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33 Fire pit ideas for your backyard

By Katie

Updated: May 5th, 2020

Fire pits and S'mores, need I say anything more...

Just imagine on those cooler nights huddling around the fire pit that you’ve put in your backyard and making S’mores, sounds like the perfect night in! If you don’t have a spot to sit by the fire, you’re in luck because I’ve got 33 fire pit ideas just for you.

Creating a lovely outdoor space to use for relaxation and entertaining. You can design a fire pit made of brick, stone, concrete or a combination of all three materials.

Planning and materials

Start by choosing the best location for your project, in a part of the yard that has plenty of room. Decide how you want your fire pit seating area to look. Some people like a fire pit setting that’s rustic and natural, while others prefer to create a more upscale decor. When it comes to outdoor furnishings, there are as many selections as there are fire pit ideas.

Fire pit liner

Regardless of whether you choose brick, stone, or concrete for your fire pit, you’ll need to include a steel liner in the middle. This tubular piece of metal fits snugly into the opening and has a lip that extends over the top of the fire pit wall. The ring keeps the fire pit materials from drying out and crumbling prematurely from the heat of many toasty fires.

Source: Home Depot

Square fire pit

Sure a circle is the norm when it comes to fire pits because everyone can huddle around it nicely, but there’s nothing wrong with going for something a little different with a square fire pit.

Source: stonewoodproducts

Adding a fire pit to your patio but not too sure on what layout to go with? Take a look at over 50 of our favourite patio ideas.

Irregular bricks

This fire pit idea includes irregular white bricks that create an elegantly thrown-together look. It’s more natural than rustic, kind of a shabby chic look, and you can dress it up or down with furniture and decor. These simple benches are made from wide wooden boards with more of the white brick for support.

Classic brick fire pit

Here’s a tried and tested fire pit design, lining up a circle of bricks side-by-side on their ends to create the interior walls. The top ends of the bricks create a sturdy base for adding an outer rim to the fire pit. It’s best to add a steel liner as well because the heat from the flames will eventually cause the surrounding bricks to dry out, crack and crumble.

Source: Pinterest

Stone fire pit

A rustic fire pit like the one in this photo can be put together with flat rocks of various shapes and sizes if you have pieces that are about the same length and thickness. Use concrete beneath and between the rocks to hold them permanently in place. Do it unobtrusively, and your fire pit will look like a simple ring of stacked rocks.

Source: Billy Hathorn on Wiki Commons

Concrete fire pit

For the minimalists out there, a clean-lined concrete fire pit looks stunning.

Source: Concrete Wave

Steel fire pit

If you can’t have a permanent fire pit in your backyard, there are lots of options for temporary ones. This one is great as you can also store the wood you need below.

Source: northcotepottery

Ceramic tile, concrete and stone

Here’s a luxurious setting that features ceramic tile flooring. The fire pit and seating around it are made of irregular stacked stones topped by smooth concrete. This is a high-end project, and you should look for a skilled professional to do the work.

Source: Palm Coast Pool Builder

Rock, stone and wood

This fire pit incorporates several kinds of stone, and it includes a short surrounding wall. In this design, wooden boards are added to the top of the wall on their edges to create an interesting look. Stone blocks are used for the walls, irregular flagstones for the patio area, and a pebble and concrete ring surrounds the fire pit.

Ceramic tile mosaic

The design of your fire pit can be as simple or fancy as you wish. In the photo above, the elegant steel liner has a scrolled edge that complements the ceramic tile mosaic around the fire. Some of the tiles are glossy and others have a flat finish, with pieces of all different sizes and textures coming together to create a beautiful pattern.

Source: Public Domain Pictures

Above-ground firepit

Do you want to be able to prop your feet on the edge of the fire pit? If you plan to use the walls as a footrest, they should be about 12-14 inches high like the ones in this picture. Most fire pits are 36-44 inches wide between the outer edges, just right for an intimate gathering spot.

Source: Flickr

Below-ground firepit

Also known and in-built. This is a fire pit that you build into the ground but it’s really important that you have a lid for these types of pits.

Source: thecraftiestcouple

Fire pit table

There are some different options available if you want your fire pit and table to rest drinks on or just to put your feet up.

Source: Pinterest

Modern fire pit

If you’ve got more of a modern home, then you’ll want a fire pit that fits this aesthetic too.

Source: Domino

Fire pit lighting

You’ll be getting a lovely warm light from the fire pit but there is some additional lighting which can add to the overall ambience of the space.

Festoon lights

By adding festoon lights above the fire pit, it creates a magical feeling and somewhere you would want to spend hours with friends.

Source: Home BNC

Looking for some more lighting ideas? We’ve got plenty plus a whole bunch more backyard ideas for you.

Fire pit seating ideas

Entertaining area

Want to make it a special spot for people to gather around? Then you can look at getting a builder or landscaper to design your very own fire pit entertainment zone.

Lounge seating

Get comfy by the fire with an outdoor lounge setting by the fire pit.

Source: Home Beautiful

Built-in seating

Add another wow factor by excavating out some of the ground for a cosy experience.

Source: Pinterest

Bench seating

For a place to chill out, get a builder to put together a bench for you.

Source: Home Beautiful

Circular seating

If you have a large budget, getting something custom might be what you’re after.

Source: Pinterest

Pergola fire pit seating

Make it a properly zoned area with a cute pergola built around the fire pit.

Source: Pinterest

Wooden gliders

You can’t go wrong with comfortable wooden gliders like these which can be moved around depending how many people you have.

Source: Birches Habitat

Plastic chairs

If you’re on a budget, there’s nothing wrong with good old plastic chairs.

Fire pit flooring


Some people use sand as a fire-resistant ground cover, and fine gravel is also an excellent choice.  This type of rock is sometimes referred to as pea gravel. So that it always looks immaculate stop weeds from poking up by covering the ground with sand or a heavy plastic barrier before adding the gravel.

Source: Pinterest


Repurposing bricks or picked up from someone else giving them away is a simple solution to use around your fire pit.


This could be a risky choice but with the proper application and also installation of your fire pit there’s no reason why you can’t have decking around your fire pit.


You’ll most likely go for a stone or slate tile if you’re thinking about tiles around your fire pit.

Alternative ideas

There are so many different types of fire pit ideas that we haven’t even touched on yet… But I’ve included all of the alternatives as well so that you can make the best choice for you.


Although it looks small, it will still provide you with enough heat and it’s actually multi-purpose as you can use a grill attachment to cook food as well.

Source: barbequesgalore


This is a Spanish free standing fire pit which is loaded with wood from the front and has a long vertical chimney.

Source: budeartsandmusic

Pizza oven

Have a family, love entertaining and a slight obsession with pizza? Well, then you can’t go past building a pizza oven into your backyard.


Portable pizza oven

If you’re unable to put in a permanent pizza oven, perhaps a portable one is the way to go.

Source: BBQ Guys

Gas outdoor fire pit

Not a fan of smoke or want something that you can turn on or off at the flip of a switch? Then a natural gas fire pit is perfect for you.

Source: Family Handyman

Camping fire pit

Take your camping trips to the next level with your very own camping fire pit. Just make sure you check the regulations of the campgrounds for you light it up.

Source: Camping World

Do you have any more fire pit ideas? Let us know in the comments below.



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