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35 Room divider ideas for your space

By Elise Hodge

Updated: August 20th, 2021

Split your large space into two with a handy room divider!

If you have a large space that you want to divide into two, a room divider is a solution you need because it zones a room without anything permanent. There are so many different room divider ideas and they come in all styles, shapes and sizes all of which I’ve gathered below. So I can guarantee you that there will be something to suit your home.

  • Decoration: Even if you’re not wanting to separate a room, you can still use a room divider to style and decorate a space. Think bold, bright colours or sleek black touches.
  • Privacy: Room dividers are a great way to add privacy to your home. The great thing about them is that they can remain a permanent fixture in your space or be set up when you need to create privacy.
  • Visual separation: You can also create visual separation in a room with the use of a transparent or framed screen. This can create an interesting look to complete your design style.

Check out these 35+ room divider ideas to inspire you to make the most of your space!

1. Transparent kitchen

First up we have this simple transparent kitchen divider. I love the addition of the glass divider with the white detailing which helps to divide the kitchen area and place where you sit up to the kitchen bench. This would be a great divider to keep kids out of the kitchen and only playing in the living room.

2. Seventies style screen

If your house celebrates elements of 70s style, then this room divider is for you. I love the wavy formation of the wooden divider that really adds a lot of character to the space. And the addition of the wooden chair along with the cactus for decoration work so well with the style of the home.

3. Fireplace divider

If you’re in the process of designing a home or are wanting to completely transform your space, then adding a fireplace divider is a great idea. I love this modern fireplace that comes out from the wall and helps to further refine the living room area. And I love that the fireplace is glass so that you can still see through to the other room.

4. Black framed indoor windows

How awesome are these black framed indoor windows! Similar to the last idea, using glass means that you can still easily see through the dividers, yet still have the convenience of the divider in place. I love how the style of the black frame has been carried through to the light fixture and windows on the other side of the room.

5. Steel partition

This room divider is similar to the last with the style of the black-framed into windows. If your home is quite an open plan and you’d like to make certain rooms seem more like a room, then adding a divider is a great idea. I love the way this divider helps to define the area of the living room by outlining where the couch starts and ends.

6. Clutter cover-up

Everyone has that area in their home where they throw all their clutter. Well, why not put something in place so that you can hide that clutter? I love this patterned room divider with all the different animals over it that would be perfect to cover up all your corner clutter. I’d rather look at monkeys, birds and lizards than looking at clutter.

7. Oriental screen

If your house has an oriental theme, then adding an oriental screen as a room divider will look beautiful in your home. I love the look of these oriental screens with the hand-painted imagery on them as well as the gold finish on the frames. Something as beautiful as this oriental screen works so well to divide a room or even as decoration.

8. Wall cut-outs

Here’s another great idea if you are wanting to add some building works to your home. The wall cut-outs in this homework well as a room divider between the entranceway with the staircase and the main living room. I love how you can still see the room through the holes in the wall, but still, have a visual separation between the two.

9. Plant divider

If you love having indoor plants in your home, then perhaps adding a plant divider will suit your space. I love all the tropical plants used for this plant divider that give this area a very beachy feel. This would work so well behind a lounge or in a commercial space like a cafe.

10. Custom crafted screens

This one is for you if you prefer to have things in your home that you can’t find anywhere else. These custom-crafted screens have been made especially for this area which really works so well with the furniture and other design choices. The gold rounded shape creates character whilst the frosted glass creates privacy.

11. Black details

I love the styling in this office with the black details which can be seen in the computer, light pendants, cabinet and of course, the room divider. And how great is the addition of the orange rug which really adds a pop or colour to this neutral space.

12. Level division

If you really want to take your space to the next level, then why not divide the room by adding some level division? The designers of this space have cleverly divided the areas in this room by adding another level and some stairs. I love how you can still see the second level which still makes this space seem like one large room.

13. Retro styling

Here’s another awesome room with retro styling. I love the rattan and woven room divider that matches the rattan coffee table as well as the rest of the styling of the room. Adding a throw blanket on top of your room divider will always help to soften the look as well.

14. Oak room divider idea

room divider oak room
Source: Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

How gorgeous is this oak room divider? I love that the wooden floorboards go so well with the oak room divider. I love the way that the oak divider is on a slight angle so that you still get glimpses of the next room through the wooden planks.

15. Divider screen with drawers

If you have a desk or draw set in the middle of a room, then adding a divider screen to the back will help to create some separation within the space. I love the gold-framed divider screen paired with the drawers that have beautiful gold handles to match. This fixture provides some privacy to the couch area.

16. Bright and airy

room divider glass bright airy
Source: Jojo Yuen (sharemyfoodd) via Unsplash

How bright and airy is this beautiful space? Due to the white walls and high ceilings, the natural light has so much room to bounce off of all the surfaces. And the glass divider screen with black detailing also helps to let so much beautiful natural light into the space.

17. Bookshelf and fireplace

Similar to number 3, here’s another gorgeous fireplace used as a room divider. And I love the addition of the bookshelf which also works so well as a room divider. And I love how the wooden detailing inside the bookshelf goes perfectly with the wooden cabinetry to the right of the room. A bookshelf, fireplace and room divider all in one. What a great idea.

