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Beautiful backyard wedding ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: August 15th, 2020

They may be more low key but they are also very special. Be inspired by these romantic ideas!

Weddings are getting smaller and more intimate and so there’s no better setting than a backyard wedding.  Being in your own backyard or someone else’s can really enhance the energy of the day. From getting ready in the house and only having to take a few steps to walk down the aisle, it’s hugely convenient too. You also won’t be compromising on style or catering either!

Perhaps you have a big backyard to work with or maybe something a little smaller. Or maybe you want something extravagant or a bit more laid back… There are so many different options and ways that you can have the backyard wedding of your dreams.

So, if you’re wanting to be inspired for your own wedding or just love looking at all things weddings (which is perfectly fine too!), here are 45 beautiful backyard wedding ideas to swoon over.

1. Benches and a view

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has a beautiful view (or know someone who does), this would be the perfect place to set up your backyard wedding! I also love the idea of having benches for your guests to sit on rather than seats so that everyone can squeeze in and snuggle up if need be.

Outdoor wedding
Source: Greenwood Events

2. Fairy Light Spectacular

How stunning is this reception scene under the fairy lights. I love how the fairy lights are formed so they look like they are draping above the scene, just like a curtain covering. The long table looks ever so elegant with the greenery running through the middle gently making its way onto the floor.

Backyard wedding
Source: Dream Music

Fairy lights are able to make lots of different areas look dazzling, just take a look at these fabulous fairy light ideas.

3. Along the garden path

Here is another long table that looks so beautiful in a backyard reception setting! Your guests will definitely be wowed by this scene of festoon lights running through the trees and very uniform and symmetrical seats and table decorations.

Backyard wedding
Source: Style Me Pretty

If you want to recreate this look, you’ll want to find someone to help with event set up and cleaning – or perhaps even a wedding planner.

4. Wedding on Zoom

If you can only have a few people or your nearest and dearest can’t make it, you may find that you’ll need to hook up Zoom for the day so that all your family and friends can tune in. Even if all your guests can’t be there to celebrate, you can still make your backyard look like a wedding with white decor, draping curtains and flower arrangements. Then all you need is a marriage celebrant.

Source: Jessica Franz Photography

5. Colourful details

How pretty are these colourful details? If you’re not sure what theme you want to go with, then go all out with bright colours! This scene has been very tastefully styled with the colourful hanging flowers, glasses, white table cloths and wooden seating. Whether you have a big backyard to install a temporary marquee or a smaller backyard, this colourful styling will work for any size!

Source: Creations by Mia

6. Triangular arbour

So often we see rectangular arbours. But what about switching it up a bit and using something a little different like a triangular arbour? I love the shape that the wood gives as it almost looks like a teepee among the greenery and festoon lights. And I love how the flower arrangements on the arbour perfectly match with the bride’s bouquet and the rest of the decor.

Backyard wedding
Source: Lynne Lewis Photography

This arbour shouldn’t be too hard to make for a carpenter near you.

7. Backyard bonfire

I just love a backyard bonfire on chilly winter nights – they are so cosy to sit next to. So why not incorporate one at your wedding? Guests will enjoy hanging out by the fire, reminiscing about all their funny memories with you and dreaming about the future. Who knows, perhaps you could all finish the night toasting marshmallows or singing a campfire song or two!

Backyard wedding
Source: Mrs Adrianna Webb

8. Rustic, Elegant and Timeless

Oh, I just love this rustic, elegant and timeless scene. If you’re wanting to create a rustic look in your backyard wedding, wine barrels will always do the trick! I love how the two barrels have been used as the base of the table for holding the cake, drinks and nibbles. And I especially love the white hanging chandeliers as well as the large LOVE sign that will continue to light up the area, even as the sun goes down.

