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35 Beautiful banister ideas for your staircase

By Elise Hodge

Updated: December 26th, 2021

Create a functional and stylish staircase by sprucing up your banisters.

Perhaps your banister is looking a little worse for wear, or maybe you’re in the process of renovating your home and adding a staircase to your space. Either way, there are so many different ways that banisters can be brought to life in a space. Not only do banisters serve the purpose of safety and functionality, but they also give stairs a visual presence and can turn your whole area from boring to a work of art – so there’s a lot riding on the design and style of your banister. Check out these 35+ banister ideas for inspiration!

1. Festive decor

First, we have this beautiful decorative banister idea. This one is definitely worthy for Pinterest. I love the festive greenery attached to the banister which really creates such a beautiful look paired with the white and light wood banister. Plus how sweet are the little festive trees and houses on the cabinet which also add a lot of Christmas spirit?

2. White and iron

How gorgeous is this white and iron banister. I love how the design of the ironwork alternates with the detailing changing on every second pole. And the white hand railing and detailing works well to lighten up the area. And the ‘always come home’ blackboard sign on the wall would make everyone feel so welcome when walking into the space.

3. Golden wood

If you love the look of wood, but also are someone who loves a bit of glamour, then this one is for you. I love the subtle golden tones of the wood. All you would need to do is add one coat of gold paint or stain to create a golden wood look without compromising the natural textures of the wood. What a beautiful and glamorous space.

4. Black and white

If you’re ever in doubt as to what colours to go for in your home, black and white is always a good choice. It is classy and timeless and will still look good in years to come. I love the banisters on these stairs with the black hand railing and white balusters.

5. Simple black

Speaking of black, here’s another gorgeous black banister. I love how simple this is with the black vertical balusters paired with the floating timber stairs. And how stunning is the bench seat underneath the stairs with the little basket full of fresh blooms! I would love to have this simple staircase and styling in my home.

6. Matching frames

If you want to spruce up an area, adding a gallery wall is a great idea. I love the black banisters in this space which match so perfectly with the black frames around the awesome graphic prints on the wall. And I love all the amazing bright colours in the graphic prints that add so much character and colour to the space. When you have this many to put up, get some help with your picture hanging.

7. Chic white banister idea

I love being able to see the reflection of the beautiful banister in the mirror. The all-white finish is so chic. And the decor pieces chosen for this space really compliment the banister from the ceramic body and beautiful vase with pampas grass in it to the gorgeously tall white candles that emulate the shape and direction of the banister.

8. White and light wood

How gorgeous is this simple banister? If you want to create something that is seamless and will match with mostly any other style, then white and light wood is a great choice. I love the subtlety of the light wood which pairs beautifully with the white detailing and cream coloured carpet.

9. Floor to ceiling wood

Oh, I just love this floor to ceiling wood that makes up the banister for this staircase. The effect is so seamless and looks super modern and minimal. I love how there are gaps in between the wood which means that you can easily see through the banister no matter which side you are on.

10. Black and wood

banister wood and black
Source: Rachel Claire via Unsplash

This black and wood combination for a banister is oh so stylish. I love the black balusters which work well with the black painted stairs and the wooden handrails which really stand out well when paired with black. Just add a grey runner on your stairs for added comfort and softness.

11. Thin black

Similar to the last idea, here is another stunning black and wood combination. I love how thin the balusters are which makes them look a lot more unobtrusive and much more subtle. And the addition of the wooden handrail and detailing really compliments the look, bringing everything together.

12. Tempered glass

I absolutely love the look of this tempered glass banister. If you want to be able to easily see your stairs, then glass banisters are the way to go. Plus your space will be filled with so much more light rather than banisters that are closed in. What a beautiful and modern space.

13. Oak and glass

Speaking of glass, here is another gorgeous glass banister. The glass sides really create such a seamless look in the space and the wooden hand railing helps to finish everything off. This banister design would work with so many different home styles.

14. Intricate detailing

If you’re after a feature staircase, then banisters with intricate detailing is the way to go. I love the swirling pattern of the black banister complete with all the details of the leaves and little berries. I can just imagine how amazing and extravagant the rest of this home is.

15. Aluminium and brass

When adding something into your home, it is important that you choose the material that is sturdy and will last through all the years to come. Aluminium and brass is a great choice of materials that are strong and substantial. I love the design of this banister with its gold detailing and oval shapes.

16. Vertical and diagonal

How cool is this banister! If I had an ultra-modern home, I would totally go for a banister like this. I love the way the design goes vertical and diagonal. And the black looks so chic and really stands out amongst all the white. This is such a spectacular banister which I’m sure would get a lot of attention.

17. Modern entrance

banister moden
Source: Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Home entrances are one of the most important areas of a home. An entrance is always the first impression that people get of your home so you want it to be pretty special. I absolutely love this modern entrance with the banister. And the decor elements around the space match perfectly as they are in the same colour scheme.

18. All in the details

If you want something that looks a little vintage and want to pay homage to the old times, then a detailed banister is a great idea. I love this banister with the swirling details that delicately climb up the side of the stairs. It really is all in the details when it comes to adding charm and character to a space.

