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The best 100 tasks on Airtasker this year

By Airtasker

Updated: October 26th, 2021

This lists goes to show you really CAN get anything done on Airtasker.

The Airtasker browse tasks feed is a window into everyday life, and we really do see it all. From urgent deliveries to getting things out of trees, heartwarming moments to the outright amazing, the community never fails to surprise us – whether they’re here in the UK or on the other side of the world in Oz.

So as a tip of the hat to the end of 2018, we rounded up the weird, the wonderful and our downright favourite 100 tasks this year from both the UK and Australia.

In no particular order, these are 100 of our favourite tasks of 2018.

Let’s start with some only-on-Airtasker moments:

1) Save my daughter’s toy lamb

We’re not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.

2) Give my cat compliments

“My cat had a bad day recently where someone called him ‘a rat looking thing’…”

Grey cat in Supreme LV hoodie
Not a rat.

3. Take part in a one month ‘sleep experiment’

2018 unveiled the literal dream job.

4. Assist with dog training – pretend to be a postman

5. Be a ‘family member’ at a baptism BBQ

6. Take pictures of my proposal

Yep, all the feels.

7. Deliver a bag of potatoes

When you have an urgent need to bring a personal joke to life…

8. Bespoke piñata maker

Niche, but important.

9. Be a runner for the UK Quidditch Team

Siriusly? Yes.

10. French Native wanted to speak French to 3 babies

Mais oui!

11. Help us get Glasto tickets

The second most difficult tickets to nab in 2018 after the Spice Girls

12. Potty train my dog

Fingers crossed it worked.

13. Take a series of 20 selfies wearing glasses

14. Remove Snapchat filter from photo

Instant filter regret.

15. Track down my biological Dad in the UK

‘I only have a name, date and place of birth, and limited information from 1970-ish. Any progress on this would be really welcomed’

16. Take pictures in a floating hot tub for our social media accounts

Tough job but someone had to do it.

There have been rescue operations…

17. Need someone with a ladder

Drew’s shoe got thrown up on the roof (apparently it’s a long story). Tasker Randy rescued it but next week this popped up…

18. Shoe on roof again

What are you doing, Drew??

19. Get my bike lock off

Lost your key and need some help? Happens to the best of us.

20. Retrieve employee pass from the branch of a tree

Damn practicality ruining dramatic “I QUIT” scenes since work was invented.

21. Help me find trousers

Okay, this one’s not what you think.

22. Cupcake rescue operation

Because sugar needs must.

If you feel like you’re missing some life skills you can outsource that:

22. Teach me how to edit videos online

Which actually is very useful.

23. Give me football lessons

24. Guide me on an ESP32 Project

An ES-what now?

25. Teach ya gal how to kick-turn on a skateboard

26. Teach me the facets of grammar

“The need to recap on past lessons is great. Can you teach me before I forget altogether?”

When you just need to get yourself together, but need a little help:

27. Organise closet

Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes.

28. Compile and organise expense receipts

29. Help me organise my clutter

Tidy space, tidy mind.

30. Organise family home

Or when you know you’re being a bit lazy,  but feel okay about it

31. Make me tea and toast

“As above. Very hungover.”

32. Bring me ice cream to my seat in Ed Sheeran

Because Ed was too…hot? Not sure.

33. Play Flappy Bird for me

34. Unfollow the people that I follow on Mixcloud

35. Level up my WoW character

Farmville town arrangement
Town planner required.

36. Rearrange my Farmville town over coffee

Or just when pets are life:

37. Babysit my baby dachshund

Mathilda <3

38. Put together my fish tank cabinet

39. Mind my cat

Don’t mind if I do actually.

40. Walk my dog

41. Bathe my pet parrot

Apparently “Parrot Hilton” is a “fancy bird”.

42. Create jumpers for cats

43. Chicken Run

Literally building a chicken run, but points for assuming enough people have seen the animated film (2000) to know what a chicken run actually is.

44. Look after my rabbit

Long eared brown rabbit
Best new housemate!

There are specialised skills, then there are specialised skills:

45. Comedy hypnotist

46. Secret Cocktail Taster Needed

‘I want to know which of my bartenders is the best at mixing up this latest creation, the Berry Virtuous cocktail. As a familiar face amongst my teams in the bars, this is difficult to do so incognito. ‘

47. Airline fuelling

“How do they pay fuel stations?”