Backyard wedding
Source: Erika Nation Events

9. On the Driveway

If my driveway was this pretty, I would totally host a wedding or special event here too! Any table will do when you can cover it with a large white table cloth. Plus, wooden chairs, greenery on the tables and wine barrels will add a rustic touch to the scene.

Backyard wedding
Source: Carlie Statsky

10. Petal Aisle

Here is another idea that would work for any size! I love that the white petals are lining the sides and in a much thicker arrangement to define the path whereas the pink and red petals are scattered throughout. A petal aisle will always make any scene look so romantic.

Backyard wedding
Source: Eileen Lake Forest Flowers

11. Tented Wedding

If you live on acreage or have a large backyard to work with, a large white tent will look incredible. I love how there are no sides on the tent so even when you’re standing at a distance, you can still see everything that is going on. And I’m sure this scene would look equally as beautiful at night!

Backyard wedding
Source: SMS Photo

12. Outdoor Decor Pieces

A great wedding tip that I’ve heard before is to incorporate items in your day that you already have or things that you could use as decor once the day is over. I love the idea of using a rug, as this really defines the area for the couple to stand on and can be used later on in your home as well.

Backyard wedding
Source: Daring Wanderer

13. Amongst the Greenery

One of the many positives to having a backyard wedding is all the beautiful greenery that you will be surrounded by. I love this white backyard arbour that is the perfect frame for some pictures or even the ceremony amongst the greenery.

Backyard wedding
Source: Merc

14. Hexagonal Arbour

Here is another great alternative shape for an arbour – a hexagon! I love how the white material has been draped and wrapped around the arbour, which almost looks like an extravagant extension of the bride’s veil wrapping around the scene! The subtle pops of pink and green through the flower arrangement on the arbour also add a beautiful touch.

Source: Dan Dewaard

15. Bridal Suite on Wheels

If you’re after something a little different to get ready in, why not beautify your caravan for the big day? This would be such a memorable place to get ready with your crew and could definitely be a cool feature for your backyard wedding! Who knows, your caravan could even turn into a pop-up bar to serve drinks out of in the backyard once the ceremony is over.

Source: The Bottled Bronco

16. Laser Printed Welcome Sign

Even though you are having your wedding in the backyard, it is still important to add those welcoming little touches! I just love this laser printed wedding sign that is the perfect welcome for guests entering the backyard. Using bespoke signage will always make the day fee a little more special. A transparent sign will also make it seem a lot less intrusive and bulky than a wooden sign blocking any views.

Backyard wedding
Source: Wren and Olive Laser

17. By the Water

If you’re lucky enough to live on or near the ocean, then a ceremony set up by the water would be absolutely gorgeous. I love the wooden arbour with the dramatic pampas grass and flower arrangements dotted around the edges. And how stunning are those lavender bushes that look great across the garden edging and as a backdrop for the ceremony!

Backyard wedding
Source: Naughty Wood

18. Lakeside “I Do’s”

Here is another beautiful ceremony scene by the water. I love the simple white chairs that look oh so elegant sitting on the green lawn. And the arbour at the end of the aisle is simple yet stunning.

Source: Rosey View Photography

19. Simple and Sweet

If you’re wanting something very small and intimate, then this backyard scene is definitely for you! Small and simple definitely doesn’t mean that the setting can’t be special. In fact, a lot of the smallest, simplest weddings that I’ve seen are some of the most romantic. If you’ve got your most favourite people around you, that’s really all you need.

Small wedding
Source: Bloom Flower Shop

20. Festoon Light Fence

A backyard ceremony scene in all its glory. There isn’t much going on here but sometimes simple is best and less is more. I love the festoon lights that have been arranged along the fence and that big beautiful tree next to the couple with striking white flowers covering the greenery. Simplicity at its finest!

Source: ACT Catering

21. Mix and Match

Oh, how sweet is this mix-and-match scene? I love all the eclectic chairs that are made up of colourful velvet with brass finishings, vintage wooden and white ornate styles. To tie the whole look together, the tables have been perfectly styled with items that match the varying chairs collectively. The pops of pink in the flowers, greenery and brass candlesticks all finish off the styling very nicely.

