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35 Beautiful brown living room ideas that you’ll love

By Gianna Huesch

Updated: August 20th, 2021

Rich, warm, organic and sophisticated - brown is a fab living room colour. Check out these beautiful brown living room ideas!

I’ll be honest with you. When I first heard the words brown living room I secretly thought “yuck”. But boy, was I mistaken! Brown is actually the perfect colour for a living room. Whether as a base or in your accents, the colour brown injects warmth and cosiness to your space, and an authentic sense of connection with nature.  A relaxed, organic vibe is so easy to achieve too, since so many raw materials are naturally in brown tones, from timber to textiles to leather to stone. Here, I’ve gathered 35 beautiful brown living room ideas that have shown me that brown is actually a wonderfully rich colour to decorate with—and will create a timeless, sophisticated and elegant vibe for your living room.

1. Floor to ceiling wood

Let’s kick off with this teal and brown living room, with its gorgeous blend of Mid Century Modern elements. There’s the sideboard by Arne Vodder, the grandfather of Danish MCM, a genuine Saarinen Womb chair, the earthy mix of pottery, wool and a bronze sculpture, and of course the lovely warm wood panelling. Will we ever tire of Mid Century Modern? I honestly don’t think so, it’s just too timeless, and always so refined and elegant.

2. Rustic textures

Just like plentiful timber, natural materials like stone, brick and terracotta will infuse your living room with warm brown tones. This Mediterranean-inspired brown living room features a tiled terracotta floor and is loaded with a lovely texture. Metallic décor and the sunny yellow cushion keeps all the brown from looking drab.

3. Warm timbers

Here, again, the abundant use of timber creates an overall warm and cosy brown living room, this time enhanced by burnt orange sofa cushions. So much wonderful layering going on here, like the soft tan woven rug over stone flooring also in beautiful brown tones.

4. Brown and green

brown living room with plants
Source: Spacejoy via Unsplash

Timber and cane are the hero materials here, in this soft brown, white and green living room. I love this beautiful staircase! And green is a colour that just always goes with brown, reflecting the natural world around us. Here, the olive green seats complement the house plants, with the Balinese cane chairs and carved African drum stool acting as a side table creating a relaxed, organic, Boho vibe.

5. Latte colours

An easy way to create a base of brown for your living room is to line the walls with timber custom shelving. In these apartments overlooking a beach in Rio de Janeiro, an idiosyncratic arrangement of shelves in a latte-toned natural timber hold small clay sculptures. I love the contrast of the pale wood with the travertine flooring, and how a plush designer chair in the same tone ties it all together.

6. The classic brown leather couch

brown living room leather couch
Source: Michael Oxendine via Unsplash

A buttery soft tan leather sofa is also a classic way to make brown the dominant colour of your living room. Here, it stands out against the light colour palette of very pale grey walls and whitewashed wooden floorboards. Again, mixing in organic materials like timber furniture and ceramic ornaments gives a very soothing effect. Modern black lighting and black and white artwork add a little drama.

7. Terracotta colours

This Swedish concept store living room features a very simple colour palette of soft grey, bright white and earthy browns. The slimline modular shelving system here gives just a light touch of brown to the walls, perfect for those who don’t wish to overload their living room space with heavy, solid slabs of brown.

8. Wooden wall panelling

Wooden wall panelling has been repopularised after a long absence from interiors. It’s a fantastic way to generate warmth and cosiness in your living room, and because brown goes with just about every other colour, it’s easy to decorate around.

Here, a decidedly Mid Century Modern living room, where the heaviness of the panelling is contrasted by a white ceiling and light patterned carpet. I like how all the tones in the room are cleverly repeated in the artwork. And how about that statement light? It reminds me of a jazz music instrument of some kind.

9. Tan and white

A colour palette that always seems to work is soft, light brown with lots of white. Here, an unusual timber room divider provides the warm backdrop for a crisp cool contemporary sofa; the rose gold coffee table adds a bit of glam, while an authentic Beni ourain Moroccan rug brings more pattern to the simple space. If you love all things Moroccan, make sure to also check out our blog on Moroccan bedrooms.

10. Brown grey green

Once again, it’s wall panelling for the win if you want to create a cosy brown living room with loads of texture. Adding soft greens and blues to the mix, and a white ceiling, help to balance the warmth of the copious reddish brown.

