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11 Lovely Valentine’s Day ideas you can do with Airtasker

By Airtasker

Updated: January 8th, 2024

From picking up flowers to setting up picnics, Taskers can help you pull off the perfect Valentine's Day celebration!

They say you can’t put a price tag on love, yet the day that celebrates it breaks the bank constantlyOn average, Australians were estimated to spend $100 to $200 on Valentine’s Day!

Our Taskers have helped execute the most romantic surprises over the years. From picking up flowers to setting up picnics, they can bring your ideal romantic gesture to life.

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers – it’s also meant for everyone we hold dear. Whether you need help setting up a fun ladies’ night for Galentine’s Day or getting the perfect gift for mum and dad, our Taskers have your back!

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas you can get done on Airtasker.

1. Plan the perfect picnic 

valentine's day picnic
Source: Heather Ford on Unsplash

Setting up a picnic outdoors can be taxing, especially if your partner prefers to stay in all day. But with a Tasker handling all the preparations, you can expect your food to be fresh and your picnic set up once you arrive.

Whether you want to chill with some takeaway or get some groceries to cook a meal, a picnic is a great way to elevate the traditional dinner date. You can even hire a private chef to make the romantic night special!

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2. Dine at home 

If you’re apprehensive about leaving your home or are planning to stay in, why not bring your favourite food to your door?

A breakfast delivery Tasker can save you the trouble of getting up early to fetch breakfast; You could fetch it from your doorstep instead! Or hire a Tasker to pick up a charcuterie board for your romantic dinner or virtual ladies’ night.

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3. Borrow a puppy

valentine's day puppy
Source: T.R Photography on Unsplash

Does your partner squeal at the sight of a puppy but can’t have one of their own at home? You can treat your SO to some puppy love and furry cuddles this Valentine’s Day. Post a task to find pet owners in your area willing to lend their puppy to you for an hour or so.

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  • Borrow a puppy

4. Hire Valentine’s Day singers 

What better way to share your feelings than have it done in song? But if you can’t belt out a tune to save your life, you can leave the singing to a talented Tasker. You can even hire a full band to make the rendition special!

From modern-day pop hits to classic ballads (maybe mum and dad have their own special song?), know that your love will always stay in tune, even if someone else does the singing for you.

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5. Flower delivery 

valentine's bouquet
Source: Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

“They love me, they love me not.” If you find yourself mentally picking these in your head because you forgot to score some flowers, don’t worry! A Tasker can help you find the best deals for your floral essentials (possibly along with some quirky gifts!) and brave the long queue at the store – even at the last minute.

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6. Romantic backyard camping

If you’ve always wanted to camp out under the stars, now is your chance! But if you don’t want to endure hiking trails or climb a mountain, you can camp out in the comforts of your backyard. Taskers can set it up for you, from getting the s’mores to hanging up string lights.

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7. Make art together

pottery class and workshop

There are plenty of classes you can take together with your significant other for a crafty and fun date. From painting classes to a pottery studio session, making art with your partner can be a sweet and fulfilling way to spend a romantic day. It’s also cute to compare your results and understand each other more through your artistic differences.

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8. Take a cooking class

Food is usually a vital part of relationships. From your first date to every celebration since, you’ve probably enjoyed dining with your partner. If you enjoy eating together, why not cook together?

There are plenty of classes you can take together, like a cocktail-making class or a virtual cooking class, so find the kind of food you would enjoy together and try making it with one another.

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9. Have a couple’s photoshoot

photographer taking pictures of a couple by the beach

One of the best ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable is to immortalise it with a professional photoshoot. Many talented photographers on Airtasker can document a picturesque date between you and your partner. You can even make it more glamorous by hiring professional hairstylists and make-up artists.

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10. Play sports together

If you’re an active couple, learning a sport together can be fun to spend the special day together. Plenty of sports can be played in scenic and romantic locations, like skiing, surfing and golfing. There are plenty of Taskers that can help teach you and your partner a sport together. 

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11. Have a pamper day

Closeup of a couple of women getting her toenails done at a beauty salon

Spend the day relaxing with beautification services. Whether you need a manicure, a pedicure or other beauty needs, doing it together as a couple can be romantic and enjoyable for men and women. Post a task related to beauty on Airtasker, and there will be plenty of Taskers ready to pamper you on Valentine’s Day. 

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You can pull off the ultimate Valentine’s Day surprise without breaking the bank. Simply post a task with your budget in mind, and find local Taskers ready to help bring your romantic ideas to life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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