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23 Clever loft storage ideas

By Gianna Huesch

Updated: June 9th, 2023

Planning a loft conversion? Then you'll know it's ALL about the storage. Find your perfect solution with our loft storage ideas!

Loft spaces can be difficult to decorate since they’re “atypical volumes”. This means they’re usually oddly shaped, with slanted ceilings, sloped walls, awkward layouts, obstructions like beams, and hampered by a lack of light. As such, they’re definitely challenging spaces to decorate. But that’s where our loft storage ideas come in!

No matter what the purpose of your loft conversion will be—maybe it’s going to be a new bedroom, spa bathroom or home office?–it’s a given that you’ll need to figure out storage solutions. Even if you prefer a really uncluttered, minimalist aesthetic, you still won’t want to be traipsing upstairs with your necessary belongings all the time. Instead, it’s smarter to work in clever concealed storage solutions.

The inherent design challenges of working with a loft conversion space can be overcome with clever design and planning to allow your new living space to be packed with practical storage.  Start with a complete loft clearout to create a blank slate, so you can best assess what storage you will need for your newly repurposed loft space.

From easy DIY jobs to bespoke, made-to-measure custom cabinetry, our loft storage ideas span a range of budgets, and there’s sure to be a dream loft storage solution in here for you… Let’s get started.

1. Between Velux window storage

Many loft conversions feature large windows (often just generally referred to by the proprietary name Velux, a very popular window-producing company). These flood the space with light, and the eave spaces between the windows are ideal for fitting out with shelving.

2. Rows of drawers

Another popular choice for a loft conversion is to create a walk-in dressing room. Although, at first, it might seem tricky to figure out how to hang and store clothes in the angular, awkward spaces of a loft, you’d be surprised by how much people can actually fit into their loft dressing rooms. The key is to install a range of storage solutions of varying heights—often, rows of drawers are a neat addition to an under eave space.

Source: Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

3. Hinged loft storage compartments

Closed storage will give a streamlined look. For closed loft storage ideas, as well as a variety of sizes of drawers, you might consider hinged, drop-down cabinet doors that can function as another practical surface space.

4. Loft dressing room storage

Another option for a loft dressing room is to go with more conventional storage elements but put an emphasis on beautiful, luxe, high quality materials. For example, gorgeous timbers and marble flooring. That’s the great thing about fitting out a small loft. You can afford to splurge a little on the materials since you won’t be using huge amounts of them.

5. Dormer built-in storage

Building storage into a loft space can often mean simply lining a wall with cube shelving or similar. This often works well with a dormer loft living space, with its box-like shape that affords more linear arrangements. You might set up a bookshelf around the window. If you’re handy you could come up with something yourself. But it’s also easy to find someone to design and put together some custom shelving for you.

Source: Photo by immo RENOVATION on Unsplash

6. Walk-in wardrobe storage

At the other end of the scale from DIY are the artisans and experts who create custom loft storage ideas for loft spaces. The beauty of bespoke, of course, is that you can have your storage loft space fitted out exactly how you want. You might like a mix of storage options, including shelves, drawers, and hanging space, as well as mirror doors and display shelving for your precious accessories.

Source: Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

7. Low bookcase on the landing

If your loft has a landing, lining the landing with low shelving is a practical way to make full use of every inch of space. To reduce visual clutter go for simple timbers and a peaceful neutral palette.

8. Tiny loft wardrobe space

If your loft space contains any ugly, imposing wardrobes or other shelving, you probably want to pull them out and start fresh. Choosing simple, streamlined storage options.

Source: Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

9. Bookcase divider

Room dividers of all kinds can be used on a loft landing and used to store books or display collectables. Rather than something solid, choosing an open divider will keep the light and air flowing through space. And, possibly stating the obvious here, but if it is adjacent to a staircase, make sure it’s strongly affixed rather than something less permanent that could tip.

10. Eaves shoe storage idea

A smaller loft space is perfect for converting into more wardrobe space, even if it’s only a gap big enough to house shoes. But if you have a substantial shoe collection, the narrow sloped gaps in the eaves can be maximised with custom shelving to store it all. Even a basic row of cube storage would probably suffice, too—it just wouldn’t give you that seamless edge. But hey, that’s more wardrobe storage potential in itself, perhaps for belts?