11. Brown velvet sofa

Dark timber floorboards combine beautifully with a chocolate brown sofa in this white aesthetic apartment. An ornate mirror, ceiling rose and fireplace surround all help to give this space a lashing of class. And a lovely alternative sofa material to leather is soft and snuggly velvet. To show yours off to perfection, think about getting an expert in sofa cleaning to give it a refresh.

12. Brown and red living room

A red and brown living room is another option for designing a brown living room, with red tones amplifying the warmth of the brown timber and camel leather sofa. This contemporary living room is quite simple but has plenty of impact thanks to the statement lights, beautiful windows and row of lush plants.

13. Pops of green

As I mentioned, interior designers often combine shades of brown and green because these colours are naturally harmonious. A green and brown living room is simple to achieve—opt for a brown sofa, brown timber furniture, warm metallics and then add in mossy greens in your soft furnishings or vases and other décor.  A large statement potplant brings it all together.

14. Brown velour sofa

I love this brown living room with its pinkish-toned walls and floorboards. The rosy hues are also repeated in the rose gold light fitting and coffee table you can find more rose gold styling ideas here. But most of all, this oversized modular sofa in rust-brown velour just looks so comfy. Fabrics like velvet and velour bring instant Boho vibes, so they’re popular brown sofa living room ideas if you are going for a Boho look.

15. Blue and brown living room ideas

Rich chocolate brown tones mix well with deep navy, so a blue and brown living room is yet another tried and true colour combo. This eclectic and maximalist living room is full of vintage-inspired elements too, like the unusual wine cabinet and the Art Deco side table. Love Art Deco? Be inspired by our blog on Art Deco bedrooms.

16. Tonal wood panelling

Here’s another wood-panelled brown living room with 1950s vibes, but this time it’s brought firmly into the contemporary era by mixing up the timbers to create tonal variety, and by adding in punches of black. Another modern-day trick is to have one wall left crisp white, for contrast and to alleviate all the visual heaviness of the panelling.

17. Grey and brown living room ideas

What a stunning living room canvas with its soaring ceilings and beautiful parquetry floors. A massive, ornate framed leaning mirror dwarfs the grey sofa here and a walnut brown leather ottoman helps create a solid brown base that contrasts perfectly with all the fresh white above. As you can see, dove grey and deep, dark brown tones are a match made in heaven, too.

18. Mid Century brown living room ideas

Why yes, it’s more Mid Century Modern flavoured wood panelling on the walls! But it’s instant cosiness for this corner of the living room, and it’s brightened up by the fresh pop of white in the standing lamp, picture frames and loop pile carpet. Cute mini Saarinen Tulip table beside the rattan and timber chair too!

19. Maximalist

This lavishly maximalist home in Australia belongs to a pair of artists, David and Yuge Bromley, and features their trademark mix of antiques, curios, artworks and generous layerings of texture. This time it’s floor to wall to ceiling shades of brown—more is more—with smatterings of metallics and flashes of white and green for freshness. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea—but it may be yours!

20. Brown and whites

Sigh, I would love such high ceilings in my home. And arched windows to boot! If you’re lucky enough to have a living room that has stunning architectural elements like the ones in this Scandi-style apartment, it’s pleasing to keep the décor quite minimal.

Here the focus is on the brown leather sofa and ottoman, which provides all the colour for the space. Warmth is added also through the tactile elements of the woven stools and shaggy rug. Keep your sofa always looking top-notch with regular leather cleaning or if you’re needing some fixes, leather furniture repairs will give you some more years out of it.

21. Brown blue and pattern

Another living room here has a tan leather sofa as its focal point, this time mixed with a range of blue soft furnishings and set against a stark white shiplap wall and perched on a gorgeous patterned blue rug.

This space has farmhouse vibes with its array of gingham and floral blue and white cushions and soft denim fringed throw—if you love modern farmhouse, why not also check out our article on farmhouse bedrooms? Or, if you love lots of white with blue accents, you might prefer a Hampton’s style bedroom.

22. Mushroom tones

A brown living room doesn’t have to be saturated in classic chocolate or tan tones–how about this eclectic contemporary space with its wall panelling painted in a subtle mushroom hue? There’s lots of lovely texture here as well, from the parquetry floor to the marble fireplace, velvet ottoman, vintage Kilim rug and delicate metallic bar cart.

23. Range of timbers

Loads of different timbers in this San Franciscan dwelling that all come together to create a richly textured brown living room with a Modernist-Scandi flavour. There are so many lovely materials used here, including salvaged redwood, walnut and elm timbers, blackened bronze, copper and more. Mixing timbers and metals creates a wonderfully layered space with many different shades of brown.