18. Cabinet divider

If you loved the previous idea with the bookshelf as the room divider, then you’ll love this too. This cabinet works so well as a divider for the room. Usually, you’d expect a cabinet to be placed against a wall, but I love the idea of putting the short side on the wall and having the long side out in the main area to create a division in the room.

19. Privacy screen

This one’s for you if you live in an apartment or a small place that has rooms close to each other, then adding a privacy screen is a great idea as you can separate the area where you want to entertain and hide the more private areas like your bedroom. And I love the convenience of a retracting door which means it can easily slide open and closed depending on the occasion.

20. Divider wall

How stunning is this home! I can only imagine how beautiful this space will look when it has furniture in it. I love the divider wall at the bottom of the stairs which works well to camouflage the stairs when entering through the front door. And I love that the divider wall has been finished off in white so that it blends in with the walls which gives more of a subtle look.

21. Rope screen

Oh, I absolutely love this rope screen room divider. This is the perfect room divider for a room that has multiple purposes like a study and guest room combination space. The roped divider is a lovely feature of the room. It doesn’t necessarily hide anything, but it works so well to divide the two areas in one room. This is a perfect quick handyman task that will really make an impact in your home.

22. Macrame hanger

If you love macrame as much as I do, then you’ll love this room divider idea. I’ve always thought of macrame as something you hang flush with a wall, but I love the idea of hanging a macrame piece from the ceiling and using it as a room divider. And you can never go wrong with adding some indoor plants into the mix.

23. Woven decor

How gorgeous is this quirky and creative room! I love the woven room divider which goes so well with the woven decor in the room such as the chair and light pendant. This is another room divider that adds to the decor of the room and is a beautiful feature. Plus how lovely is the half and half-painted wall which also works as a way to cleverly divide the room?

24. Pattern mixing

Mixing patterns can seem like a scary concept in a home, but it’s one of those things that if you can get it right, can look phenomenal. I absolutely love the black and white striped couch along with the patterned cushions and curtains that are a great contrast with the geometric print on the room divider.

25. Ladder style dividers

How great is this modern kids room? I love the neutral colour palette with the black, grey, white and wood. And the ladder-style dividers at the end of the bed work so well to divide the room as well as a place to hang items like shoes, hats and additional blankets.

26. Sliding doors

Here is another great sliding divider door that works well to create separation between rooms. You could slide the doors closed when you are on an all-important zoom meeting and slide the doors open when you are wanting to be available to the family.

27. Working from home

Speaking of zoom calls, here’s another gorgeous space that you could work from home in. A wall has been used as the wall divider together with an abstract wall panel which adds some character and colour to this area. What a perfect small home office space to work from.

28. Statement headboard

What a beautiful statement headboard. I love the look of the wood panelling behind the luxuriously upholstered couch. You could have one side for the parents to hang out in and the other side for the kids to go silly in. Close enough to keep your eye on them, but far enough away to relax and enjoy your evening.

29. Rattan room divider

Here is another gorgeous woven rattan room divider. Rattan is very in fashion at the moment so adding anything finished with rattan in a space will instantly lift a room. I love how perfectly this room divider works with the wooden decor and the way it perfectly divides the bed area and the vanity.

30. Feature wall divider

If you’re in the process of designing a home, then you should check out this photo for inspiration. I absolutely love the idea of putting a divider wall in the middle of a large main bedroom and making it a lovely feature wall. This means that you can have a section for the bedroom area and a section for a beautifully large walk-in wardrobe.

If you love feature walls like this, see plenty more feature wall ideas that you’ll equally (if not more) fall in love with.

31. Screen and curtain combination

Here’s another beautiful glass screen with black detailing. And the addition of the curtain also helps to divide and break up the spaces. I love the scandi, modern and minimal style of this little home with the simple furnishings and neutral colour palette.

32. Barn doors

One of my favourite home additions would definitely have to be barn doors. They are a great room divider and don’t take up any space due to the way that they slide back flush with walls. If you ever want to close off an area, but still want it to look stylish, barn doors are a great idea.

33. Giant lego

Now here’s a great idea for teenage boys, especially. What could be cooler than having a giant lego wall in your room? I love the black, blue and white colour scheme of the lego room divider which is complete with a little hole for a window. This would be the coolest space for boys to hang out.

34. Colour scheme

How lovely is this black, white and green office colour scheme? I love the way the room divider perfectly matches the colour scheme due to the white and green illustration against the black background. This divider works well as a way to block out the sun when there is too much glare on the computer screen.

35. Bed headboard

Lastly, we have this lovely bed headboard that creates a great room divider for the bedroom. I love the square shelves built into the bed headboard which help to make the two sections of the bedroom seem less isolated. What an absolutely gorgeous bedroom.

So that concludes our 35+ room divider ideas. I love the room dividers with the glass screens that allow for plenty of light to filter into the room. What room divider ideas will you be using? Let me know in the comment section below!


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  1. Sammy

    My favorite is the black metal & glass wall partitions! It looks elegant. And you can have both privacy and openness. I think partitions look especially nice between the kitchen and dining area because in my opinion, those rooms shouldn’t be completely shut off from each other. I got inspiration from but you can see other options like double doors and reeded glass!