11. Loft kids playroom storage

The littlies can often take advantage of a low-ceiling loft to use as a playroom. Adding shelving to a straight loft wall is a great idea for housing a book collection or toys, but it has to be securely attached to the wall for obvious safety reasons. Baskets are a neat way of storing toys, and a rug will make it extra cosy.

Source: Photo by Sema Martin on Unsplash

12. Loft walk-in wardrobe

For a master dressing room with more than enough wardrobe space for a couple, install a series of shallow drawers to provide ample storage and create useful counter space. With loft conversions, it’s all about the drawers as well as the shelving. Shallow, deep, low–all kinds of drawers find their ultimate function in a loft space.  Make them in gorgeous timber and have them visibly stand out. Or blend them in harmoniously, for example, with sliding doors painted to match your loft wall colour.

13. Under Velux storage

It can be a challenge to work out the best layout and configuration with a small loft, but fitting your storage under the eaves is often a very functional design choice. For example, install a bank of cabinets under Velux windows. Again, keeping everything white ensures the small space feels larger.

14. Book nook shelving

Awkward spaces have always lent themselves perfectly to book nooks, and a section of your loft space may be ideal for this purpose too. Fitting in some custom bookcase shelving, a daybed, and a selection of novels, and adding great downlights, will turn the space into your favourite nesting spot.

15. Vintage furniture

If you love the modern farmhouse look, you can kit out your loft conversion in upcycled, reclaimed, heritage pieces for storage purposes, too, rather than having more modern shelving and cabinets. Add in some industrial lighting and make a feature of any exposed beams to complete the look!

16. Angled shelving

The slopes of loft walls themselves can hold specifically designed stepped shelves. These are simply attached to the wall with brackets. You can find them at IKEA and you can get someone who specialises in IKEA assembly to put it together for you.

17. Loads of storage

Having furniture custom-made is the ideal solution for a loft conversion to ensure every last inch of spare space has been utilised and to work with the unique requirements of a loft. For example, when it comes to cabinets in lofts, it’s often a good idea to opt for sliding doors instead of ones that swing outwards.

Source: Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash

18. Kids loft bedroom storage

When you fit out a kids’ loft space, whether a bedroom or a dedicated playroom, there’ll be a major need for storage. Purpose-built children’s storage systems are popular choices, being adjustable to children’s heights and enabling plenty of design freedom. If your loft also has Velux windows, you’ll need to consider all the safety challenges and precautions (you don’t want the kids dangling out!).

19. Pull out wardrobes

A loft space intended to be used as a dressing room needs loads of natural light through loft windows or skylights. Make your loft dressing room functional with a series of windows and a row of pull-out wardrobes on wheels tucked into the slope. An all-white or pale neutral aesthetic ensures it looks super clean.

Source: Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

20. Open clothing racks

If you don’t want the expense or permanency of a built-in wardrobe or custom shelving, consider installing racks. You can suspend a rack in any corner or wasted space under your slopes, and some varieties also have a base where you can store shoes and accessories.

Source: Photo by Lexy Lammerink on Unsplash

21. Muted colours

Want to depart from the usual whites and neutrals? Consider unusual muted tones, like a matte seafoam or latte. Or, opt for a darker décor scheme. Lofts are often preferred in light, bright colour palettes to maximise illumination, but if you have a darker palette, Velux windows will still ensure there’s plenty of light. And you can always install downlights. Another trick is to marry darker walls with lighter coloured timbers and metallic accents to bounce the light around.

Source: Photo by Nathan Oakley on Unsplash

22. Lined with wallpaper

Because of their size, loft spaces can often take advantage of their ‘jewel box’ nature—in design, jewel boxes are those spaces that are small but richly layered with visual interest. If you have an open closet in your tiny loft, go ahead and make it a burst of dynamism and drama. Consider lining your closet with gorgeous wallpaper and use brightly-hued hangers.

23. Track shelving

Simple floating shelving on a metal track system will give your loft space a touch of industrial chic as well as being very practical.

So that’s a wrap on my selection of loft storage ideas. With a loft conversion, it’s all about thinking laterally, and using up floor-to-ceiling space as fully as you can. Then, as long as you choose simple, pleasing materials and colours, your loft can be a blissfully uncluttered and serene space, whatever you are going to use it for.

Let me know in the comments if any of my loft storage ideas were useful to you! I’ve got a few new loft ideas myself—now I just need a loft!



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