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25 Awesome gaming room ideas

By Gianna Huesch

Updated: June 5th, 2023

From high tech to minimalist designs, there's something for everyone

Do you have a gamer in your home? Perhaps that gamer is you? And perhaps you’ve been looking for some ideas on how to put together the dream gaming setup. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve scoured the net for you and have found 25 modern gaming room ideas that achieve a pleasing fusion of technology and style.

Many gaming rooms appear to be a sea of neon, which my teenager tells me is actually just what gamers like. But the gaming space therefore may not ‘fit’ with your home’s overall decorating style. However, t is possible to set up a gaming space that isn’t a complete eyesore. This is especially important if you don’t have a dedicated gaming room. Or if you can’t keep all that shiny plastic hidden away in a man cave or your teen’s bedroom, and simplyclose the door on all the fluoro! If your gaming setup is going to be part of your living room, you will want it to be inviting and attractive for all users, not just the resident gamers.

1. Show the neon love

For many gamers it’s all about the RGB (we’re talking all those hyper-coloured, flashing neon gaming elements). Gamers love a room full of neon light as it makes their gaming experience that much more immersive. Immersion is the psychological phenomenon that occurs when a gamer’s consciousness temporarily expands into a different state. It’s similar to hypnosis or lucid dreaming (now you know why your child finds it so hard to register you screaming ‘DINNER!”). From LED light strips to Nanoleaf lighting panels, having lots of light sources may make your energy bill rise. But it’s guaranteed to amplify that immersive experience that gamers crave. And for a truly immersive gaming room, multiple monitors can’t be beat.

Source: Photo by Chuck Fortner on Unsplash

2. Give it a white backdrop

The majority of gaming tech is still black these days, though gaming PCs do often come with glass walls that let you watch it all fire up in RGB when in use. A mix of black and neon that’s so prevalent in gaming setups. So whitewashing the rest of your gaming room or bedroom is a good way to make everything pop while also keeping things feeling spacious and clean.

3. Light up the shelving

Light features are common to many gaming rooms, and to truly show off the lighting, keeping the rest of the room fairly neutral works well. Sleek lighting effects are great for giving a futuristic vibe.

4. Make it monochrome

For a more mature gamer, a simple monochrome setup with a beanchair and ottoman looks nice and chill. A simple entertainment unit can suffice to hold the tech. Then just add an array of interior plants to refresh the space and stops things feeling too clinical.

Source: Photo by mintelsdotcom on Unsplash

5. Add downlights for atmosphere

Many gaming rooms double as a place to display collectibles so having plenty of storage built into the space is important. There’s also lots of room for all the physical paraphernalia of gaming—games, extra controllers and consoles, and so on. Adding downlights in custom shelving is both useful and helps highlight favourite collectibles.

6. Go for grey tones

For a cool gaming space opt for furniture in grey tones and calming warm grey wall colour. Greyscale gaming rooms can have a cool industrial vibe. Add silver storage baskets under your table for added reflectivity.

7. Have loads of storage

Storage is important for gaming rooms because they can so easily fill up with tech clutter. Use a combination of types of cabinets and shelves so there’s plenty of room for display and storage. Keeping cords neatly hidden is another must for a well-designed gaming room.

8. Go for warm nature tones

Browns and beiges can be very calming as a base for a gaming room. Adding timber and woven baskets is a nice contrast to the hard metals and plastics that are an inevitable part of gaming.

Source: Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

9. Add graphics to the walls

As mentioned, decorating the walls of your gaming room is one way to add instant personality to what can sometimes look like a generic school computer room. Don’t want to tie yourself to particular gaming characters? Another option is to introduce a graphic pattern with some wallpaper, like a 3D effect.

gaming room graphic walls
Source: ELLA DON via Unsplash

10. Go wireless

Who wants a crazy mess of cables in their gaming room? Far better to conceal the wires behind cabinets, and choose wireless controllers and devices where you can. Need help setting up your gaming PCs in the most aesthetically pleasing and practical way including taking care of cabling? Find an expert in PC assembly.

11. Matte black

When it comes to small gaming room ideas, if you are working with a limited space a trick is to go for a monochrome colour palette. This will have the effect of streamlining everything and making it appear less cluttered.

12. Pick the perfect chair

Just like an office chair, a gaming chair needs to be ergonomically designed for long periods of sitting. Some of the chairs on the market look more like they belong in a spaceship. But even Ikea make gaming chairs so you can indulge a Scandi aesthetic in your gaming room too.

13. Add non-gaming related wall art

Even though your space is designed to be used for gaming, perhaps you prefer a more subtle gaming room setup. In that case, you might like to leave gaming references off the walls and replace them with soothing, completely unrelated wall art. Artwork and plants in macrame hangers can help create a peaceful ambience for your gaming room too.

Source: Photo by Laura Davidson on Unsplash

14. Trim the table

Small gaming room ideas typically involve clever space optimisation as the technology usually takes up a fair bit of space on its own. For example, you can easily save space by having a narrow desk, as a large expanse is not really needed when playing computer games.

15. Add plants and lights

If you would like to take some of the focus away from your electronics, adding cascading plants to an overhead shelf will create a tranquil aesthetic. And lighting doesn’t have to be all about the LED strips. Some kind of atmospheric lighting will also help with the ambience, even if it’s just a sprinkling of fairy lights.

Source: Photo by Aviv Rachmadian on Unsplash

16. Style it up

Again, for your more anti-tech gaming station, style it with lush plants and add in rustic timber. Even a mid-century style office chair, to give a sense of maturity and elegance. This is a great idea if your gaming space doubles as a home office, too.