Backyard wedding
Source: Olive And Wheat Designs

22. Backyard Pool

Now here is the epitome of a backyard wedding! How sweet are these two, proving that no matter where you have your wedding, love will always win. The white floor covering is a great idea for an aisle and I love the pink and white petals that make the area look so romantic. And how cute are the brides shoes? They’re perfect for dancing the night away!

Backyard wedding
Source: Group Fit With Kristi

23. In the Mountains

Wow, I could only dream of having a backyard like this! And if you do, you’re very lucky! This scene is simple, yet very effective. The wooden and white seats match perfectly with the white material that is used to define the aisle and white petals lining the aisle. I also love the large arbour that would be the perfect size to fit the bride and groom as well as a couple of family and friends for the perfect photo!

Backyard wedding
Source: PYNX Productions

24. Small and Intimate

I love this simple scene with the beautiful arbour, rustic chairs and red rose petals dotted down the aisle.

Lakeside wedding
Source: Evan R Photography

25. Temporary Marquee

A temporary white marquee like this can be found online to hire. This would be the perfect setting to hang out with your guests after the ceremony. And if you move the chairs and tables out after dinner, you’ll have yourself an awesome undercover dance floor.

Source: Infinity Management Events

26. Cars on Display

Do you love cars? Are cars a part of your love story? Then incorporate them into your backyard wedding! I love the lighting used in this area as it showcases the cars as well as the happy couple. And it also provides the perfect light for anyone else who’d like a picture with the cool vintage cars!

Source: Landscape Lighting Design

27. Dining Al Fresco

If you happen to be lucky to have a fine night at your wedding, then dining al fresco (under the stars) is the way to go! I love this table setting right next to the pool. And especially love the floating candles and flower arrangements that are dotted around the edges of the pool.

Backyard wedding
Source: RSVP SD Events

28. Confetti

With confetti and rice restrictions at most venues these days, the backyard wedding option allows you to have as much confetti as you want. I love this little chalkboard style wedding sign that has a little confetti station to grab your confetti ready to throw at the newlyweds as they walk back down the aisle together.

Backyard wedding
Source: White Rose Styling

29. Tree Feature

If you’re not sure about the look of an arbour but want something at the end of your aisle, then how about using a tree as the feature? I love how the sheer white fabric has been draped across the branches as well as the lanterns that are topped with flowers and hanging so beautifully.

Backyard wedding
Source: Abbotts Bridal

30. Outdoor Gathering

Here is another beautiful outdoor scene that is perfectly simple. I love the long wooden table that features a patterned table runner and decor dotted along it. The brown chairs also match perfectly with the wooden table which makes this scene look almost as if it’s a part of the scenery!

Backyard wedding
Source: Loot Rentals

31. Food Trucks and Lawn Games

Full catering can be trouble some, but a food truck parked out the front will eliminate any kitchen issues. There are so many food truck options that will definitely wow your guests! Whether you use the food truck for the main meal or even just for nibbles for your guests with games on the lawn while you go off to take photos.

Backyard wedding
Source: Sarah Godenzi Photography

32. Cake and Champagne

No wedding is complete without some wedding cake and champagne! I love how elegant this scene looks with the bar cart holding up the extravagant 5-tiered cake and flower arrangement which has just the right amount of room left to pour a couple of glasses of champagne.

Backyard wedding
Source: Wester House Weddings

33. Garden Gazebo

What a great use for a garden gazebo! Add festoon lights and flower arrangements and there you have yourself the perfect first dance scene. Plus, as this gazebo is completely open, guests will be able to stand around the scene watching your waltz from all different angles.

Backyard wedding
Source: Aileen Choi Photo

34. S’more Love

Oh, I just love this play on words… if you hadn’t already experienced all the love throughout the day, here’s s’more love! This would be the perfect little fire pit area after dinner when the night is winding down.

