Tasker Principles

How to provide quality services to increase your earnings

At Airtasker, we are committed to building a community for our members that is fair, trustworthy, and is a positive and safe environment for all. For this to work, we need your support and cooperation in meeting our core Tasker Principles:

  • Be professional

    • Uphold a reputation for quality by consistently delivering a 5-star service

  • Be reliable

    • Honour your commitments and take responsibility for completing your assigned tasks

  • Be responsive

    • Frequently communicate and respond quickly to manage Poster’s expectations

  • Be honest

    • Work together to support your fellow Airtasker Community members and play fair by following the rules

By following these principles and providing a quality experience, you’ll keep Posters coming back to the platform and creating more earning opportunities for you and your fellow Taskers.

Let's look at these principles in a bit more detail.

Core Principles

Be professional

All Taskers should aim to uphold a reputation of quality by delivering a professional service. Doing so will result in a consistent experience for our Posters, and more positive reviews, making your future offers more attractive to Posters and, in turn, winning you more earning opportunities.

What's expected

  • Take pride in your work and maintain a professional reputation by delivering a 5-star experience for every task, no matter how small.

  • Be confident you have the appropriate qualifications and licensing for the tasks you make offers on. This includes having the right skills and equipment.

  • Price fairly and accurately when making offers on tasks.

  • The safety of yourself and anyone you're working with is the top priority. Never feel pressured into taking on a suspicious task or completing one that makes you feel unsafe.


  • Build trust and provide Posters with additional information when they're deciding whom to work with by applying for Airtasker Badges.

  • Familiarise yourself with the offer making process to help you get assigned to more tasks and make more money.

  • Use quality service as your competitive advantage - it's what Posters are looking for and will win you more work in the long run.

Be reliable

When Posters come to Airtasker, they need to be confident that their task will be completed in a timely and professional manner. Once assigned to a task, honour your commitment and be respectful of both your and the Poster’s time.

What's expected

  • Be in control of your work schedule, even if it's challenging. Both you and the Poster should be flexible when agreeing on a time and date to complete the task.

  • Show up on time and manage the Poster's expectation of when you'll complete their task.

  • Be reliable by keeping cancellations to a minimum. Honour your commitment by providing all of the services outlined in your offer.


  • Things don't always go to plan, and you may have no choice but to cancel. These things happen, but try to give the Poster enough notice so that they can arrange a replacement.

Be responsive

Setting and managing a Poster’s expectations can contribute to better experiences for you both. You do so through your communication, which should be fast and frequent. Excellent communication skills will instil confidence, demonstrate why you’re the best choice for a task and increase your likelihood of receiving positive reviews.

What's expected

  • Don't stop asking questions until you're confident you have all the information needed to price a task accurately.

  • Ensure your offers are personalised to the specific task's details. Keep them clear by precisely outlining what your service will include.

  • Always aim to overcommunicate and promptly respond to private messages to keep the Poster informed about the progress of their task.

  • Once you've completed the work, ensure the Poster knows, so they have a chance to inspect and confirm if they are satisfied before releasing payment.


  • Once assigned, introduce yourself and reconfirm what the Poster is expecting. Doing so helps to ensure you're both on the same page about the task requirements.

  • Communicate when you plan to start the task, send reminders close to the day and let the Poster know if you're running late. If there is a change of plans, make sure you let them know early.

  • If the scope of the work isn't as described, feel empowered to negotiate with the Poster. Don't be afraid to say no to unreasonable requests.

Be honest

Airtasker relies on the professionalism of our members to create a strong Community that works together to support one another. We believe in transparency and creating fair competition because everyone deserves an equal opportunity to earn an income.

What's expected

  • Support your fellow Airtasker Community members by treating everyone with courtesy and mutual respect and follow the Community Guidelines.

  • Ensure all information you place in Airtasker is authentic and can be verified. Reviews, comments and offers must be factual and honest. Your profile must reflect who you are as an individual.

  • Keep payment and communication within the platform to help us protect your rights, ensure you get paid and resolve any incidents that may occur.

  • Assist us in preserving the integrity of the market place by flagging any unacceptable behaviour or inappropriate comments and tasks you may encounter.


  • Research shows that you'll be 10% more likely to win work if you use a front-facing headshot of yourself for your profile picture.

  • Seeing things from another person's perspective is essential. Consider other people's feelings, rights and beliefs when interacting.

We're in this together - our primary goal is to make it quick and easy for you to find more work. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to share feedback. We care about what you think.