoor showers.

Modern bathroom
Source: Cella Design

15. Checker print

This one is for all my quirky and creative people! How cool is this checker print wet room? It really is taking the classic black and white bathroom to the next level.

The creative tiling is pretty much all you need to make the bathroom look interesting and quirky. I love how there is just a simple white bath that breaks up the pattern as well as that cool bright yellow stool that really lifts the overall vibe of the wet room. Bathroom decor can make all the difference to change a look or mood.

Monochrome bathroom
Source: Sands Hotel Spa

16. Gold fittings

This bathroom is so sweet and simple, with just the right amount of thoughtful touches. I love the sleek white herringbone tiles that cover the side wall contrasted with the dark navy grey planks on the other wall. And I’ve got to give a special mention to those glamorous shiny gold fittings.

Modern bathroom
Source: The Yellow Brick House

17. Room for all

This large wet room has room for the whole family! After a long day in the pool, this wet room would be the perfect family bathroom for everyone (even your pets) to wash off! You could have all the kids and dogs splashing around in here and not even have to worry about water going everywhere in this waterproof space.

Beige bathroom
Source: Cambridge Homes

18. Pink perfection

Oh, I do love me some pink and the focus of this room is definitely that pretty pink wet room which my eyes are immediately drawn to. I love how the rest of the bathroom is white, neutral and quite muted which really puts the emphasis and attention on the wet room. The pink towels are a thoughtful addition, matching the tones of the pink tiles – beautiful!

Modern bathroom
Source: Bilinga Beach Abode

19. Symmetrical and trendy

The symmetrical shape of this wet room really calls for the rest of the elements to follow suit. This can be seen in the double shower heads which are placed on either side of the wet room as well as that tall greenery behind the tub. I also love that the bathtub is a grand feature of this space.

White bathroom
Source: Design Platform

20. Wooden wet room bathroom

The wooden features in this wet room really give the space a sauna-like feel which brings warmth and tranquility. I love how the entrance is completely glass which makes this space seem very open and airy, especially with those large windows surrounding the bathtub area. I can just imagine having a nice warm bubble bath in the tub then finishing off with a shower to wash off all the suds.

Just imagine if the marble tiles continued onto the floor, it would have a totally different feel because when you add timber to a room it adds texture and softens a room. There are so many different ways that you can do this too, so check out these wooden bathroom ideas for a bit of inspo.

Source: Splashr Baths

21. Stunning skylight

This space is really something special. I absolutely love the wooden skylight roof which is a significant feature in this space. The wood look from the roofing has been translated into the cabinetry and wooden decor pieces. Also, to create a difference in the space I would definitely recommend considering a tiled area for your wet area, just as this wet room has done.

Timber bathroom
Source: Velux USA

22. White on white wet room

White not only brings so much calm and serenity into a space but it will also make an area look super crisp and clean. I love the addition of the seating area in this wet room that could double up as a place to put your products or to prop your leg up when you’re needing to shave.

White bathroom
Source: Astro Design

For more white on white, check out these very white bathroom ideas.

23. A place to sit

This grey, black and white bathroom really makes the most of a small space by adding a wet room at the end of it. I love how the screen is made up of clear glass and is framed with black so that your eyes are drawn to the area instead of immediately focusing on the small space. The wet room has a place to sit and ponder which product you’ll use next out of your polka dot built in shelving.

Black and white bathroom
Source: Red Barn Farmhouse

24. Island vibes

Okay, I am obsessed with this wet room. This style is so Palm Springs or Island tropical with the sandy tones and outdoor courtyard filled with large palms. The large bathtub is certainly the feature of the bathroom whilst the wooden ladder and stool provide practicality and functionality to be able to hang your towel and clothes off of.

Bright bathroom
Source: Temple Fine Goods

25. Rock wall

This wet room looks like it could almost be an outdoor bathroom with that rock wall and pebble flooring combination. I also love the lighting that has been used about the rock wall that makes it look as if the sunshine is peering in. The concrete slates on the floor also provide a smooth surface to step rather than stepping right onto the pebbles.

Warm bathroom
Source: Armacon Contractor

26. Medieval castle homage

This wet room reminds me of a castle from a movie or tv show set with its rustic brick finishes and Juliet-style balcony window.  But whilst this wet room could pass as a medieval castle wet room, the boho stool and clever double shower heads bring a welcome modern touch. Need to install a shower head for your new bathroom? Reach out to a showerhead installer today.

Stone bathroom
Source: Sovereign Interior

27. Feminine touches

I just love the feminine touches in this wet room that are oh so romantic. The femininity of the pink towel, pink shower products and pretty flower arrangement brings in a girly element to an otherwise masculine bathroom with the dark hardware in the shower, on the sink and around the mirror.

White bathroom
Source: Royce Interiors

28. Long and narrow wet room

This bathroom design makes the most of this long and narrow space by the strategic placement of the wet space at the end of the room. My eyes are drawn to the large white bathtub which is perfectly placed in the centre of the wet room. This would be the perfect master bathroom to unwind in while sipping a glass of champagne in the tub after a long day in the office.

White bathroom
Source: Nari National

29. Bold marble wet room bathroom

Some like it bold, and if that’s you then marble design will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. I love how the dark grey grain from the marble matches with the speckled grey tiling in the flooring.

Source: Deroche Design

30. Loft space

This wet room is situated in a very cool, urban loft space. Lofts are especially great for inner city living when space is compromised. I love how the wet room looks like a work of art in this space where you could go from the exercise bike to the shower and then finally ending up snuggled on the couch in front of your favourite show.

Loft shower
Source: Lazienki

31. Long windows

The four long windows in this space emphasise the high ceilings in this wet room. I love the modern finishes in the wooden flooring, simple black shower faucet and the rectangular edges of the vanity. I would love to take a tranquil shower in this wet room with all that natural warm light bouncing off my skin.

Beige bathroom
Source: Buro

32. Open to the outdoors

How sweet is this trendy wet room? I love how the large window opens it up to a lush courtyard with palms and greenery. And I love the neutral tones of the bathroom where wooden and concrete elements make the space look so chic.

Source: Home Harmony

33. Clean and white

Here is another beautiful white bathroom that looks so clean and inviting. Even though there is only one tiny window in this wet room, the light really bounces off the shiny surfaces of the tile which makes the wet room look so bright and airy. The addition of the wooden seat and the colourful bath mat brings warmth and a homely touch to this space.

White bathroom
Source: Buttercup Design

34. Thriving greenery

Not only does adding greenery into your wet room look good and freshen up the space but it’s also great for your plants. Your greenery will thrive in a steamy wet room as you can see by the trailing greenery that’s growing wild up and down these walls. Want to see more, you know you do… here are a few of our favourite bathroom plants.

Source: Our Home At Number 30

35. Wrap around tiling

I definitely left one of my favourites to last. Check out that wrap-around tiling that is so artistic and creative! It would feel as if you were looking at a piece of art everytime you lay back in this tub after a long day at work.

Blue bathroom
Source: Lindsay Salazar

So there you have it, 35 wet room bathroom designs that will be sure to add the “wow” factor to your next bathroom renovation! I’m inspired by all of the bathroom designs that incorporate greenery – I love the colour this adds to the space. What about you? Which designs did you like the best? Comment and let me know.


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