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35 Wooden bathroom ideas and designs

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Make your bathroom cosy, warm and inviting!

Warmth, cosiness and comfort are just three of the feelings that wooden bathrooms can bring to your home. Being a natural material, wooden surfaces are eco-friendly, timeless and will look great for years to come. Most people would shy away from using wood in a bathroom,  if it’s looked after properly with oil-based sealants and waterproofing, wood can be a great choice. Utilising wood in your bathroom can also add a lot of character, especially if you preserve and feature the natural grains and textures of the wood.

When I initially thought of using wood in a bathroom, I thought of hardwood floors… However, timber can be added throughout nearly all aspects, including your walls, ceilings, basins, bathtubs and cabinetry. Check out these trendy wooden designs that will surely give your boring bathroom lots of personality and pizzazz!

1. Wooden all around

What better place to kick off all these wooden bathrooms than with a bathroom that literally has wood all the way around. The same grain of timber has been used on the walls, ceiling and through the cabinetry. A different type of timber has been used on the floors in a diagonal arrangement and the shower has been tiled with grey tiles to offset the matching surfaces.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Arte Rovere Antico

Want some fabulous grey tiles like these? Get in touch with a bathroom tiler.

2. Urban living

This beautiful urban bathroom is symmetrical and minimal. This would be a great his and hers bathroom or an effective design for a commercial bathroom with the double sinks. Whilst the surfaces are quite clinical and angular, the planks of wood surrounding the area bring warmth and a sense of comfort to the area. Plus, I love the mirror with the lighting frame – how nice!

Wooden bathroom
Source: Grohe UK

3. Wooden framing

This tropical paradise reminds me of a greenhouse with that fantastic glass roofing which is framed by wood. I can just imagine relaxing in the tub on an autumn’s afternoon listening to the pitter-patter of rain on the glass roof while watching raindrops fall off of the leaves on the plants outside.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Mallorca Homes

4. Mirror image

I love how the designer of this space has incorporated a large mirror to make it seem a lot bigger than it is and to reflect the outdoor garden on the other side of the large window. And the wooden elongated vanity is perfectly accompanied by the slatted timber fixture that houses the rolled-up towels. Plus, the decor is stunning and simple with a single white orchid that blends in with the colour scheme.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Arch Daily

5. Extravagant views

Nestled among the rolling hills, this bathroom incorporates touches of wooden features to warm up the space. The wooden door frame is a lovely feature of this bathroom as it brings in natural light and allows the opportunity to look at the extravagant views, even when the doors are closed. The timber stool along with the rattan baskets also pay homage to the wooden trend.

Wooden bathroom
Source: CP Hart Bathrooms

6. Small space

This small bathroom incorporates a large chest of wooden drawers that bring warmth to a space. Also, when you’re trying to design for a small space, the most valuable element is the ability to have storage. So, having a chest of drawers that have lots of different compartments will keep your bathroom clean and uncluttered.

Wooden bathroom
Source: My Domaine

Here are some more handy bathroom storage ideas.

7. Outdoor tub time

If you’ve ever considered creating an outdoor bathroom, this is your sign to just do it! This tub has a vintage look with the clawed feet and rustic touches with the weathered look. I love how timber has been used to create a privacy screen with a place to house your plant friends.

Wooden bathroom
Source: The Green Hub

Feeling inspired? To get your creative juices flowing, check out these  outdoor bathroom ideas!

8. Natural elements

I love all the natural elements that have been included in this wooden bathroom. The majority of the surfaces have been executed with wood whilst the grey painted feature wall matches with the stone details of the sink and decor pieces. The addition of the greenery also brings the outside in and freshens up the space.

Wooden bathroom
Source: One Kin Design

9. Wooden flooring

I love how the wooden floorboards of this bathroom continue to the decking outside, giving this bathroom an indoor/outdoor feel. Slightly separating the wooden planks lets the water run through. And having timber decking like this underneath your feet provides grip and a non-slip surface due to the natural textures in the wood – bonus!

