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Whenever you need to declutter or move locally or between territories, you’ll want to hire a removalist to help you move and load your belongings to your new home. On average, removals cost from $100 to $280 per hour. This could go higher or lower, depending on several factors. 

Preparing for the moving day can get overwhelming with the millions of things you need to do and the high prices revealed by removalist cost calculators. 

If you want to learn more about moving company costs in your territory in New Zealand for a stress-free move, here’s a simple guide. 

What do removalists do?

a removalist loading boxes into a truck

Removalists are professionals who can do all the heavy lifting for you and has the vehicle and equipment to keep your things well-packed and safe before, during, and after transport. 

Moving companies or removalists ensure your items are transported safely and on time. They are experts in handling different types of things, helping you avoid property damage from improper handling or accidents from picking up an appliance that’s too heavy on the back. 

Experienced removalists operate with a capable team to make the process more efficient. Upon arriving at your home, moving companies will make an inventory of the items to be moved. 

After this, they will start loading the items onto a truck for easy transport. Your moving company also oversees unloading the items and ensuring they are placed in the correct room or location. Unloading may come at an added cost, so make sure to use a removal company or professional for the unloading task. 

How much does a removalist service cost?

Mover costs for an inter-territory moving may range between $500 and $1,000. However, long-distance moving that takes more or less 18 hours of work time will cost around $3,900 to $5,000. 

On a per-hour basis, moving within Auckland can cost $100 to $280 per hour and $110 to $250 in Hawkes Bay. Here’s a look at the common removalist prices of different moving tasks: 

Removalist service

Average price

Apartment removal


Bed removal


Appliance removal


Fragile item removal


Piano removal


Packing and unpacking


Mattress removal


Office relocation


Factors affecting average removalist costs

Items to be moved

The size, number, and type of items to be moved will affect how much a removalist costs. During office relocation, huge meeting room tables, desktops, and TV monitors will cost more than bedroom furniture. 

The total cost may increase or decrease depending on how much stuff you need to move. If you have small but multiple boxes to move, costs might also increase since the removalist will need to move more items, taking up more time.

Property type

When moving to a new place, the cost of a removalist can increase based on the size of the property and the number of rooms. The bigger the property, the more items it will hold, and it will take longer for movers to pack everything. For instance, furniture removals can be more costly than moving just a single bed.


Distance is vital in determining an accurate quote for moving to a new place. Moving a few blocks away will cost less than moving interstate. If movers need to use a lift or take a few flights of stairs, you might be charged an additional fee for the added labour. It’s best to factor in the distance when calculating the average removalist costs.

Additional services

Apart from lifting heavy items, loading, unloading, and moving, some removalists offer other services. These include packaging materials, cleaning, assembling furniture, disassembling, and storing items. 

You may also avail of insurance to set your mind at ease, especially if you’re moving interstate. Some removalists offer discounted rates for both packing and insurance.

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Reducing removalist costs

two removalists loading boxes

Removalist costs can accumulate pretty quickly. Whether you’re planning to relocate interstate or downsize, here are some tips to help you save money during the moving process:

  1. Prepare your own packing materials, such as tape, boxes, bubble wrap, etc., to avoid any extra cost.

  2. Declutter your items and sell those that you no longer need.

  3. Pack as many items as possible and pack your fragile items carefully to avoid damage.

  4. Book the service during the non-peak season, which is around 2nd or 3rd week of the month.

  5. Book a parking space for the truck in advance.

  6. Ask about additional fees, such as flat fees, packing service charges, or fuel charges, to prevent surprises during payment.

  7. Align whether you opt for a half-hour, hourly charges, or per-job rate. Opt for a time-based rate if you are only moving a few items to a nearby place.

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What to include in your listing

Ready to relocate? Below are some tips when creating a task request to help you get a more accurate cost estimate:

  • Make a list of all the items to be moved. If some items require special handling, mention them in the request.

  • Indicate extra services you would like to add, like temporary storage.

  • Share your budget, contact details, and preferred schedule.

  • Mention your current area and the area you’re relocating to.

Work with the pros

Now that you know how much movers cost, it’s time to create a task. When you engage with a Tasker, inquire about their certification from recognized organizations in New Zealand or your specific area. Check if they also have a guarantee of delivery in case of delays and ask about their loss and damage policy. It helps to cover all your bases to prevent potential hassles during the move.

Working with a professional removalist makes it easier to move your belongings, as these experts know the best way to execute moving safely. 

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FAQs about removalists

Yes. Investing in removalists is worth every penny. Collaborating with experienced, skilled, and adequately equipped moving professionals guarantees that your belongings will be handled carefully and arrive intact.

It’s best to steer clear of the movers’ way while they work, but stay around if you need to inform them of an fragile pieces or tricky corners and staircases. 

Generally, tipping is not mandatory or expected in NZ, including when working with movers. However, you can express your satisfaction with your contract workers through a small tip or by offering refreshments. 

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