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5 tips for decorating a small flat

By Maha

Updated: October 21st, 2021

Cosy flat-dwellers, no need to let your design dreams die.

Let’s face it, it’s not unheard of to have a small flat in London. With house prices continuing to rise and steep city rents, it can take a while to cobble together the money for more square footage. But does that mean you need to forget all your design and decor dreams?

We say no.

Sure, you need to be a little more clever about how you decorate, but that’s where we come in.

Even if your place makes Harry Potter’s cupboard look palatial, with a little help from the many skilful painters and decorators in London, you can learn to make the most of every precious inch of your home.

Oh but first, you need to declutter and organise

Let’s start with the obvious but painful truth. With a small flat, you won’t have space for everything.

You need to purge what you don’t need and organise what you do. Here are a couple of organisation hacks that work well for small spaces:

  • Get creative with storage solutions. Install drawers under your bed and consider vertical storage (more on that below).
  • Put away some of your seasonal clothing into storage. You can find plenty of cost-effective temporary storage options in London.

Now that you have a bit more space to play with, check out our 5 small flat decor tips below to get those design juices flowing:

Paint the walls white

painter decorators in London

Ever wonder why you feel scorching hot in a black tee? Darker colours tend to absorb light and heat. Now white, on the other hand, reflects all colours. Paint your walls and ceilings a beautiful white to lighten and brighten up your space.

White has the glorious ability to visually expand rooms and make them feel more spacious, and it’s also the perfect blank canvas to decorate on.

It doesn’t all have to be a white vacuum though –  add splashes of bold and bright colours with your textiles and furnishings.

Need a hand with your wall painting? Find painters and decorators in London who’d love to help.

Invest in some vertical storage

painter decorators in London

See, the thing about vertical storage is, not only is it great at utilising the vertical space in your home, it’s also ideal for organisation purposes and to decorate on.

Use floor-to-ceiling shelves to display your favourite books, plants and ornaments while leaving floor space free.

Decorate your home in a light colour palette

painter decorators in London

As mentioned above, darker colours tend to absorb light. They also tend to feel a little overwhelming in a small space.

Use lighter colours to help give your home a more airy feel.

If you’re looking up to open up a small room, try the age-old trick of adding a mirror (or several). Always works a treat.

Multi-tasking furniture

painter decorators in London

Furniture takes space. And when you’re limited on space, each item of furniture in your home needs to work its very hardest.

Dual purpose furniture is officially a thing, so if you have a small flat, it’s time to get involved.

Make use of that precious wall space

painter decorators in London

Not saying that you need to adorn every spare iota of your wall space, but you’d be advised to look into wall mounted shelving. It’s a good way to introduce some style and storage into smaller spaces without taking up any valuable floor space.

Similarly, when considering lighting options for your cosy abode, it’s best to use your walls and ceilings to light up the place rather than bulky floor lamps.

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