Wooden bathroom
Source: Gray Apple Design

10. Exposed natural edging

If I was to ever have the opportunity to remodel my vanity I would definitely use an exposed wooden plank for my sink area. I just love how the surface looks like it has literally just been sliced from a tree and placed in this space. The dark sinks, vases, folded towels and mirror frame also bring out the colour of the natural dark grain in the wood.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Texas Realtor

11. Vanity frame

This dark and cosy bathroom brings in wooden elements through the vanity frame, shelving surface, the stool that is holding the towels, and those glorious exposed beams in the roofing. I love how the dark grey paint really brings the cosines and comfortable elements together.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Holzwerk Hamburg

These vanities are great and for some more inspo, see these bathroom vanity ideas.

12. Cosy character

Here is another cosy bathroom with lots of character. The bathtub looks warm and inviting. And I just love the character coming through the grain of the wood planks on the walls and front of the bathtub. The high ceilings and windows bring in so much natural light and make me want to lie in that tub all afternoon staring out at the garden.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Trip Advisor

13. Elegant guest bathroom

This elegant guest bathroom is both trendy and inviting. I love how the wooden walls and mirror frame are paired perfectly with the stone look sink, vanity and tiling. And I also love how black fixtures have been incorporated through the tap, switches and that awesome black toilet (who ever thought you’d call a toilet awesome!).

Wooden bathroom
Source: LHM Gruppen

14. Wooden mirror frame

I absolutely love the wooden details in this bathroom. They are not too much, but just enough. The wooden frame on the mirror goes really well with the hanging branch that is holding the lightbulb fixture as well as the rattan baskets that are in the same tones as the wooden mirror frame. This is the perfect colour palette for a rustic modern bathroom.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Architectural Digest Mexico

15. Wooden cabinetry

Oh, how light and airy this bathroom is with all that natural light coming in from the large windows that are hitting that smooth white ceiling. The wooden door frame and stool go perfectly with that slick wooden cabinetry that covers the whole side of the bathroom. I would love to wash off and get ready for the day in this beautiful bathroom.

Wooden bathroom
Source: One Kin Design

16. Whiskey and charm

How quirky and wonderful to have a whiskey barrel as a sink! This one would be perfect in the guest bathroom which connects to the man cave. The wooden features of the whiskey barrel match perfectly with the deep red ochre feature wall and stone wall. The warm lights and dark fixtures also compliment the cosiness of this bathroom nicely.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Whiskey Cartel

17. Feminine meets urban

This sweet bathroom is the epitome of feminine touches meets urban fixtures. The beautiful vase of pink flowers and the feminine lighting fixture are girly and add a bit more interest to this space. And the grey tiled feature wall, rectangular mirror, grey towel, silver fittings and wooden vanity bring in that urban and trendy edge.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Stephani Buchman

18. Barn door

I just love a barn door moment. Putting a barn door in any room will utilise space, leaving room for all the other features you want to include. This fabulous barn door has been made of different coloured planks of wood. It makes for a creative, fun feature in this farmhouse bathroom.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Gibeon Photography

19. Walnut corner

This slice of wood looks as if it is from a beautiful large and old walnut tree. I love how the natural shape and grain of the piece has been preserved and utilised within this space. The wood has been cut at a right angle so that it slots into the wall perfectly.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Holzwerk Hamburg

20. Trendy details

Simple yet trendy – this bathroom has all the essential features like a mirror, a place to wash, lamps either side, a rack to hang your hand towel and storage in the cabinetry. It’s really interesting to use two different tones of wood which can be seen across the wall and through the cabinetry – but with the white tabletop separating the two wooden features, this really works.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Kuda Photography

21. Branching out

Okay, how clever is this?! Someone very creative has designed this bathroom. I love how a literal tree trunk has been used as not only a stand for the sink to sit on but also for the toilet paper roll which is being held on by a branch and also to hang a mirror and light. The toilet is also built into a wooden fixture which makes this space the definition of a very wooden bathroom.

Wooden bathroom
Source: RMT Architects

22. Black, white and wooden

Here is another wooden bathroom where the natural grains of the wood truly get to shine. I love how much character this gives the space. The black detailing on the frames, decor items and tabletop work well with the white folded towels and sinks. Also, what a great idea to have imagery of trees in a wooden bathroom!

