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45 Winter activities the whole family can enjoy

By Airtasker

Updated: January 8th, 2024

Take winter on with confidence with these winter family activities.

With everyone spending most of their time at home, winter activities can get repetitive and monotonous.

If your family is already feeling the winter blues, we’ve created a list of fun activities to do in winter to keep everyone warm and preoccupied while waiting for sunnier days. From crafting to sports, we’ve got you covered!

1. Cook a delicious meal

a family preparing a meal together

Winter family activities don’t have to be grand or complicated. Some days, a delicious meal will do! If your family has different diets and allergies to consider, hire a meal preparation and planning service to get the job done in just a few taps.

2. Host a game night

Keep everyone entertained by hosting a game night. Make it more interesting and bring friendly competition by inviting friends and relatives over.

3. Build your home gym

Improve your well-being even during gloomy winters by building your home gym! Get a professional gym assembly expert to find equipment that isn’t overly fancy or bulky. Whatever fits your boat and budget works!

4. Bake a cake

a mother with her daughters baking at home

A yummy dessert keeps your house smelling warm and homey while also making your kids giggly and happy! If pressed with time, skip the hassle and order a delicious dessert instead.

5. Send delicious goodies to friends

Despite being far apart, make your friends feel loved and special by sending them delicious home-baked goodies through a takeaway and delivery service!

6. Do some painting

Let all your emotions flow through your paintbrush and take painting lessons with the whole fam. Who knows, it can be therapeutic to express what you’re currently feeling during cool days.

7. Hold a movie night

a mother with her daughters watching a movie

Organise a movie night and explore different worlds and dimensions. You may opt to stick to your heart-warming favourites or get adventurous and watch titles you’ve never seen before. Your call. If you want, you can book a home installation service to level up your home movie experience.

8. Build a fort

Spend some quality time with your kids by building a fort inside your home. Add some Christmas lights to make the moment more special.

9. Get creative with paper crafts

Keep the kids entertained by getting creative with paper crafts. There are tons of paper craft videos available online that you can try!

10. Organise your home

a woman folding clothes at home

Feel good and comfortable inside your home by keeping things in order. Whether you just need a breather from all the clutter or plan to sort everyone’s wardrobe, an expert home organiser will help you pull off a tidier home.

11. Challenge your family to a board game

Get competitive by doing a friendly family board game competition. The winner gets to pick the movie during movie night or the next cake you’re going to bake!

12. Help someone out

Do good and help make someone’s day get better! Not only will it make the person feel less cold and chilly, but it will always make you feel good. While you’re at it, encourage others to pass the good deed forward.

13. Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate

a father and daughter enjoying their hot chocolate

Nothing beats a steamy chocolate drink during a freezing winter evening. Try different homemade hot chocolate recipes and add some marshmallows, whipped cream, and cocoa powder for more fun.

14. Read a book

Step away from the screens and set a reading time every night with your family. Expand your knowledge and watch minutes or hours slip away by picking up a good book.

15. Take a family portrait

Take your winter outfits out for a spin by doing a family photoshoot. Hire a photographer to make it more exciting and have some quality photos for your postcard (or Instagram!) ready for the holidays.

16. Attend a yoga class

a mother and daughter practicing yoga in the living room

Get the whole family to clear your minds by joining a yoga class!

Not a fan of yoga? You may book other fitness sessions everyone can enjoy, from cardio workouts to boxing.

17. Get a massage

Bid goodbye to the pains and aches of the body and enjoy a boost of energy by having a special home massage. It’s a nice way to unwind and bond with the kids too!

18. Redecorate your home

Want to try a new colour scheme for your home or just want to move things around? Winter is the best time to redecorate and explore different layouts, designs and new furniture pieces! For complex pieces, you can hire a furniture assembly expert to do it for you.

19. Learn how to sew

a mother and daughter sewing together

Want to shorten the length of a new dress or fix that small hole in your shirt? Perhaps you can teach your child how to stitch up their favourite toy. It’s your sign to learn how to sew!

20. Learn a new recipe

Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to cook a new recipe. Get everyone to join in to gain valuable life skills. Who knows, your family can create a signature dish through this activity.

21. Make meditating a habit

Inhale, exhale. Release all tensions and inhale all ease through meditating with the family. With a clear mind, you’ll be able to focus and do your daily routine more efficiently!