19. Wood on wood

How gorgeous is this banister and overall staircase! The wood on wood looks oh so classy, warm and welcoming. Matching your banister to your steps will create a very seamless look. And I love how the timber banister and timber steps look together. Plus how gorgeous is the green colour scheme which really helps to make the timber pop?

20. Wood grain

Speaking of wood, here’s another gorgeous wooden banister. If there’s one thing I would recommend when using wood it would be to preserve the natural wood grain, making it stand out as much as possible. I love the dark wood with all its unique textures, patterns and characters being celebrated. What a lovely banister. See how this rustic banister idea may work with these brown living room ideas.

21. Black, white and grey

You can never go wrong with black, white and grey. I love the black banister which looks sturdy and built to last, which really stands out against the white walls. And the grey carpet really helps to give a softness and level of comfort to the space.

22. Rectangle design

How lovely is this banister with its interesting mid-century modern design? The sides have two normal straight lines then a rectangular design which creates a very unique look. I love how on-trend, yet also otherworldly this design looks. The back matches well with the feature light as well as the curtain rod and detailing on the chairs. And the white handrails help to lighten and compliment the look of the black.

23. White on white

Oh, I just love a white on white home design. The banister really blends seamlessly into this space, especially with the banister being white and the rest of the room being white. I absolutely love how sleek white on white looks. And the addition of the mustard coloured couch and dining table chairs contrasts and stands out particularly well.

24. Laser etched design

If you love something a little different, then this one’s for you. This laser-etched banister really stands out and is a lovely feature of the space. I love the trees, mountains and birds which have been precisely laser-etched into the banister which creates character and adds charm.

25. Geometric wallpaper

If you have a super simple and traditional banister, then perhaps decorating the wall around the banister will work for you to add some character and personality back into your space. I love this geometric wallpaper which is made up of good, light grey, dark grey and black.

26. Driftwood railing

How cool is the banister in this space with the vertical wooden railing to the right and that awesome driftwood railing to the left? Apparently, the owners of this staircase found the gorgeous piece of driftwood on the beach. So here is your sign to go out into nature and see what gorgeous things you can pick up and use in your home.

27. Fire engine red

Add some colour to your home with a bright banister. I love how much the fire engine red hand railings really stand out amongst the neutral colour scheme of this space. The black sides are also quite eccentric with all the different shapes and patterns going through them.

28. Painted banister

Here’s another banister that’s a little quirky and out of the ordinary. I love the way the banister has been painted with a little bit of black in the top section and white down below. The black top part is thin and the white section almost looks like a farm fence. And I love the graphic prints on the wall which also help to add lots of character to this space.

29. Jail bars

Jail isn’t really the most glamorous of places, but I do absolutely love this jail bar-style banister. I love the way the bars go from the floor to the ceiling and are thin enough to look through but thick enough for added security and safety. Plus the glow of light behind the hand railing on the wall really adds to the dramatic effect of the staircase.

30. Eclectic and vibrant

This home is definitely eclectic and vibrant. What an absolutely fun home! I would love to live in a space that always looked like an abstract piece of artwork! I love the banister which zig-zags vertically. Up and down! The shape really adds to this space and I love that there is a similar ribbon look on the wall as well as another zig-zag effect which can be seen on the red table detail.

31. Stark white and the blackest black

If you really want to go to extremes in your monochrome colour palette, then why not use the brightest and most stark white you can use paired with the blackest of blacks? I love the very simple and classic banister which matches well with the framed mirror on the wall, light pendants and decor elements. And the black really stands out against the super bright white walls, ceiling and door.

32. Art deco

Oh, I just love this very mid-century modern, art deco style space. This is definitely a home that would be worthy to be pinned on Pinterest. I love the abstract shape of the banister which features straight lines on the bottom section and then the lines become diagonal as it goes up the stairs. The black really stands out paired with the white and light wood tones, and the gold gives everything that extra level of glamour.

33. Metallic gold

Speaking of gold, here’s another gorgeous banister that has really brought the glamour by adding gold. I love the muted gold tones of the banister which go so well with the white walls and light flooring. What a beautiful feature this staircase is with its spectacular banister.

34. Geometric pattern

How gorgeous is this banister with its geometric pattern? If you’d like to recreate something like this, the design is called ‘Chippendale’ which originally comes from Chinese designs. I love the way the geometric pattern really stands out in this space and is a lovely feature of the room.

35. A hint of red

And for our final bannister idea, we have another Chippendale style banister, but this time with a hint of red. If you have a completely neutral space and want to add a little bit of quirkiness and character, then adding a bright colour like red will be super unexpected but will really lift your space. I love the way the red stands out amongst the white walls, brown runner and cream coloured woven bag. What a showstopper!

And there we have 35+ banister ideas to either help you in rethinking your existing banister or making some decisions for your home renovation. I love the very neutral, simple and modern banisters. In fact, my favourite idea was probably number 5 with its very straightforward approach. What was your favourite banister idea? Share the number of your favourite ideas below!


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