Backyard wedding
Source: Lovely Events by Von

35. Poolside Happy Hour

What a great idea to have a poolside happy hour for your guests to congregate around while you’re off having your wedding photography! The beauty of pretty table cloths is that you could literally have any old table under there and no one would ever know!

Backyard wedding
Source: Sarah Kazemburg Events

36. Naked Teepee

A naked teepee should be high on your backyard wedding list. I just think they look so rustic and elegant all whilst making a bold statement. I love the fairy lights that have been wrapped around the wood and provide the perfect twinkle while the sun goes down. This space could be used for so many things; guests enjoying drinks and nibbles, your first dance and even getting the party started later on!

Backyard wedding
Source: Wedding Traders

37. Out On The Deck

If you have a deck at your property, then it will be the perfect place for any of your wedding needs – I’m thinking an undercover ceremony, a place for your guests to hand out and a dance floor at the end of the night. I especially love all the fairy lights that really bring the area together and make the whole scene look oh so romantic.

Backyard wedding
Source: Feel Good Events Melbourne

38. For a Large Backyard

This is for you if you have a large property. This amazing tent reminds me of a circus tent with the big tops, but the white makes it look so stunning and perfect for a wedding! I love the greenery that looks as if it is growing up the ropes and white curtains that are draping around the entirety of the tent.

Backyard wedding
Source: Valley and Co.

39. Picnic Tables

If you like rustic, then adding picnic tables in your backyard reception is a great idea! I love the lights that go across the whole area and can just imagine how beautiful this would all look at night! Perhaps the table and chaired areas would be good for guests who are a little older and need the back support and the picnic tables could be a cool place for the younger ones to hang out.

Backyard wedding
Source: Wedding Co

40. Laid Back

How’s this for a beautiful backyard wedding with all your favourite people?! Again, check out the amazing lights that are draping down across the area – they really make such a statement. With these lights, you wouldn’t need any more decorations.

Backyard wedding
Source: Kel Cross

41. Twinkle Twinkle

OK, wow. How elegant is this beautiful wedding table? If you’re wanting to bring the extravagance of a venue into your backyard, then this is for you! I love the fairy lights that look as if they are dripping down onto the table. And the flower arrangement that has been placed on the floor as well as on the table.

Backyard wedding
Source: Strictly Weddings

42. On the D-floor

Here is another great way to make use of your deck! Turn it into a dance floor. One of my favourite things about a wedding definitely has to be the dancing at the end of the night – everyone just has so much fun! I love that the tables are next to the d-floor area so guests can sit and watch if they’re not yet ready to dance. Now all you need is the band or DJ!

Backyard wedding
Source: Olive and Grace

43. Moroccan Rug Aisle

I love Moroccan rugs! And this is another innovative idea of getting things for your wedding that you can use in your house later on. Also, if you choose to wear some pointy heels on your big day, you won’t have to worry about sinking into the grass as you walk down the aisle. Win win!

Backyard wedding
Source: Green Wedding Shoes

44. Balloon Display

A trend that is so popular for events at the moment is balloon installations and I just love this one! The muted neutral colours always work well for a wedding. And in case you weren’t sure whether it was a birthday party or a wedding that you were walking into, the ‘Amor’ and love heart sign really make it obvious.

Backyard wedding
Source: Reigning Supreme

45. Pop Up Bar

A pop up bar will really make your backyard wedding look more like an event than just a simple backyard. Have your guests help themselves, or have a bartender manning the bar – it’s really up to you! This is also a great place to display your cake so that guests know where to go after dinner.

Backyard wedding
Source: Mariannes Rentals

So there we have it, 45 beautiful backyard wedding ideas to turn your boring backyard into the wedding of your dreams! I absolutely love the backyards with fairy and festoon lights throughout. What were your favourites? Leave a comment and let me know below!


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