22. Set a spa day

a mother and daughter putting a sheet mask on

Schedule a spa day and treat your family to a day of relaxation. You can start with a warm bath followed by mask time. Customise your spa day based on how you and your loved ones want to unwind!

23. Declutter your things

Winter is the best time to do indoor activities you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time to, like decluttering. End the winter feeling light and ready for summer by keeping only what sparks joy.

Booking a decluttering expert can help you pick what to toss, keep, donate, or recycle. Bonus – you might earn a few from selling unused items!

24. Learn a new instrument

Been wanting to learn how to play an instrument? Now’s the best time to do so! Pick up that guitar and piano and learn fine tunes with the fam.

25. Create DIY crafts with the kids

a father and son making a DIY toy together

Running out of winter activities for the kids? Keep them entertained and productive by doing fun DIY crafts.

26. Get a haircut

Feeling experimental? Try on a new haircut! If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, your hair will most likely grow out by summer!

27. Enjoy a bubble bath

Battle the chilly season with a soothing bubble bath. Find relaxing aromas, lotions, bath tablets and other bubble bath products for that winter cure.

28. Try ice skating

a dad teaching his daughter ice skating in an indoor ice rink

Visit a nearby ice skating rink and learn how to skate with your family. You can get lessons from a coach and start gliding confidently on ice!

29. Learn about your family heritage

Keep the family closer by getting to know your roots. Create your own family heirloom using DIY family tree kits.

30. Start a gratitude journal

Despite the cold and loneliness that winter may bring, inspire your family to start a gratitude journal to remind them of the good things in life.

31. Create a vision board

a little girl making her travel vision board

Put your goals into action and make the future more exciting by creating a vision board together with the fam!

32. Learn a magic trick

Pick up a new skill and talent by learning a magic trick (or two!). Your kids will absolutely enjoy what goes behind the illusions and do the trick themselves.

33. Plan a family getaway

Want something to look forward to when winter is over? Plan for a family getaway! Whether it’s a trip to the beach or mountain, this will surely keep everyone excited.

34. Prepare a hearty breakfast

father and son preparing a breakfast

Welcome the day with a happy and satisfied tummy by preparing a hearty breakfast with the family.

Not a morning person? Consider hosting a dinner party and book a chef for a special meal with your friends and family.

35. Learn the art of gift wrapping

Elevate your gift giving through learning gift-wrapping techniques. Once done, send your masterpiece to your friends or family through a gift delivery service.

36. Go on a winter escape stroll

Do something different this winter and cool season. Go on a walk escape around breezy and scenic landscapes like Kakadu National Park. Remember to prepare the right gears and equipment to keep your family safe.

37. Visit a zoo or aquarium

a little girl fixated at an aquarium

You can never go wrong with a good old family activity. A visit to the zoo or aquarium is guaranteed to keep the kids fascinated and entertained.

38. Visit a friend

When days get extra dull, nothing beats the company of a trusted friend. Bring the entire family with you when visiting a friend and catch up on life. You can hire a trusted babysitter if you need someone to look after the kids while you run errands with a friend.

39. Organise a quiz night

Nothing beats a quiz night to excite the family and ignite their competitive selves. Whether it’s about movies or general knowledge, on topics that are interesting for all.

40. Level up learning

a boy working with a tutor at home

School can get tough and overwhelming, adding more gloom to the weather. Help your kid ace and get that A by hiring a tutoring service. A few hours of learning could go a long way.

41. Try stargazing and night sky watching

Appreciate the simple yet dazzling skies through stargazing. Encourage your loved ones to prepare a wish just in case a comet zooms by!

42. Foster a furry friend

a woman staring at her foster pet

Winters can be dangerous, especially for stray animals. Give a temporary home to an animal in need and teach your family how to care for animals through fostering.

43. Go camping

Go for an adventure through camping. Whether camping in a nearby site or your spacious backyard, get help planning a camping activity at home by hiring a Tasker. You can invite family and friends to join in on the fun!

44. Relax by a campfire

Keep your family warm by relaxing by a campfire. Smores and hot cocoa are highly recommended!

45. Start a treasure hunt

children playing a treasure hunt at home

Make a treasure hunt, hide different items and do fun games or challenges to earn clues. This is one of the easiest indoor winter activities to do with your loved ones to get through this season.


These are just some of the enjoyable and relaxing winter activities for the whole family to turn your chilly days warm.

Already got some winter activities ideas in mind for the whole family? Post a task to make it happen! Make the most of this cool season by creating meaningful memories.



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