24. Timber beams

Another way to introduce rich brown is to have rustic wooden beams overhead. This modern Scandi style living room also features lighter golden brown tones in the furniture, combined with lovely creams, whites and greys. For more Scandi inspo, you might also like to take a look at our article on Scandinavian bedrooms.

25. Brown and gold

If you love a living room that is infused with glam, try mixing a classic camel leather sofa with a selection of golden elements, like this antique mirror frame and standing lamp. Add in black furniture for some contemporary moodiness and decorate with lavish bunches of flowers—et voila! A sophisticated, romantic and luxurious looking living room.

26. Brown and blacks

For a moody and mysterious aesthetic, brown and black sepia tones make a lovely mix. The black and brown sideboard, camel leather armchair, modern artwork, chartreuse glass vase and woven brown lampshade all look dramatic against this smoky brown paintwork. Find a painter to transform your living room aesthetic!

27. Bricks timber and blue

This heritage building in Vancouver shows off a rugged and rustic brown living room with warm chestnut tones thanks to a brick feature wall and dramatic overhead timber beams. Despite the potential heaviness of all the wood, brick and concrete in this space, the tall windows flood the room with light. A bright peacock blue modular sofa contrasts beautifully with all the warm tones here.

28. Brown and deep red or purple

Here’s a really classic contemporary look with Boho vibes—the intricate Persian rug in jewel tones, together with a classic leather sofa, look beautiful against a crisp white wall. I love the fluted vintage mirror, simple monochrome cushions and the addition of some greenery for that jungalow touch.

29. Brown and blue

Bold cornflower blue looks are gorgeous against this walnut brown timber flooring and lighter-toned sideboard. With these rich, saturated colours, it’s pleasing to have understated black and white décor elements, too. If you want to change up your wall colour, you can find someone local to handle your painting needs.

30. Cane sofa and parquetry

How beautiful are these vintage cane chairs and matching sofa? Together with the timber bookshelf and the parquetry floors, the room has an overall golden brown haze, enhanced by the golden table lamp and dash of daffodil yellow in the chair.  If you love decorating with yellow, you might also like to check out our blog on yellow bedrooms for more inspo.

31. Chocolate tones

Here’s another example of a contemporary living room with a rich colour palette of brown and black. I think the lighting is really clever here, defining the wall/ceiling join and stopping the solid colour blocks from being overpowering. Why not have an expert in downlight installation come and sort out your lighting plan for you?

32. Pop of blue

This is a lovely and uncomplicated but very stylish Parisian brown living room, where the focal point is the stunning ornate millwork and fireplace. Parquetry floors, a few pieces of elegant timber furniture and the timber-lined hallway cupboards add up to give the space lots of richness and warmth. And the royal blue velvet armchair is the perfect accent to add drama to the mostly white and brown space.

33. Modern brown living room ideas

If you’re looking for brown and grey living room ideas, this contemporary living room shows how well a greyscale colour scheme can be lifted by the addition of a few brown elements. Although it’s mostly grey, black and white, the brown wood-panelled wall and the cognac-hued overhead lights bring a lot of warmth to the space. I like the statement oversized light globe on the floor!

34. Naturals

Back to natural tones with this one, with a burnt chocolate vintage leather sofa over raw wooden floorboards, complemented with organic décors like the rustic coffee table/bench and stool and series of patterned sofa cushions. A simple glass vase with foliage is a nice touch too.

35. Pops of red

Finally, I love this modern living room featuring, once again, a beautiful brown leather sofa. Painting the doorway and window trims in different colours is a unique look, and contrasting the warm brown leather with the industrial silver metal drum tables and lamp works well too. Adding in some tactile textiles in rainbow colours also gives the space personality and visual interest.

So, have I convinced you that a brown living room is genuinely something to lust after? Let me know your thoughts on brown living rooms in the comments! For me, the hunt is now on in earnest for a vintage brown leather sofa, not only because a brand new one is a little out of my price range, but because I’m impatient to achieve the lovely worn-in look!

Now, if you’re buying a new piece of living room furniture that needs assembling, don’t forget it’s easy to find someone who can put together your sofa, sofa bed or daybed, and any new tables you have that need assembling. Absolutely no need to give yourself a headache doing it all yourself! And if you need an old sofa removed first, there’s also a Tasker for that.



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