Wooden bathroom
Source: Trip Advisor

23. Shower room

How sweet is the little boy looking into this awesome shower room? I just know that kids would have so much fun in here – they’d be able to splash around and get the whole room wet without a worry! Plus, the wooden floorboards provide a non-slip surface whilst the slick white tiled walls allow water to easily drip down.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Betty Wasserman

24. Weathered and rustic

This bathroom has so much character with the weathered and rustic features. The wooden cabinetry adds a weathered look throughout the space by the way in which the white paint has been added. I love how wood has been also utilised in the frame around the mirror, the walls, ceiling, floor and blinds, giving this bathroom a cohesive feel.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Edwina Drummond Interiors

25. Exposed shelving

I just love how simply beautiful and on-trend this exposed shelving is. The planks of wood look like they have just been carved off a tree, however with a little bit of refining and neatening up. I love the dark decor, mirror frame, lighting fixture, stone look sink and dark towels that really bring this bathroom together.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Holzwerk Hamburg

When it comes to shelves like these, don’t forget to get some help with your custom shelving especially when it comes to the plumbing side.

26. Arched mirror

Arches are so in right now and whenever I see an arch, whether it’s an art piece, a doorway, a window or a mirror, I am so drawn to them. This arched mirror goes well with the round sink and shape of the toilet, which offsets the nature of the angular wooden cabinetry.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Tile Cloud

27. Log cabin vibes

This bathtub looks like a very cosy spot in a log cabin after a long day of playing out in the snow. I can just imagine having a long day of skiing, grabbing a warm drink and then filling up my bath with warm water and bubbles, and looking out onto the snow-covered trees. Plus, the logs bring an additional warmth and coziness to this space.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Style Jackson Hole

28. Family comfort with luxurious touches

This family bathroom has everything you need for all your loved ones with the luxurious touches. The large shower would fit all of the kids, whilst mum fills up the bath for her own relaxation time. Wood tiling has been used on the walls, front of the bath and floors as well as wooden surfaces on the cabinetry draws and cupboards.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Tim Murphy

29. Trunk for a sink

The style of this bathroom totally reminds me of number 21 where the designers have literally incorporated wooden elements in their most natural form. These wooden log sinks are both creative and functional. They also match and tie in perfectly with the wooden cabinetry, walls and door giving this space a welcoming feel. Check out this article for more interesting vanity ideas.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Stone Reflections

30. Greenery meets wood

How sweet is this bathroom that has wooden features all the way around. I love the addition of the greenery wall which brings some colour, texture and freshness into the space whilst the rest of the bathroom is entirely made up of wood. The beachy decor pieces which can be seen through the shells that are hanging on the wall and the little seagull display go perfectly with the driftwood details.

Wooden bathroom
Source: The Interior Snoop

31. Log ceiling feature

This bathroom would be great if you had three kids as they would all get a basin each. It could even be used in commercial design. The addition of the wooden logs which cover the ceiling is so clever and such a creative feature of this bathroom. The logs are complimented by the wooden floors, basket storage, wooden tabletop and frame furniture.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Balbek Bureau

32. Rustic touches

Not only does this bathroom feature a beautiful wooden ceiling, but check out that incredible stoned wall complete with a fireplace! I could just imagine putting the fire on and having a bath in this tub on a chilly winter’s night. The white bath and sheer white curtains also bring in a light and airy feel to this cosy space.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Gibeon Photography

33. Creative shelving

Oh how I love creative shelving in this bathroom which is brought to you by the exposed wood features. As this shelving is open perhaps keeping functional products like spare toilet rolls, rolled towels or spare candles would be best here to avoid the area looking cluttered with random products. I also love the addition of the hanging macrame pots.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Howard Products

34. Terracotta tones

There are so many different terracotta tones in this bathroom. Starting with the permanent fixtures like the wooden cabinetry, you could then find a rattan mirror frame to match, followed by decor items like vases, a wooden slate and baskets to hold your goodies. These tones would definitely wow your guests – they’re so in fashion right now!

Wooden bathroom
Source: Pot Mango

35. Light and bright

And last but not least is this gorgeous light and bright bathroom. The white walls, sinks and floors really bring brightness into this space while the light wooden vanity fixture adds warmth and character. I also love the addition of the white flowers which are perfectly styled in a clean minimalist vase.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Gray Apple Design

So there we have it, 35 wooden bathroom ideas for your next bathroom renovation! My personal favourite is definitely the exposed wooden vanities where the wood looks as if it has been freshly cut off a tree. What about you? What are your favourite ways to incorporate wood in your bathroom? I’d love to hear below!


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