48. Bonsai artist

Old skis and Game of Thrones ski chair
For the King of the mountain.

 49.Make a throne out of old skis

If they can do it with swords in GoT, you can do with skis…

50. Build Lego ‘The Simpsons’ house

51. Custom disco cake

Not any disco cake. A custom disco cake.

52. Make my son an Easter hat

53. Create a logo for my new business

54. Write me 50 Call of Duty challenges

55. Paint names on chopsticks

Dextrous in every way for this one.

56. Make me an old school cassette mix-tape

57. Teach me to fly my racing drones

A modern day racing pigeon story.

“Fly my pretties, fly”

There were plenty for the foodies:

58. Help us perfect the perfect Yorkshire Pudding recipe

This one was pretty popular.

…and as if that wasn’t enough: 59. Help us test the best pigs in blankets in time for Christmas

60. Find the best vegan food in London

And happily, they did.

61. Bake a cake and bring it to the office

62. Cook vegan food and drive it to Hampton Court

A few ‘awww’ moments:

63. Sing “Love is in the Air” by JP Young to my Mum

64. Tie our wedding bow ties

The pressure of this one.

65. Get me love notes from at least 10 places

And a few that just straight up broke our hearts:

66. Shirt memory pillow case

67. Draw on a leg brace

68. Need trained sniffer dog to locate missing dog


69. Someone with endoscope camera to find pet ferret

2018 also made it clear that love had many forms:

70. Darth Maul wedding ring

71. Make a beef jerky bouquet

72. Test sugar daddy dating website as a user

And partying was a priority:

73. Party bus xmas photographer needed

74. Help with a party!

75. Kids entertainer needed for princess party

76. Party decorator help

77. Fake paparazzi x 2

Absolutely here for this one.

78. Dancer – robot pop and lock

79. 70s discoball costume

80. Stack a beer fridge

81. Looking for a Cher impersonator for Mardi Gras

Do you believe in life after Mardi Gras?

Cher-ing is caring.

82. Photograph ukulele festival

83. Pop balloon arch

Yes you CAN get paid to pop balloons.

84. Create a Game of Thrones quiz

Oh, sweet summer children.

There were times when you needed it, well, YESTERDAY:

85. URGENT. Delivery

To be fair, that place DOES do the best crab rice paper rolls.


Not a particularly exciting task but more of a shoutout for the title.

87. Urgent crystal delivery

88. Deliver beer pong cups

and sometimes, when all else fails, you just need to admit you’re wrong on the internet:

89. Relationship expert

Did Jake win her back??

90. I need someone to sing a sorry song for my friend

“I done effed up this morning and need to apologise to my roommate as creatively as possible.”

91. Help with me the most romantic gesture ever

‘I made a massive mistake, and broke the heart of the love of my life. She’s in London, and I’m in Canada right now but I’ve come to this massive realization that a grand gesture needs to be made – and made NOW.’

92. Wall mount heavy mirror

‘I attempted it myself and, embarrassingly, failed. I’ve got wall plugs / anchors. But holes need re-drilling and I didn’t have a level. Rookie mistake.’

Or maybe, just maybe, when all you really need is some local knowledge:

93. 1 day London sightseeing tour

93. Plan me a Eurostar retreat trip itinerary 

94. Produce an itinerary for a New Year’s getaway

95. Plan me a short Edinburgh Adventure

A fair few of you asked for help with make up or costumes, too.

96. Face painting for Halloween party

97. Help me sew my Halloween costume

Witch better have my candy.

98. Make-up artist needed

99. Making clothes for a teddy bear


And to round off our list, a shoutout to the reactivity of our community, responding to the UK’s most polarising and talked about subject in 2018. Nope, not Brexit:

100. Plan me a Love Island finale party

Jack and Dani weren’t to be after all.

All in all, we’ve learned that everyone needs a hand sometimes, and that no matter how random your skills are, there are people out there who will pay for them.

We look forward to a whole new year of people helping each other get more done.

Need something done? Find (almost literally anything) on Airtasker.



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