17. Keep it natural

Have younger gamers, who are still happy playing educational games on a laptop? Or perhaps you just don’t love a lot of flickering neon all around you. A timber desk and stool keep the gamer more grounded and connected to nature. And the aesthetic works well if the laptop station is intended to blend into a more organic décor style.

Source: Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash

18. Make your living room high-tech

A contemporary living room with lots of modern technology can perform well as a gaming room too. Much of the equipment can be shared between traditional media use and gaming. Big screens can double as gaming monitors and surround sound speaker systems can pump out audio for whatever device or console you wish to use. A comfy modular sofa is perfect for social gaming sessions.

19. Add some alt. play options

Give players a chance to get up and stretch their legs with a game of pool or table tennis. Combining your computer or video gaming room with traditional family games means the whole family can get together to play. This may be preferable rather than have your X-Box players off playing solo in their rooms. A mix of L-shaped floor chairs and bean bags (don’t forget one for Fido) ensures the space is super comfy.

20. Confine it to one wall

Gaming rooms need storage space, that’s a given. But rather than clutter up all the walls, why not store everything in one floor-to-ceiling cabinet or set of bookshelves? Games, consoles, controllers and other gaming essentials can all be easily retrieved from open shelving, and easily returned. Consider custom shelving to ensure you have the exact configuration for your needs.

Source: Photo by Laura Davidson on Unsplash

21. Keep it neat

Hide all your gaming consoles and equipment in an entertainment unit. You could even conceal your screen in a cabinet for a truly minimal living room gaming setup. At the very least, having it wall-mounted means it will be less obtrusive and take up no floor or furniture space.

And choosing a gaming chair that complements your existing living room furniture will help it blend in. Especially if you pick one that could pass for an ordinary armchair when not being used for game playing.

Source: Photo by Andre Tan on Unsplash

22. Go for industrial chic

A gaming room doesn’t have to look like a “gaming room”. It could also simply be styled in your favourite decorating style. For example, if you love a rustic industrial look, then decorate with plenty of timber and metal. Add some industrial-style light fittings, expose timber beams or brickwork, or render a concrete wall. As long as you have the tech you need, and somewhere comfy to sit, it doesn’t have to conform to anyone else’s idea of a gamer setup.

23. Make it a media room

When your living room will also serve as a combined media and gaming room, apart from a large screen you’ll also need to find permanent spots for the gaming consoles and all their peripherals. You can build a surround sound system into the wall, while cables and devices can be concealed within custom cabinetry. Find an expert to help configure the best arrangement for your home theatre or media room.

24. Set up multiple stations

If you have gamers of different ages, they probably all want to play different games. And if you prefer they don’t play games in their bedrooms, setting up a dedicated gaming zone is the way to go. The solution is to house them all in the same space but with their own, individual gaming stations. These could have their own consoles, screens, headphones, and individual sofa chairs.

25. Keep it casual

For a more relaxed living room gaming setup, a pale neutral colour scheme gives everything a fresh, clean backdrop. A backlit screen adds drama to the gaming experience and when there’s no screens on, the room can revert back to being a general, cosy living space. An oversized, super comfy sofa is a must!

So there you have 25 gaming room ideas that span a range of aesthetic styles, from the flashy, high tech gaming suites to the simpler, almost anti-tech tech spaces. Don’t forget, once you’ve got your gaming room setup figured out, you can always find someone to help you with the assembly,. Whether that’s your deskchair, or perhaps some reimagined office furniture. So which of these gaming room ideas appeal to you the most? Drop me a comment below!



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  1. King

    Haha, you know what? Just through 1st few tips I already know few facts. 1. You’re not a gamer. 2. You are not a male. 3. You never interested in gaming or gaming setup. 4. You’re not an engineer.

    I know because although it isn’t Newton Law, but every theory or concept had constant.

    1. Never go white, it’s the most difficult to maintain colour plus it doesn’t age gracefully. Ofcourse unless it’s 50% off.

    2. Not a good idea to set it up in living room. Cause aside from exponentially increasing building cost, maintenance time, lack of protection/isolation/privacy, direct exposing to sunlight/humidity and etc practical reasons… It also direct against the philosophy of a gaming room. In layman term, gaming room is like a tree house. So it’s ideally build in a well protected, constraint place that had just enough space to let you proceed with all the items, all the activities and person you intend to allowed. Ideally it should be room/studio size, perfect sound/heat/explosive insulation with low to medium ceiling height.

    3. Do not goes with natural, casual, blend in, industrial, monochrome, high tech and etc things that will make your room look ordinary. It’s not necessity to have a theme, but the bottom line is to make it not only out of ordinary, but also can psychologically instantly make you feel like you’re going in a fantasy magical world. You need not to be mainstream, “professional”, or even care what other think about your setup. Although I would generally make sure it represent my overall taste, knowing exactly what depth I’m pursuing and budget concern. Remember, there is no such thing as over the top. Sky is the limit.

    Last but not least is to be practical, like in any design. Durability, maintenance cost/time, how long something would appease you before you probably need an upgrade, budget and etc are the only things you need to seriously consider.

    After all, you want to kickback, relaxing, and had maximum efficiency for your entertainment. Not to think about changing aquarium water, electricity bill, forgot to close something somewhere, charging some lithium battery to prevent battery go dead and etc.

  2. Gianna Huesch

    Hi King, thanks for your comment. We actually tried to cover a pretty wide range of styles in this post to cover a variety of tastes – but I do believe there are at least a few traditional neon gamer style rooms in there!:) cheers, Gianna